Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Archie gets chosen by Lord

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts a hawk flying in the sky. Everyone looks up. Rajmata says we got the blessing and permission for the Swayamvar, the hawk will sit in four homes, the four girls will gave Om mark in their palm, they will be giving test for Swayamvar. The hawk flies away. Everyone follows the hawk to see where it lands. They see the hawk landing on the first house. The man asks Lord why did he keep his daughter in front of Kaal. The girl shows Om sign on her palm and says it means Lord has chosen me, I won’t go for Swayamvar. Rajguru asks the man to make Mala for Swayamvar. The girl refuses and cries. They all again follow the hawk.

Another girl shows Om mark on hand. The man says what’s this, we will run away from this village. The hawk comes there and sits on the roof. Rajguru,

Veer and everyone come. The girl is taken to get prepared for marriage. Everyone follows the hawk to the third house and meet the girl with Om sign. The girl also refuses to go with them. She says I won’t become bahu of Royal family. Rajguru says the brides will first take blessing of Kaal Bhairav. The hawk flies far. Everyone follows to see where it lands. They get puzzled. Maharani says what’s this.

Rajguru says even I m confused, why is Lord’s hawk taking time to find the fourth girl. Maharani asks Lord not to test their patience and show them who is the fourth girl. The hawk goes far. Everyone follows. The pandit says temple is shut as Veer had to open it with the three girls. The hawk comes to the temple and sits on the top. Rajguru says its not possible that some girl is inside the temple. Veer unlocks the temple. They all get it and find Archie there. Veer goes to her. Everyone gets shocked seeing Archie’s burnt palm, and Om sign on it. Veer asks how did this happen. Pandit says this happened for the first time, Archie is chosen by Lord, but she isn’t from this village. Veer gets shocked. The man says how did Lord choose this outside. Rajguru says don’t question Lord’s choice, she is chosen one. The three brides get ready and come here. Archie says Lord has blessed our love.

Revati says it means Veer loves this girl, its not just friendship. Vandana says Kaal Bhairav blessed this love, Veer is lucky, not everyone have such fate. She sees Kedar and cries. Revati sees Kashinath. Archie says I got a chance to become your bride, I m very happy. They hold hands. Maharani asks Veer to leave Archie’s hand, so that she accepts shagun and gets ready to take Lord’s blessings, they have to do puja. Maharani stares at them. Rajguru says Archie’s parents are not here, she has to take this shagun. Veer says Archie isn’t alone here. He holds her hand. Kedar, Titu and Dolly join Archie. They accept the shagun. Pandit asks Archie to go and get ready, the four girls will do puja and take blessing for Swayamvar, then they will be tested. Maharani asks Veer to take Archie and get her ready. Sadhu opens his eyes….

Rajguru says that girl has challenged Kaal Bhairav. Maharani says I will not accept that girl as my bahu, you have to do something. He says pray that she comes first for the test, then her end is certain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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