Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Archie gets helpless

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 23rd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhiram looking for the idol. He throws the things and thinks if Kashinath and Revati lied to him. He sees Om glowing in the mirror. He sees some light coming out of the trunk and goes to see. He sees the pendant glowing. He opens the trunk and checks. He sees some secret passage. He opens it and gets happy seeing the Utsav idol. He says finally, I got this idol, there is something special in this idol, ordinary idol can’t shine so much. He takes the idol. He calls Vandana and says I got idol with me, you will get this when my dad gets free from jail. She says don’t worry for Thakur, he will be freed, you have to come and meet me and fulfill the deal, you will be given the money, trust me. He says its not easy to trust beautiful things, Kashinath and Revati are

with me, they know your truth. She says hand them over to me, I will see them. He says fine, you have to pay me extra for them. They leave.

Sudhir says Vali wasn’t like this, she got blind because of money and power. He worries for his wife. Vandana makes an excuse that her baby is ill. She says I will take my baby to the nearby clinic, you all stay here, I will be back. She apologizes to baby for making her cry like this. Vandana goes. Archie says maybe this is some sign, maybe Lord wants us to save Sudhir’s wife from Vali, I will explain Vali that he is doing a sin, maybe he stops from doing this, we have to do something else Sudhir won’t give us idol.

Abhiram sees the dog and laughs that he couldn’t save his Lord. He takes the idol in the car. He sees Kashinath and Revati will die together. Kashinath and Revati get conscious and see him. Kashinath opens her ropes. She opens his ropes. Archie goes inside. Vali sees a girl’s dance. He gets angry on Sudhir’s wife. Vali threatens Sudhir’s wife and asks her to marry him. Yashpal looks on. She cries and says you are doing a sin. Archie comes and sees Vali threatening Sudhir’s wife about her child. Vali asks her to come to him. Archie shouts Vali….. She scolds him. Vali asks how did she come here, go and catch her.

The goons go to Archie and corner her. Vali comes to Archie. Kashinath and Revati catch Abhiram and ask him to stop the car. Abhiram stops the car. He faints down. Kashinath and Revati throw him out of the car. Revati says we will take idol to Archie. Kashinath asks do you trust me now. Vandana comes and hits on their heads. They faint down. Vandana sees the idol and says now this idol has come to us forever, it means now I will become very powerful now. Vali tells Archie how he has caught Yashpal. He says you will be dancing for me now. Archie gets threatened by him. He says Sudhir’s child will be alive until you dance. Archie gets helpless and dances in front of the goons. Nagada sang….plays…. Archie gets dizzy and takes rounds. The palace begins to get shaken up. The wind blows. Vali and everyone get shocked. Vali asks why is everyone fainting, what’s happening. He also faints. Archie falls down.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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