K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• LAST EPISODE

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•

|Episode 50/last part|??
Saiyyam-What,are you just gonna stand here? Go and change
Krishna- oh hellooo? You made me..
Saiyyam- acha baba sorry,now go change
Krishna-(smiling) okay
-Few minutes later-
Krishna came out wearing Saiyyam’s shirt which was her knee length.
Krishna-Please Saiyyam don’t make me feel awkward
Saiyyam-(coming closer) but what’s the awkwardness btw I was thinking that we hadn’t had our honeymoon yet
Krishna-(blushing) Saiyyam!!!
Saiyyam-Come on Krishna, I missed the fun
Krishna-(Blushing) Saiyy..
Saiyyam-(placing his finger over Krishna’s lips) Ssshh,let’s us be together tonight
Saiyyam slowly went near Krishna’s neck and placed a wet kiss which made her whole body shiver?? Saiyyam moved closer to Krishna,tightening the grip. Saiyyam brought his hand to the shoulder of Krishna’s dress,while Krishna ties to free away. Saiyyam spun her around,which made Krishna hit saiyyam’s chest. Saiyyam continued,he slowly moved the one side of Krishna’s shoulder cloth down and kissed her bare shoulder. Saiyyam took Krishna in his arms and slowly moved towards their bed while having a passionate eye lock. He gently placed Krishna on the bed and hugged her tight. He broke the hug and slowly moved towards Krishna’s lips,using his left hand,he covered Krishna’s and himself with a blanket while with his right hand,he turns off the light,and the screen fades………

The sun rays hits on Krishna,which makes her wake up first. She opens her eyes and looks around and the next to her lies her very own husband. She shifts her direction towards Saiyyam and smiles. Saiyyam,who feels that he’s been watched also opens his eyes and look towards Krishna,smiling. He makes his way towards Krishna and places a kiss on Krishna’s forehead and then goes back to the same direction he was in before.
Krishna-(while holding saiyyam’s hand) Saiyyam,I am scared
Saiyyam- about what?
Krishna- about all this,all that’s happening right now
Saiyyam- don’t stress too much Krishna,everything will be okay
Krishna- I know it will but when
Saiyyam – have patience Krishna
Krishna- whatever
Woman- BABA BABA!!!
Saiyyam- what happened??
Woman- there’s some people that are banging on the door and shouting your names
Krishna-(holding on to saiyyam’s shirt) Saiyyam.
Saiyyam- don’t worry,(holding her hand) let’s get out of here
Woman-yeah Saiyyam,you go and I’ll manage here
Saiyyam- thanks
Woman- now go,hurry up

Hand in hand Saiyyam and Krishna ran their way out of the jungle while few men chase them…..
:Birla mansion:
Suhani-What happened?
Yuvaan-They have found out the location of Saiyyam and Krishna
Priya- lets go please,Kaka take care of rohan ( privan kid )
Yuvaan- lets go and I’ll call the police on our way

-Shift of the scene-
Both saiyyam and Krishna stop running
Abhimanyu- finally I got you
Another man- let’s end it here boss
Abhimanyu takes the gun and points it towards Saiyyam,he then closes his eyes and pulls the trigger.
Krishna- AHHH
Abhimanyu opens his eyes to see Krishna has come in front of Saiyyam and has gotten shot,meanwhile the bullet rips through Krishna’s body and goes directly into saiyyam’s.
Saiyyam- AAAH ( falling to The goring besides Krishna )
Abhimanyu- Let’s get out of here
Police man- Don’t try to run or I’ll shoot you
Coming behind the police officers were suhani,yuvaan and priya
suhani and all ran to kriyam while the police took abhimanyu and the other man with them,
Yuvaan- yes ma

While kriyam were taken into the same ICU room,suhani,priya,yuvaan,all weep
-In the ICU-
Kriyam were about few cemeteries away from each other but different beds
Doctor- pass me the scissors
Nurse- here
Other Doctor- I think it’s time to inform the family now,the chances are very less of survival.
Krishna-(while unconscious) Sa..sai..Saiyyam…
Saiyyam- ( while unconscious) Kri..Krishna….
Saiyyam’s eyes close as well aa Krishna’s while both let go of their hand in the unconscious situation causing both of their hands to meet. The doctor looks at their heat rate and then lowers his face,while others do the same. The nurse goes near kriyam and put of their hands into each other’s.
The scene fades there…..

(1 year later)
Yuvaan- priya hurry up,how much time will you take?
Priya- yuvaan,girls take time okay.
Yuvaan- whatever
Suhani- come one yuvaan and priya,we’re getting late
Rohan- yes papa and mama,I am too excited
Suhani- now come on,Saiyyam and Krishna and both waiting for us
All the members gathered about the main hall
Suhani- happy marriage anniversary Saiyyam and Krishna
Rohan- yeah happy anniversary
The scene moves to where suhani and others are shown taking to a picture of Saiyyam and Krishna. There was a garland over their picture(like in every Hindi movie ?)
Suhani- we miss you two?
Privan- and we love you ?♥️
And that’s how kriyam chapter ends..Not everyone is perfect with a happy ending,nor it have to be,kriyam were the special one,even death didn’t separated them,they left so many beautiful memories,a unforgettable journey they had,& Benaam Rishta❤️?

|| Author: Thank you so much everyone who supported me since the beginning,I’m gonna miss all this but I don’t have time for another ff so sorry guys,but if I ever change my decision,I’ll write a ff for a different couple,maybe “gaurika” the couple from DBO but I have to say this was a beautiful journey with you’ll,I’m gonna miss every and each one of you. I will leave two days later,so I will reply,but once again thank you and lots of love ~ Hafsa???

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  1. Love your ff
    Don’t stop writing
    Start a new one

  2. kriyyam fan no1


  3. Really loved it
    Will miss every FF on kriyam

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    I was holding a tissue.. That was such a fabulous ending.. Well, Saiyyam was wrong.. Of course they had their honeymoon..or else how would Simmu come ??..and the ending was exceptional.. Though they are in the spirit world.. At least they are together.. I also love Gaurika.. I wish u could come back with a kriyam ff but I know everyone has their personal issues.. So hope u ace ur exams..even I am ending my ff soon. I have been selected in a medical magnet and so things are going to be hard.. I loved the way u made kriyam together forever.. After all u always have been and exceptional and a fantastic writer.. I would be sad to say goodbye to my fav ff.. But truth is that everything comes to an end.. I thank u for entertaining us with ur beautiful writing..thanks fir sharing ur skills.. I will miss u bae??.. Love u and don’t forget me… Keep smiling..

  5. ???????????crying …..

  6. Beautiful ending..
    Loved it ❤

  7. Ending was different..U r right every Love story doesn’t have a happy ending..loved the way u wrote the ending..?love u and will miss u?..this was one of my favorite ff..
    Keep smiling?
    Keep writing?
    Thank u making us smile and have a great time with our ff..This journey was short but u made it special..
    Love u lots
    Isha (Lamiya) call me Lami?

  8. beautiful scripted and the way you ended it was exceptional. loved your ff and really going to miss it to. but don’t worry whenever you get time we would be waiting for. and ha episode brought a smile on my face . i could connect myself to it. it was perfect

  9. Fidato

    Wow…. Hafza…That was a unique and exceptional…Ending….. Really this was really wetmy eyes… Whenever u get time…Please come back….With another beautiful ff…

  10. Hafsaaa very nice if ur gng to write dbo ff then tell us

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