Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri tries reaching Thakur

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakhan seeing the people and thinking what’s happening here. He shouts to seek help. He asks them to listen. He rushes back. Latika comes back. She beats Lakhan. He faints. She sees Thakur. She says how shall I manage you two, one day you will get beaten to death. The man says the vehicle has come. She says dump them there. Gauri tries to arrange a taxi. Yashpal calls out and says no need to arrange any car. She says I m fine, I will go. He says you will come with us to police station. She asks why. He says you are involved in selling shivling, we have proof against you. She says its a lie. He says who gets such dreams in such times. She says give me some time, let me go, I will get proof, listen to me, I m saying truth. She runs. Yashpal follows her. Gauri hides and

leaves. The man puts Thakur and Lakhan in ambulance. Latika drives. She calls Namrata. Namrata sees Rahul and doesn’t answer. He asks her to answer.

Latika says where are you, you answered and didn’t speak. Namrata says I didn’t answer. Latika says I m shifting Thakur and Lakhan, people are having a doubt, its imp to go, where are you. Namrata says I will give you good news soon, I m going for imp work. Gauri asks someone about the village and thanks.

Rahul says how did Gauri go to village. Namrata says she went to see her ill dad. He says no, she wanted to find shivling, she left her ill dad that time, she will always believe in her blind devotion even if we show her truth, if she was getting dreams, what happened that she didn’t come with me. Namrata thinks he is right, she was behaving strange. She checks call log and thinks Gauri would have answered Latika’s call. She says stop the car, maybe Gauri’s dream is a lie, we should find out. He goes to ask. She thinks what to do. A procession passes. Gauri reaches there. Namrata calls Latika. She says Gauri got to know everything, answer my call once. Latika doesn’t answer. A man gets troubled and lifts cartons. Rahul asks him about village.

The man asks him to help first. Rahul lifts the cartons with him. He says where did I get stuck. Namrata comes and asks what are you doing. He says this man knows that place, if I help him, he will help us. They keep the things. They don’t see the shivlings. Rahul asks the man to say. The man says this is the same village. They go. Gauri sees the procession and people dancing.

Constable says a girl is driving ambulance. Latika says girls are driving even plane and train, clear the way, patients are unwell. Gauri prays and says I have reached here by following my dream, you have to help me find Thakur, show me some way. She prays and sees the ambulance. She thinks she has seen this ambulance in the dream. Latika thinks Thakur can wake up, there is so much crowd. Gauri rushes and asks her to stop. Latika gets shocked.

Gauri says Namrata, you have broken our trust, your sin pot is full now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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