K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 35

The DNA report from saiyyam’s hand falls as he is stood shocked.He was white as chalk.His mouth and eyes were frozen open wide.

Saiyyam’s POV
It was as if the impact had knocked every wisp of air from my lungs, and I lay there struggling to inhale, to exhale, to do anything.My face fell faster than a corpse in cement boots. I lost all my sense.I couldn’t control my happiness.
Saiyyam-Simmu is my daughter? Omg omg omg,(He couldn’t breath) My daughter,my little princess (He jumps in excitement) My little girl,GOD I CANT THANK ?? My daughter,she’s my daughter,My daughter and Krishna’s.Krishna’s and my little baby girl?? but why did Krishna never told me about simmu ? I have full authority on simmu after all I’m her dad and Krishna is not her mother!!!HOW COULD KRISHNA KEEP ME AWAY FROM MY CHILD????SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO DO THAT
Saiyyam stormed out the house to question Krishna.
Scene shifts to madhna room
Krishna-I need to..
Madhavan-It from the hospital,hello? Yes We’ll be there
Madhavan-They need more blood,I’ll call Saiyyam
Krishna-Lets go

Scene shifts to hospital
Doctor-I’ll need more blood Mr. Saiyyam
Saiyyam-Take as much as blood from me or money,I’ll pay you anything but please
Doctor-We’ll try our best sir
Saiyyam went near simmu and placed his hand over her cheeks.His moved his hand down simmu’s silky brown hair that felt exactly like Krishna’s.
Saiyyam-I wouldn’t let anything happen to you
Saiyyam held Krishna’s hand and took her to another room
Krishna-Saiyyam,what are you doing?
Saiyyam-You tell me what are you doing
Krishna-What do you mean
Saiyyam-You hide from me that simmu is my daughter
Krishna-You kno..
Krishna-Me? Aren’t you Shame of yourself? HOW COULD YOU NOT IDENTIFY YOUR OWN CHILD,The day you kicked me out,YOU COULD HAVE ONCE LISTENED ME,ONLY ONCE SAIYYAM(she broke down) I WAS PREGNANT ? I was pregnant with simmu (one by one storm of tears fall down her cheek)
Saiyyam-How could I know that you were pregnant
Krishna-How could you right ? Huh? You didn’t listen to me once,I tried my best to speak up but YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME A SINGLE CHANCE.(while wiping her tears) And I have decided you have no right over me or my daughter

Krishna-Few hours ago you didn’t even knew that you even had a daughter,and now my daughter is facing all this.You were never here so please leave us alone
Saiyyam-I did that mistake once not again,I am here only for my daughter
Saiyyam went near Krishna and picked her up
Saiyyam-We will make it through this,I promise
Krishna tugged her wet face into saiyyam’s chest,Saiyyam hugged her tight and comforted her
Madhavan was watching all from the door,he was burning in jealous,he sure was a loyal guy but while living with Krishna somehow he had fallen for Krishna.Krishna was so easy to fall for,she had the perfect amount of beauty,innocence,that could make anyone fall for her even a guy like Saiyyam
Madhavan-No Krishna,I would not let you go back to Saiyyam
Madhavan makes a call..
Madhavan-Hello,I want you do something for me
Scene shifts and it’s night
Saiyyam-Go to sleep Krishna,I am here
Krishna-No I am good

Saiyyam-Krishna,you need sleep
Krishna-You too
While their cute little fighting they slept,Saiyyam slept on the left side of Simmu while Krishna slept on the right,they both held each hand of simmu,Madhavan watches this.
Madhavan-Krishna,I LOVE YOU
He hits his fist on the wall cause it to bleed,he looks the bleeding blood and then at Krishna

Madhavan-Forget about Saiyyam
Holding her tighter while pulling her closer
Krishna-I can’t ?
Madhavan-WHY CANT YOU ?

-sorry guys ik it’s a short update but I am really busy these days,I’ll try to upload more-

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  1. Good epi next epi upload

    1. Hafsaaa

      Its submitted

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    I was waiting for the episode for such a long time. Woah… Simmu is Kriyam’s daughter.. .Yipeee, well looks like Madhavan is turning into a psycho…. Anyways… As u usual u rocked the episode Hafsaa….. The dialogues and details were amazing. I just loved the episode from core…. Now lets just wait and watch…. The next…. And yeah the precap is really interesting…. Keep going…

    1. Hafsaaa


  3. Aww finally Krishna confessed her love but again to the wrong person

  4. Nice twist

  5. Omg now madhavan is a villain.please try to update next part asap

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      Yes I will ?

  6. This psycho??? he need to get a life

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      Like you ????

  7. Amazingly awesome. The story was beyond the ordinary. The way you gave the revelations was just stupendous. The holi night changed their lives for sure. I am bound to think that how would their life be now if sayyam had a bit of patience and could subside his anger.
    My fingers are frozen just like sayyam holding the dna reports. It was beyond the mortal thoughts of mine. Your story is just…
    No words hafsaa. You are great.

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thank you si much shivani ??❣️❣️

  8. Omg now madhavan is a villain. Oh god plz try to update next part asap

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      Yes he is❣️??

  9. Amazing episode which worte by amazing writer. Loved it

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      Aww thank you?

  10. Please post soon? This twist is amazing

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      The next one is submitted

  11. Aarti32

    Saiyyam’s reaction on knowing d DNA results..It was so cute!!
    But dis madhavan?? pshyco

    1. Hafsaaa

      Saiyyam is the cutest ❣️? Too many psychos ??

  12. Saiyyam baby is so cute ??

  13. Aaravjaikar

    Love it…. keep posting…

  14. Awesome episode

  15. So in love with your ff please post more

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      It really means a lot ??

  16. Ahhhhh I hate that madhavan?your story line is so good?

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