Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Garudi tortures villagers

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a girl asking about ashram. Gauri says sorry, we don’t know about it. Namrata helps the girl. The girl leaves. Gauri asks Namrata how does she know the place. Namrata says I was finding addresses on phone, so I read about it, I have work, sit in the car. She asks Gauri to go to village, she will go to temple. She meets her friend there and asks are you mad, I told you not to come in front of everyone, I m so worried already. The girl says you are not ready to listen to me, you are getting trapped. Namrata says I m fine, I m doing everything, I will manage. The girl asks what will happen, Seth ji is after your life, will you manage your dad, he can get fine any time, we got the money and now we should run away. Namrata asks her to leave her hand, she won’t go without

Rahul and nine shivling. The girl asks will you risk your life for them. Namrata says once I get the nine shivlings, the world will be scared of me, I will be supreme power, I can get Rahul. Lakhan calls her and asks where are you, Thakur is with me, he is recovering, he took your name today. She gets shocked.

He says he fainted, maybe he wants to meet you, I have hidden him with me. She says take care of my dad, send me address, I will come soon. He agrees. Namrata asks her friend to kill Thakur. She asks her not to make any mistake this time. A man tells Lakhan that his name posters are everywhere in the village. Namrata’s friend and her goons come to kill Thakur. Gauri gathers people and warns them about Garudi. Namrata says no one will believe you. Garudi comes to the village and recalls her insult. Her husband asks her not to use Lord power for destruction. Garudi keeps shivlings and prays. Namrata’s friend see Thakur sleeping. She attacks on him. Thakur fights back and beats the goons. He catches the girl. Lakhan and men come and catch the goons. Lakhan says my daughter Namrata has sent you right, she didn’t come herself, where is she…. Garudi does some puja. People get sick. Gauri shows them Garudi. Everyone sees Garudi.

Garudi scolds them for troubling them. She refuses to pity them. She starts torturing them and takes revenge. Kaal Bhairav’s dogs come there. Garudi says they are coming….. hurry up, pick the shivling. Dogs bark. She asks them to rush with shivling. Namrata says we will also take shivling. Gauri and Namrata put shuvling in the trunk. They take the chest with them. A truck comes.

Namrata asks Gauri to run, maybe the lorry driver also wants the shivlings. They run with the trunk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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