K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 37

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•

Saiyyam comes out the restroom and looks at Krishna,she looked tense but yet she still managed to look cute
Saiyyam-What happened?
Saiyyam-Stop,breath first and then tell
Krishna-Saiyyam,some burned my shack
Scene shifts to Krishna’s shack
The whole place looked like a skeleton in the morning light,The walls had long since crumbled and in the place stood thick beams of wood, blackened and charred from where the flames had licked at them. Inside had been a place of love and security, a place with memories and warmth.The fire had been no accident,Krishna knew.Saiyyam run inside,through the lava like ashes,to save the place.He started filling up buckets of hope,and threw them all over the place;however it was no help instead he got himself hurt.
Krishna-Saiyyam!!! Please let’s go from here

Saiyyam-I can’t let your dreams die like this
Krishna-My dreams are nothing compared to your life,come on
Krishna took wounded Saiyyam to the same hospital simmu was held in.As kriyam entered simmu’s room..
Simmu was laying on the floor,unconscious
Doctor-Oh my how did this happened? Please wait outside
Krishna-No,I wouldn’t
Saiyyam-Please Krishna.
Saiyyam took Krishna out the emergency room,he made her sit.
Saiyyam-Everything will be okay…
Few hours later
Doctor enters the scene
Krishna-What happened
Doctor-I am sorry,we couldn’t save the girl
Krishna-Nothing can happen to my Simmu,she can’t leave me,no Saiyyam she is alive(tears were rolling down her eyes) MY SIMMU??????
2 days later
Saiyyam held his princess last time in his hand as simmu’s body was placed in the sea of death.Krishna was shown heavily.saiyyam got up and hugged Krishna,she tugged her face in his shirt
Saiyyam-I will not leave the person who did this
Krishna-You don’t have to anything,God has already done it
Saiyyam-What do you mean?

Krishna goes near the idol in the hospital to pray for Simmu,her phone rings
Madhavan’s mom- please forgive him beta
Krishna-I am sorry but I can’t
Madhavan’s mom- He got punished for what he had done
Madhavan’s mom- yes,he got had a car accident,it took his life,I saw how much pain he was in beta,he got punished for what he had done,my last wish is that you forgive him
Krishna-I will try to
-Flashback ends-
Scene takes a leap of 6 months.Privan had a 3 years old son,suhani is old now so she couldn’t move much,Krishna hasn’t confessed her love for saiyyam directly yet.
Saiyyam-(picking up some papers) I will release you from this relationship Krishna..

Krishna-What is this?
Saiyyam-Divorce papers

-sorry guys for not posting the ep cuz the app wasn’t working and next one will be kriyam confession + romance ??- ||STAY TUNED||

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  1. Shaani

    Nice.. Precap…?? after giving divorce..they will marry again.. Good.. I know my guess may be wrong but I felt good to hear that next episode will be kriyam confession… Keep it up …. Sorry for not commenting on ur ff last few days.. Today I read all episodes.. All were awesome as always.. Keep writing… Love ur story soo much .. Waiting for the next part

  2. Please update soon….. Can’t wait ???feeling sad for simmu

    1. Hafsaaa

      I will ❤️

  3. Aaravjaikar

    Sort one …good one…. love it… keep posting..

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    Woah.. Too many tragedies at once…. Ooo poor Simmu… But as always u nailed the episode. Just loved all the suspense and emotions. Madhavan died??? That was the biggest suspense… I just loved the episode in all. Keep going bae… And can’t wait for the next….?❤?

    1. Hafsaaa

      Yeah Simmu taataa bye bye?? ♥️

  5. What is this kya story hai aj ke epi mai confusan hi tha kuch improvement lao plz boring topic

    1. If you don’t find it interesting them don’t read it????????????

      1. Aisha11

        Same, like don’t comment at all If don’t like it ???.

    2. Aisha11

      Do u have a problem Richa Shah?!?! ?U also commented on Naina’s ff that it wasn’t good. Maybe u can write an ff for us, it will be good for all of us so we can see how good u are ?. By the way Hafsaaa keep going lovely episode and very interesting. Can’t wait for confession ?.

      1. Aisha11

        Btw, Richa Shah, i like how u straight up say boring topic (not that was mean) I can’t wait for YOUR ff

  6. Hey when you r going to tell why krishna is unable to save arjun. Plz first open all the suspenses

    1. Hafsaaa

      I will open the suspense with a twist ?

  7. Oh noooooo??? simmu died???? feeling sad 4 kriyam. ? bt eagerly waiting 4 their confession. ???? plz post nxt epi soon.can’t wait?? bye dr tc

  8. Hey nice as usual I have exam today. That’s why I’m late

    1. Hafsaaa

      No no it’s totally fine??

  9. Oo I loved it

  10. Post the next one

  11. Next one

  12. Plz someone hit that saiyyam ….He is a dumbo seriously divorce papers …is he gone mad?? Anyways superb epi..but alot of sad scenes..update ASAP 🙂

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