Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul sends a tamrapatra

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Namrata asking her men to find the shivling in temple, don’t know what happened to manik. Yashpal hears her and says you won’t get shivling there, I can tell you where to find it, but let me go. She says we will find shivling any way, it will take some time, you can die. She asks men to beat him and make him scream to death. Gauri comes to meet Shambu. A man says Shambu is doing dhyaan, come later. Gauri prays to Lord to show her some way. The guard says Shambu is calling you. She goes to Shambu and says I have to find some solution, since I stayed in temple, I get strange dreams, I see nine shivling and Kaal Bhairav, some incidents that occur true later on, what’s the meaning of such dreams. He gets shocked. He shows the pics of shivling. She says yes, I have

seen similar shivlings in dreams, they have such divya shine, I have seen one shivling in temple behind the idol, but today there was no shivling. He opens the secret door. She gets shocked.

She asks what’s this way, I have never seen this way. He shows her the divya shivling. He sits praying. She sits along. He gives her a book. She asks what’s in this. He signs her. She asks will I get answers in this book. He nods and blesses her.

The men try to find shivling. Namrata says shivling is in this temple, find it. They don’t see the shivling shining. A flower falls over shivling and covers it. The men miss to see it. Namrata too tries to find shivling. Rahul shouts to sarpanch. Sarpanch says I don’t have keys, I told you, don’t make noise, I cant get you out. Rahul says fine, you can do my work, write a message and sent it by tamrapatra. Sarpanch says no. Rahul says you can do this, no one will know anything. Rahul asks won’t you do this for your daughter….. Sarpanch agrees.

Namrata scolds the men and asks them to send tamrapatra, write that temple will be closed for two days. Its morning, Gauri reads the book. She prays. She says Shivlings are Shiv’s deposit, it has Shivgan’s power, one who gets those shivlings will become powerful. Everyone comes in the temple and get a tamrapatra.

Pujari reads the message, come close to me, you will find a trishul in jungle, which will show you the way to come to me. The people wonder how Lord is calling them. Lakhan says we have to tell this to Thakur. Sarpanch says yes, we will decide there. They come to meet Thakur. Namrata says dad is not in state that he can decide, he is very upset, he can’t discuss this. Sarpanch says Lord asked us to find the trishul, Thakur would have asked us to obey Lord’s command, we will do the same. They leave. Namrata gets angry on her men for sending wrong message. She says did Rahul do this, the way he reached temple through that way, maybe he is calling people by that same way. A dog barks and pulls Gauri’s dupatta. She asks him to leave her. He gives a sign. Everyone comes to jungle and sees trishul.

Gauri gets shivling. Namrata’s men attack her and get shivling. Namrata smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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