Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Thakur spies on Namrata

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gauri dreaming about Kaal Bhairav. She sees the Lord and wakes up. She calls out her mum. She doesn’t see anyone in her house. She goes out and finds no one in the village. A dog barks and takes her to the temple. She goes. The dog pulls her dupatta. She goes towards the idol and looks behind. She hears the aarti bell and turns. Pujari rings the bell and asks her to wake up, she has to go temple. Gauri wakes up. He asks her to get ready and come, people will come and pray for Shivratri, everyone is in sorrow, don’t know what’s Lord’s wish. Gauri says I understand what Lord wants to tell me.

Rahul shouts open the door, whoever you are, I will expose your truth in front of everyone, get me out of here. Sarpanch is seen sitting outside there and guards

him. Lakhan sits sad. His men come and say Rahul’s bones ashes aren’t found in the ashes, we have searched well. Rahul asks how can this happen, Rahul was fallen inside the fire, he should have been there, if he got saved this time, Thakur won’t leave me.

Namrata comes to Thakur. He hides the letter. She acts innocent and says I don’t understand why Aditya was punished by Lord, our house idol didn’t cry, Aditya didn’t do anything wrong. Thakur says I feel I m landlord, village head, I should know everything about village, I m mistaken, I don’t even know what’s happening in my house behind my back, I m sure there will be big reason that Lord took someone’s life.

He asks her about Bua’s reports, how is she, you went to Mumbai right, Aditya wanted to know about your Bua’s health, he was worried, your Bua has raised you two as your mum, what did doctor say. Namrata lies that everything is fine, there is no problem, Bua has no danger, but I didn’t know Aditya will fall in danger. She cries and goes. Thakur gets angry and sees Subhadra.

Gauri comes to the temple and prays. She recalls her dream and goes behind the idol to see. She sees a Divya shivling illuminating and gets shocked. She prays and says its same shivling like I have seen in my dream, Lord is showing me the future, but why, does he want to tell her something by giving sign. She opens eyes and sees shivling normal. She looks around.

Namrata uses voice modulator and calls someone to ask about money transfer. She says I have to kill people to get the shivling, try to understand, I have to kidnap people and make them work, I had to place idols and make idols cry to fool people, it will need time and money to carry out this plan. The man says if we don’t get nine shivlings in one week, we will cancel the deal. She says no, just two shivlings are left, we will find it. The man says you know how we will take back the money if you fail, we will make your life hell, just remember, we want results else deal cancel. Namrata gets angry. She says I have killed Aditya because of this deal, no I can’t move back, this deal shouldn’t get cancelled, I have to get more two shivlings.

Thakur checks Namrata’s room well. He finds a book. She opens it and gets some letters. He reads the senders’ names and says why did they write letters to me, that too at the address of my farmhouse, why does Namrata have these letters. He gets pics of nine shivlings. He says these are ancient shivlings pics, what connection Namrata has with all this, why does she have these pics.

Thakur sees Namrata taking Kaal Bhairav’s avatar and wearing a mask. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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