Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi meets Veer

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The Episode starts with the girl trying to charm Veer by her sweet talk. Veer doesn’t get interested in talking. She says I know that your Swayamvar is going on, and you came here with Archie in this jungle, now you are finding her. He gets angry and holds her. He asks where is Archie. She says don’t get so impatient. He asks where is Archie. She says somewhere far, no human can return from there. He asks who are you. She says I m Kaal Bhairav’s daughter Bhairavi. He gets shocked.

He says I don’t have time for nonsense. She says you are stubborn like a kid, I asked you to get back Archie, you want to go and get Archie, you don’t know if she is alive, it all depends on you, on how you respect you and look after me, how much you obey me, remember, respect, care, sincerity

and obedience. She says I m going to Rajmahal to obey Kaal Bhairav’s command, I hope you come with me. He gets hypnotized and goes with her. People see Veer going with Bhairav. Bhairavi says Bhuri, you were worried that Veer went to Lali’s house, there is nothing to worry, Veer has come back. Bhuri looks on shocked. The lady asks who are you, why is Veer walking behind you. Bhairavi says come with me to Rajmahal, you will get all the answers.

They all go. Kashinath, Akshay and Rajguru are on the way. Rajguru gets a call and asks Sharad to be with Veer. He asks Akshay to take them to Rajmahal. Maharani and Vandana are at home. They worry by the bad omen. Bhairavi comes. The lights get on in the palace. Maharani sees Veer coming. Bhairavi says our house has come. Veer asks how did I come to Rajmahal, Archie, where is she, you said you know about her. She says don’t hold my hand before marriage. He asks her to stop nonsense. Maharani asks what’s happening, you and Archie should have taken blessing from Lali and come home, why did you go to jungle. He says this girl knows about Archie.

Bhairavi says Archie has gone with kaal Bhairav, he has sent me in her place, now Swayamvar won’t happen, he is angry as you have broken rules, Archie had to do puja, but Veer and Archie went to jungle, Lord got angry, now Swayamvar tradition won’t be followed. Maharani asks who are you. Bhairavi says I m Kaal Bhairav’s daughter, Bhairavi. They get shocked. Bhairavi says I have come to keep two options in front of you, family’s destruction or freedom from curse forever. Maharani asks what. Bhairavi says if you obey Lord, you will get free of curse. Veer says she is fraud, she knows about Archie, she is taking advantage of it. He asks her about Archie. She says I want you, you marry me. She asks do you accept. He says no, stay away, I won’t get trapped. Rajguru says this girl can’t be trusted. She tells everyone about Rajguru.

She says you are doubting on me. Sharad asks her to say something which none knows. She tells them about Sharad’s incident. Bhuri says Sharad has told this to me already. Bhairavi says you have doubted on me, Lord knew this, so he has taken a decision today, Bhuri won’t make any announcements about Lord now, he will tell everything to me, its your duty to obey me, if you have a doubt, fine then, I will say what will happen now. She says the dog Sumer will get mad, he will come here and attack on you all. Everyone looks on. The dog comes barking. Guards take the dog away. Bhairavi smiles and says now you will believe me that I m Lord’s daughter. Veer says there will be more people with you, who left the dog in Rajmahal. She says fine, its possible, I will say a last thing, you will believe me, I have to chant to Kaal Bhairav for it. She prays to Kaal Bhairav. She says Lord has heard my prayer, he has forgiven Sumer, I will open the door, if Sumer comes out in human form, then…… will you believe me?

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