Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Akshay goes missing

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The Episode starts with Rahul running from dogs. His imagination breaks. The men ask Rahul who is he, what happened. Pujari says maybe you got dizzy, you look hungry. Rahul says I have seen smoke here. The man says maybe he did some mistake. Pujari says his anger is big, but his heart is bigger, apologize and do puja, everything will get fine. Rahul goes out. He calls Akshay and says nothing is fine here, much is wrong, don’t know what’s happening, I don’t believe in them, they are playing some big game, I can know temple secret by staying here. He falls down. Gauri tries to hold him. They both fall in river. He jokes. She says put me down. He drops her.

She says I spoke to dad, come temple tomorrow. They see angry crowd running. Akshay comes with police force. He says we will

investigate Indra’s death b y staying inside the temple at night. Thakur stops him. Akshay says you can’t stop me. Thakur says entire village will stop me. Akshay says you are risking everyone’s lives. Thakur says you are risking policemen’s lives, you all want to get inside after sunset, will Lord leave them. He says our rules will not change, customs will not break, we will shut temple door after sunset and door will open with sunrise, whoever wants to stay inside can stay, but whatever happens with them, Akshay is not responsible. He asks them to go in. All the policemen get back. Akshay sees the doors shutting and runs inside. The door gets locked. Akshay roams in the temple and looks for any clue.

He asks Lord to talk to him and say how does the people get killed in temple. Sunset occurs. Akshay asks Lord will be come to help him, why did he not come to do aarti, where are the Devs, no nagada sound. The man says maybe Shivgan puja got interrupted again. Pujari says Lord will punish all of us. Rahul looks on. Gauri goes. Rahul follows her. He sees Manohar/Manij and calls him out. He says what was he doing here, he is still in this temple. Akshay sees the camera fixed and says it means something is recorded in this. He gets attacked by a dog. He shoots. Everyone hears the gunshot. Gauri comes back. Rahul looks at her. Akshay shouts. Thakur says you all can’t go inside. Policeman says we heard a sound of gunshot, we have to go inside and investigate, I will arrest you all. Thakur scolds him.

Its morning, Thakur asks pujari to open the door. Police enters the temple. They just find Akshay’s cap in temple. They don’t find Akshay. Thakur says this happened for the first time, we didn’t get his dead body. Inspector says he maybe alive, or he is kidnapped. Thakur says Lord has given the answer. They get a note. Thakur says just pujari knows Sanskrit. Pujari reads the message that temple will be shut for 7 days, one who doesn’t listen to this will be ruined. Inspector says this means just you can write Sanskrit in this village. Thakur asks what are you saying, you are doubting on pujari ji, its like doubting Kaal Bhairav. Inspector says we will doubt on everyone, till we get Akshay, we will continue investigation. Everyone leaves from the temple. Rahul goes to see.

He says this temple is shut, where can Akshay disappear. A man asks who are you. Rahul says I m new Sevak. The man says temple is getting shut, there is no one there, come. Rahul goes. Pujari ji comes out and gets the gun.

Manoj runs seeing Rahul. Rahul asks him to stop. He gets his diary.

Update Credit to: Amena

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