K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 34

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•

Simmu was laying in the road unconscious.Blood was splashed all over the place
Madhavan-I’m calling the doctor
Krishna-(taking simmu in her arms) meri Jaan,what have you done?
Madhavan-How are we gonna take her to the hospital?
Krishna-Call saiyyam
Madhavan-Saiyyam? Why would he com..
Krishna-He will,just call
Madhavan-Hello?Saiyyam,[Explains him the whole situation]
Saiyyam-I am coming
When saiyyam reached the scene.Krishna ran up to him
Krishna-Saiyyam,hurry up
Saiyyam-yeah,come on
Saiyyam sat on the front seat while Krishna took simmu in her arms and Madhavan sat next to her,giving her a shoulder,seeing their closeness,Saiyyam looks away.They soon reach the hospital.The doctors takes simmu in the emergency room.?

Madhavan-I’ll go and pay the bills
As Madhavan leaves Krishna falls down sobbing,Saiyyam ran to Krishna to console her
Krishna-I’ll die if simmu dies (hugging Saiyyam tight)
Saiyyam-I won’t let anything happen to you and simmu(while kissing her forehead)
Madhavan comes back in the scene but somehow his heart burns seeing Krishna in saiyyam’s arms.A doctor enters the scene.
Doctor-Who is simmu’s father,(looking towards saiyyam and Madhavan) I need his blood
Saiyyam-Madhavan,you go and give blood
Krishna-(while stepping up) no saiyyam,you give blood
Krishna-hurry up

Saiyyam lay down on the bed(idk what it’s called) to give blood,Krishna stood next to him,the nurse inserted the needle.
Saiyyam hold Krishna’s hand,Krishna looks into saiyyam’s eyes and then looked at the door,Madhavan was standing.She quickly let go of saiyyam’s hand and went up to him
Krishna-(while hugging him) I just want simmu to be okay
Madhavan- me too Krishna,after all she’s my daughter

Scene fades
While saiyyam was lying for the blood process,he looks over to simmu,
[saiyyam thinking:she had the innocence of Krishna,however I was kinda confusing,no looks of simmu matched Madhavan,she looked more like…no no what am I thinking,but can it be true?]
Saiyyam takes out his phone from his pocket and makes a call
Doctor-The girl is fine now,you can meet her
Krishna-go Madhavan

Madhavan-No,both of us(holding her hand)
They leaves as saiyyam is shown crying
Saiyyam-Why Krishna? Why are you doing this to me?
Scene then takes place in saiyyam’s room
Saiyyam was shown drinking,one after another.
Saiyyam-I didn’t knew why I would get jealous seeing you and ram together,but I understand,Now I can’t see you and Madhavan together,I just can’t.My whole body starts to burn when I see you two together,please whatever I am thinking about you and Madhavan,may not be true.I LOVE YOU KRISHNA,I LOVE YOU SO MUUCH?? PLEASE COME BACK TO ME (He breaks the glass and gets a cut on his hand)
Scene changes to madhna room
Madhavan-I can’t never thank you for what you have done for me.I trust you more than I trust myself.
Krishna-I don’t want to break your trust but i want to tell you something about

Scene shifts to saiyyam’s banglo
There was a knock on his door and he opens the where a man was standing in blue
Man-Here,the DNA report of simmu
As saiyyam opens the file his expression changes
The screen splits where Krishna is about to tell Madhavan something and saiyyam opening the DNA report of simmu

Krishna-Me? Aren’t you Shame of yourself? HOW COULD YOU NOT IDENTIFY YOUR OWN CHILD
(While Madhavan watches all this from the door,{Madhavan thinking-Krishna,I wouldn’t let you go back,EVER})

-Guys I would like you’ll to look back at episode 29 & 18-

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  1. Today epi good but very short next uplod fast

    1. Hafsaaa

      I will as soon as my test finishes

  2. I knew it!! I love drunk saiyyam as he always says truth in that form.. I wish that madhavn understands fast that krishna is only saiyyam ‘s & she only loves him the most…simmu will change thier lives when he gets to know or already knows that she is his daughter…would love to see father- daughter bond and kriyyam moments too…loved the epi.. 🙂

    1. Hafsaaa

      Hehee yeah♥️

  3. So amazing?awww she’s sayyam’s daughter❤but precap?that madhavan?

  4. It’s the holi night right?? They consummate that night ?????

    1. Hafsaaa

      Yeps ❤️

  5. Thank God simmu krishna and siyyam daughter. Am soo happy today. Loved it

  6. Awesome next post soon pls

    1. Hafsaaa

      Submitted ??

  7. Aarti32

    Ahhh!! Too much suspense.. But it’s getting really interesting..

  8. Fantabulous episode as always. Suspense and suspense and more suspense. You are immensely talented hafsaa. I just cant seem to understand how you manage to nail it with every episode.
    This was amazing and truly wonderful. The precap has left me well and truly baffled and gaping. This was surely a game-changer. Just awesome…

    1. Hafsaaa

      Aww it really means a lot shivani

  9. Nice episode…
    Waiting for next update

  10. Rockstr

    Awesome..it hs bcom too interesting..madhavans gona bcum the villain??
    Really cant wait fr the next part

    1. Hafsaaa

      Yeah ?❤️

  11. Wen krishnas was shot u skipped few scenes…maybe that’s wen they consummated..

    1. Hafsaaa

      Yeah did they ???

  12. Hey I’m late 2day because I have class so I need to go but I read now awsm already expected yesterday.keep gng

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      It’s okay bay??

  13. OMG how smart u r I got it, I read again that 29&18 episods.thats what Priya asked Krishna to tell sayyam on the day she was leaving am I right? And they r not in Sense on holy day omg omg .tell me am I right or not

    1. Hafsaaa

      ?? well wait for the next one then?

  14. Yaar this so good please upload the next one

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      I have submitted it ? It’s gonna get posted soon

  15. So good and very interesting

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      Thank you ??

  16. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow… Terrific episode hafsaa. I truly hv no words. U r surely. Game changer. And guess Madhav changes negative from cupid…and Simmy is kriyam baby. And I guess holy night was their consummation…am I right??? Can u plz update asap..

    1. Hafsaaa

      Hehe?? they madeout ?♥️♥️?

  17. Next updates plz fast 2to 3 epi olzz today

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      I will try ?

  18. Please post the next one

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      It’s submitted

  19. I do t want to be rude or anything bit I really feel krishna has lost it. Firstly she doesn’t tell saiyyam its their child and then she expects him to recognize his own child!? And what happened to ram? How come she blindly believed him and why doesn’t saiyyam tell her that ram is a cheater? Also how cam she just stay with another guy when saiyyam is trying his best to get her bit she is living with someone else!! I really feel you are showing Krishna very egoistic and rude.

    1. Hafsaaa

      There’s a different between rude and being angry.Just feel that if you were in place of Krishna,you started falling for Someone and you be pregnant,then that person kicks you out without even listening to you once,priya back then didn’t told Saiyyam that Krishna was pregnant so he wouldn’t know.krishna made it through her 9 months without husband and think about giving birth to your first child without your husband.I promise Krishna’s character will change as saiyyam apologizes,sorry but just once see what Krishna had went through and then look back at her changing character. ?

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