K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 38

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Saiyyam was going through some papers when Krishna walks in.
Saiyyam-Krishna,I need to tell you Saiyyam
Saiyyam-Not now,at 8
Saiyyam left the room while Krishna was lost in her own thoughts
{Krishna thinking:Is Saiyyam gonna confess his love for me,he might,dose he love me,of course Krishna,he must have loved you that’s why he saved up you and… Simmu)
She goes near her wardrobe and looks through,she finds a red net sari.
Krishna-This is perfect

Krishna gets dressed in her red as blood net sari,applied mascara which gave a soft glimmer to her face,Maroon lipstick licked her lips,she puffed blush to her cheeks and looked at herself in the mirror.saiyyam comes in the room,but simply stand still admiring Krishna’s beauty.He stops and looks away.
Krishna-What is this?
Saiyyam-Divorce papers
The papers fall from her hands as she stood hella shocked
Krishna-For me?
Saiyyam-Seriously Krishna,who else am I married to?
Saiyyam-Look,bhabi told me that you tried helping arjun,you weren’t the reason behind my brother’s death,then why should I hurt you,I decided to release you from this unwanted and forced relationship
Krishna-That’s it?
Saiyyam-What do you mean?
Krishna-That’s what you have to say before I leave?
Krishna-Saiyyam,I know you can see it too,just say it
Saiyyam-Say what?

Krishna-What you have in your Eyes for me…Saiyyam why don’t you understand I can’t leave you…Saiyyam Remember when we got stuck in the freezer and you offered me your jacket,no one ever did that for me,no one have gave my life more importance than their’s…My feelings towards to you changed that day..saiyyam,..I ..LOVE..YOU
Saiyyam-No Krishna,you don’t have to stay with me,I can’t force you anymore
Krishna-Saiyyam,why don’t you understand,feelings do change and you’re not forcing me
Saiyyam-They can’t,you can’t love me
Krishna-Don’t you love me?
~Pin drop silence~

Krishna-Okay then I don’t mind leaving
Krishna began leaving while her leg hit the table..
Saiyyam-(running towards her) KRISHNA,WHY CANT YOU WALK PROPERLY???
Krishna-For whom is this concern??
Krishna-answer me
Lighting stroke⚡️ (TTTRRTTRR)
Tears rolled down Krishna’s cheeks,She hugs saiyyam with all the love
Saiyyam pulls Krishna away from his chest and wipes her tears,they have a eyelock with was broken by Krishna.
Krishna ran to their balcony and starting dancing in the rain.She looks towards saiyyam and smile.She takes some water and splashes it over Saiyyam
Krishna splashes some more water
Saiyyam-Krishna maat karo warna

Saiyyam smirks at Krishna as he starts walking towards her.He goes near her and held her cheeks.Slowly.slowly he moves closer to Krishna’s lips,trying all to fill the gap between them but Krishna get away.saiyyam again holds Krishna’s hand causing a current going through her spine.
Saiyyam-Aandar chalo
Saiyyam takes Krishna inside their room.He takes a towel and wipes his hair.He goes to his bed where Krishna was siting,he takes the towel and stared wiping her hair,she kept shaking her head in a cute way cause she was humming a song
Saiyyam-Stop moving
It takes Saiyyam a bit to wipe Krishna’s hair because of its length.Saiyyam puts the towel aside as the song plays in the background
|Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Main to teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re|✨?
Saiyyam gently opens the dori of Krishna’s sari,he moves his hand through her bare back.He slowly bring Krishna’s blouse till it matches Krishna’s arms.Krishna closes her eyes as saiyyam moves pieces of hair by her neck.he moves closer,leaving wet kisses on her neck.Krishna gets up but was pulled by Saiyyam again.He picks Krishna in his arms and takes her toward their bed.He places Krishna gently on the bed as he closes the light.The only light in the room was moonlight coming from the window.Saiyyam unbuttons his shirt and takes it off.He moves closer to Krishna’s lips and fill the gap between them.Krishna squeezes her hands with the bedsheet as saiyyam passionately kisses her.Saiyyam removes Krishna’s sari dupatta and the scene fades there….

Saiyyam’s phone vibrates as he pulls away from Krishna.He picks his phone while he kisses Krishna’s forehead making her smile.He gets up from the bed,where his abs were shown,he was half naked,expect of his grey sweatpant.
Saiyyam-Hello? Yeah the project will be done by tomorrow
There was a knock on the door where the scene freezes

New entry?? with a twist

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  1. Aisha11

    ??????? I’m blushing……. VERY descriptive…..loved it sooo cute

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      Hehe thanks ??

  2. Kiski new entry Krishna ke Life mai karo saayam jealous

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      I have already done a jealously track

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow, fantastic episode as always…. Will we having a new Simmu…after today’s episode..?. I just loved todays episode and lightning stroke was a nice description…really loved all the kriyam parts…hmmm new twist… Well u r our suspense girl. Can’t wait who it is…. Beautiful episodee again…

    1. Hafsaaa

      God?? why do you want another Simmu?? ???

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        Not now at least…. New simmu can wait….??❤

      2. AnahitaAnnie

        Not now at least…. New simmu can wait….??❤. … Now I wanna enjoy kriyam and the new twist….

  4. Awwww I’m blushing????this one was amazing?❤?

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  5. Amazing and glad you are add the new twist to the story that I told u????

  6. I loved it

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    It was a *blushblush* wala episode

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  9. Hey nice too romantic ah

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    Wow it was beutiful romance blush blush?? i lovet thanks dear Hasaa

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  11. Intensely romantic and awesome.

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