Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sumer alerts the royal family

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sumer telling Bindal about someone’s conspiracy. Someone asks Sumer to recall his dream and save the royal family. Sumer asks did you hear any voice. Bindal chants. Sumer says how did this voice come. The man says stop the marriage, else it will be a disaster. Sumer recalls the dream. He says I don’t remember what I have seen, I have to find out. Commissioner comes to him and suspends him from work. Sumer says my mental state is fine. Commissioner says we have decided. Bindal says Sumer isn’t mad. Sumer says I think someone is trying to convey message to me. Sumer gets suspended. Bindal also quits his job and says I will just be with Sumer.

Pavitra’s husband comes to haveli. She scolds him for selling her to Yash. He says don’t be upset, you are

my wife, you have become a queen, give me some money. She scolds him and asks him to get lost. Veer and Maharani look on. Pavitra’s husband curses them. Akshay bashes him and asks him to leave. Pavitra fumes and curses her husband. Vandana hugs her and consoles. Rajmata worries. Maharani asks Dolly to let Veer marry Bhairavi, its happening for everyone’s good. Archie talks in sleep and says Veer, I love you. Maharani says take care of Archie, I will arrange a doctor. Archie says I will marry Veer. Dolly says I won’t lose so soon. Sumer asks Bindal why did he leave the job. Bindal says Lord is with you, Lord has given you sign in dream.

Sumer says if you have to stay with me, stop this, tell me how can someone kill the entire family at once. Bindal says maybe by poisonous gas or shoot out. Sumer says no, it has to be something else. Revati thinks Bhairavi is becoming the bahu of cursed royal family, why. Bhairavi gets ready and says once I marry Veer, you will get all your answers. Revati gets surprised. Bhairavi says I have come to write the last chapter of this curse, royal family will get rid of the family or it will be their final night… She goes. Revati worries. Everyone gathers for Veer’s wedding.

Veer asks Akshay where are Archie, Dolly and Titu. Akshat says Titu left in the morning, Archie didn’t come downstairs. Veer says I can understand what she is going through, it will be good that she stays inside the room. Dolly asks Archie to get up, Veer is getting married. Akshay asks guard to make sure that Dolly and Archie don’t reach the mandap, its Veer’s command. Sumer and Bindal hide face and come in the palace. They see Kashinath. Bindal says Kashinath is just Revati’s bodyguard. Sumer recalls his dream and says I have seen everything same. Bindal says it means everything will be same. Sumer says just think how will someone kill them together. Bindal says royal food will be made here, if someone adds poison in it, everyone will be dying. Sumer and Bindal go out to check the food. They see two men adding something in the food. Sumer asks them to stop. The men flee. A man takes the food to eat. Bhairavi comes downstairs. Sumer comes to Veer and says the food has poison added in it. They all get shocked. Rajguru says you had got suspended. Sumer says a man took the food to eat. He rushes to stop the man. The man dies in front of them. Veer and everyone get shocked. The light goes. They talk about the bad omen.

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