K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 36

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
-guys I know there’s not much kriyam scenes these days but after few episodes there will be more actual kriyam scenes, I mean “actual” and it will more firing and hotter than before-?
It’s morning,Saiyyam wakes up first and looks over to his beautiful wife and daughter sleeping peacefully.
Saiyyam-(turns around) You’re awake
Krishna-Yes,can you do me a favor?
Saiyyam-You don’t have to ask
Krishna-Can you please stay her with simmu,I need to talk to Madhavan
Saiyyam-I’ll drop you then
Krishna-Drop? He isn’t here
Saiyyam-No,he left yesterday
Krishna gets up and adjust her clothes,takes a hand and makes a messy bun.She and saiyyam gets in the car..
Saiyyam-What do you want to tell Madhavan?
Krishna-Why are you so interested?
Saiyyam-Why can’t I be?
Krishna-Saiyyam please
Saiyyam press the brakes when they reached Madhavan’s house cause Krishna’s body to hit the front side of the car,though could Krishna ever get hurt when she’s with Saiyyam,guessed it right! Saiyyam quickly opens his arm and puts in front of Krishna causing her chest her land on saiyyam’s arm instead of the rough surface of the car.Krishna looks into saiyyam’s concerned eyes and looks away
Krishna-(while getting out the car) Thanks

Even though Krishna left,saiyyam parked his car on the side because he knew that somewhat Madhavan will do something,he was just sure of it
Krishna slowly opens the door and peaks in,Madhavan was pacing back and forth in anger.
Madhavan-So biwi ji,you got time for me
Madhavan-Saiyyam is your ex husband right?
Krishna-Yes,but I was gonna tell you..
Madhavan-But you don’t like him,do you?
Krishna was silent as the grave
Madhavan-Wait if you don’t like him then what about simmu?
Krishna-Madhavan,don’t bring simmu into this
Madhavan-Why can’t I? I married you knowing you had a daughter,but saiyyam being your ex husband,I can’t sallow that,just forget about Saiyyam
Holding her tighter while pulling her closer
Krishna-I can’t ?
Madhavan-WHY CANT YOU ?
Madhavan-No,noo no you can’t love him,he’s evil and look at me jaan,we are perfect
Krishna-Madhavan,you’re hurting me
Madhavan brought Krishna more closer this time and started her to kiss her.

Saiyyam couldn’t hear properly but he definitely could hear screams of his wife.He quickly got of his car and ran inside
Krishna-Leave me!! (Crying)
Madhavan-No Krishna,you can’t be anyone else’s
Krishna pushes him away and runs out the room,she runs until she hits saiyyam’s chest.Saiyyam looks into Krishna’s teary eyes and look back at desperate Madhavan.Saiyyam wipes each tear of Krishna as they fall down her cheeks,Slowly he walks forward moving Krishna behind him,while Krishna cries heavily.Saiyyam pulls Madhavan from his collar
Madhavan-Saiyyam get out of here,it’s a matter of husband and wife
Saiyyam-Oh no
With that Saiyyam punches Madhavan on his face causing blood to drip from the side of his lips,Saiyyam slapped his right palm down on the Madhavan’s face, shattering his nose.His eyes checked back to see if Krishna was okay.As Madhavan falls on his knees making him feel weak,Krishna came running and hugged Saiyyam tight
Saiyyam-I wouldn’t leave you here anymore
Saiyyam melted his rough hands into Krishna’s wet,cause by sweats of fear,and took her to his banglo
~Saiyyam’s banglo~
Saiyyam-You rest here
Krishna-I don’t want to
Saiyyam-I didn’t ask
Saiyyam picks Krishna in his arms,just few centimeters away from each other
Saiyyam- stop arguing
Saiyyam slowly brings Krishna to his bed and gently placed her down.he pulls the
Blanket over her and Krishna slowly falls asleep (i know you guys be thinking why do Krishna sleep so much,well there’s no too much sleep? Sleeping is bae??)
-Few hours later-
Krishna wakes up from the vibration of saiyyam’s phone,she looks over to see that Saiyyam was using the restroom and she decides to take the call
Krishna picks up wounded Saiyyam an Ethel reach the hospital,Krishna opens the door and…

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    Wow bae the episode was on fire ? today…. Loved the fight scenes. Looks like that I was watching an film. It was an amazing experience….(i knw its nuts) but I just love the negative scenes and the villains…(not forever though) i mean that the adding of villain is the most interesting thing in a story…. I just loved it and can’t wait for the other kriyam scenes….??

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      Yeah villains are my hot favorites♥️♥️?

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    Wow hafsaa….nice episode..please update next asap…I am a silent reader here I am commenting for the first time..

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    Nice one..I guess dat mad madhavan has kidnapped simmu!! Phsycopath kahi ka!!

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  13. Sayyam’s entry was just so heroic and like a embodiment of the proverb – helping a damsel in distress. Awesome episode and fabulous depictions hafsaa.
    Your story is just stupendous. The episode was truly burning at temperatures of the sun…

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