Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Namrata turns Rahul jealous

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul finding the secret way inside the tunnel. He says I have to break this wall and check if there is the secret way behind. Gauri asks pujari to forgive her, she did a mistake. He says you don’t apologize, you taught a lesson to Lakhan. Kalavati says you have done the right thing. Anand says Lakhan will always remember how my tigress has beaten him. Lakhan gets treated for his wounds.

Rahul prepares few things and leaves from the house. He walks on the road. Namrata sees him and stops the car. He says I m going towards the city. She asks him to come along. They leave. She gets a message. She smiles. He asks her who is sending her messages. She says Siddharth, I forgot to tell you, he is my special friend, I wanted to meet him.

She misses the old

days. She praises her friend. He asks is he different than me. She says yes. She laughs and says I m joking, you will understand when you meet him, I m going to buy a gift for him. Rahul meets someone and buys stone breaker tools. He sees the stone explosive and pays the man. Rahul wishes to find a way.

Lakhan gets angry when people laugh on him. Vaid asks where did you go, I was finding you, what happened. Vaid jokes about Gauri. Rahul comes to the cafe and meets Namrata and Siddharth. Siddharth says Namrata was praising you. He holds Namrata. Rahul says I heard a lot about you. Namrata asks Rahul to sit. Rahul says I just came to meet.

Siddharth says we have plenty of food at any hotel. Lakhan angrily cuts the wood. He tells his men that he will not leave Gauri, its time to show them their status, she said she will die, but not marry me. He laughs and says I will fulfill her wish, I will kill her. Namrata and Siddharth act cozy. Rahul asks Siddharth to control his hands. Namrata asks what happened to him.

Siddharth asks what do you mean. Rahul says this is not the way to talk to girls. Siddharth says we are from London, its common there, we are friends, why do you have a problem, is she your GF. Rahul says no, she is my friend, I can’t tolerate any misbehavior. He asks Namrata does she have such friends, he can’t bear this. She asks him to listen. Rahul gets angry and leaves. He goes back to get his phone. He hears Namrata telling the guy that he is a good actor, Rahul got much jealous. She pays him money. She thanks him. She turns and sees Rahul. He says don’t try to talk to me again. She says its nothing like that. He leaves.

Pujari sees Lakhan. He says whatever happened, Gauri has raised hand on you, sorry for that, what you did and said wasn’t right, we shouldn’t keep any enmity in heart. Lakhan asks anything else. Pujari says I have to go city for some imp work, you have to shut the door. He gives the door keys to Lakhan and leaves.

Lakhan says this is the key to take revenge. A man tells Gauri that pujari fell down in the temple. She gets worried and runs to the temple. The man announces that temple is getting shut. Gauri calls out her dad. Lakhan asks everyone to leave from the temple. Gauri looks for pujari. She gets trapped inside the temple. Lakhan shuts the door. She shouts for help. Lakhan says you will get punished by Kaal Bhairav. He laughs.

Kalavati asks Lakhan to open the door, Gauri is locked inside. Lakhan apologizes. Pujari requests Thakur. Thakur denies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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