K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 30

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•

I would like it give a big shoutout to Hiba for allowing me to use your edits,they are beautiful,thank you so much ❤️
You guys can follow her fan account on IG @Kriyamuniverse
A tall man in about his late 20s placed his hand over Krishna’s shoulder
Madhavan-(While picking up the little girl) Simmu {My Simmu please comment down below,this character is only for you😘} beta you go and play,mama and papa needs to talk
Simmu leaves with her Barbie doll leaving Madhavan and Krishna alone ,Madhavan extends his hand and hold Krishna’s hand
Madhavan-Thank you so much for always being her for me
Krishna-No,thank you 😌

Madhavan hugs Krishna tight offering the comfort to her,asking if she wanted to share,Krishna hugged Madhavan back
-Scene shifts to airport-
A tall guy was shown,he wore a maroon colored vest shirt and a plain black pant,his sleeves were pulled showing his muscular arms.His rich chocolate hair that had tousled griminess which promised finesse. He got a sharp jawline,this time however his beard grew making him look more attractive then before,his pale skin made him look devilishly handsome.As he walked,few eyes were attractive by him.

Uncle-What a long time? I don’t understand why you want to start your business in jeypore? (That’s where Krishna is)😏
Saiyyam-A personal reason
Uncle-Okay,I’ll take your baggage and then we can go and eat
Saiyyam-Can I please go alone?
Uncle-As you wish
Saiyyam stopped his car and entered in,it was very colorful,the same way Krishna liked it,he sat down and ordered.Krishna was shown cooking😜
Krishna-Anu,please go and serve this
Anu-Sorry di,I have to leave it’s a family emergency plus there’s only one customer left.
Krishna-Okay you can go and take care

Krishna stepped forward towards her future,but trips over the table and falls over saiyyam
|benaam Rishta
Benaam Rishta Ho Bechian Karta Ja
Ho Na Sake jo beyan darmiyan|💫

Saiyyam’s POV
My heart stopped as each of her hair was getting swept,she had the samesculpted figure which was twine-thin.Filed to perfection, her Venus-red fingernails ran through her nougat-brown hair,not her hair only,but her heavy body moved away from me

Driver-Saiyyam baba?
Saiyyam turned around while Krishna wrapped her dupatta across her face and hide behind a pillar
Driver-What are you doing here sir?
Driver-Who? There’s not one here,let’s go
Saiyyam left the place as a salty tear rolled down her cheek,the rest followed in an unbroken stream.
Krishna-Sai..saiyyam 😭😩
-Scene shifts to saiyyam’s office-

Few girls were seated on a red sofa getting ready for their interview.A girl in pink short dress with heavy amount of makeup came in to the scene.
Girl-Have you seen our boss,man he’s danm hot
Another girl-Yeah,most likely he would have a girlfriend
Girl-No,I researched he’s single

Sonia-Not anymore😏😏
Sonia entered saiyyam’s cabin where he was working on his laptop looking eva hot🔥
She went near saiyyam and pretend to fall over saiyyam.they had an eyelock which was broken by saiyyam in seconds
Saiyyam anger was dangerous,it was hot as lava but turns into melted ice when it comes to Krishna.He took out his phone and look at a picture of Krishna on his lock screen.suddenly the door opens

Deepika-Sorry yaar,I just had to..(looks at Krishna’s photo) WOOOOOAH,saiyyam you said that you always stay away from girls and the war of love and I surly know that you don’t like losing so then who is she?
Saiyyam-War of love? I never lost nor I ever will but in this battle I was glad I lost,so she could win,so I could see the most beautiful smile appear on the pinkish cheeks ever existed
Deepika-Dude,you have to tell me who she is
Saiyyam-My wife
Saiyyam-Yeah,Krishna saiyyam birla,but she is kinda mad at me but I’ll make everything better again
Deepika-Sure you will,you love so much,don’t you?

Saiyyam-More than anything in this world
Scene shifts to Madhavan’s house
Madhavan-Krishna,you okay?
Krishna-Yeah don’t worry,I was thinking that we should give simmu more time
Madhavan-We will ❤️ but right now you need to get ready

Madhavan-My house threw a welcoming party for all workers
Krishna-But why..
Madhavan places his finger over Krishna’s soft,nectar sweet lips.
Madhavan-Sssshh,you’re a part of me
Suddenly Madhavan gets a call and leaves the room
Krishna-I will always give you my best but one part of me will always be somewhere else

Saiyyam-Are you coming the party?

Madhavan-Yes,boss as the scene fades

Saiyyam-You won’t mind taking my hand again would you?
Krishna looks stare into saiyyam deep,warm,cinnamon eyes
|Music plays at the background|❣️


  1. Somi

    OMG really really damn gud .I’m falling for your ff day by day little harder dear.u have very gud writing skills.i very much excited for future story

  2. shailaja banthia

    please its an request tht plz fast tjis twist plz finish it fast a humble request from one of ur fan

  3. shivani

    This has loads of suspense hafsaa. I think you should change the genre from fanfiction to suspense thriller.
    Its fantastic. All the emotions, dialogues and actions were wonderful. Awesome episode.
    Cant wait for madhavan to know about krishna’s past and the steps to be taken by sayyam in order to win his soulmate back. Superb piece of art..

  4. Kudrat

    Hello di,
    how r u?
    sorry sorry sorry……… Sorry di,
    heartfeel sorry di for not cmt past few episodes..
    please di please forgive ur li’l sister..

    di u r such a WONDERFUL writes..
    I like ur ff twist nd turns..
    di thanku so much for wrintin or updating SUPERB ff or episodes…
    eagrly wating for next episode…
    try to update soon..
    bye bye..
    take care..

  5. Dinu

    WWhttt? Is Krishna married 2 madhavan.oh noooooooo and who is dis madhavan. I hate him.how dare he touch Krishna. She is only sayyam’s.btw breathtaking epi.bt loved it dr.waiting eagerly 4 d nxt ep .plz post soon .bye tc

  6. AnahitaAnnie


    |Registered Member

    am already dead due to.suspense. i agree with Shivani its a thriller ff and suspense is 😘. Loved the episode from core. Lets see what happens next…. As always u nailed it….😍

  7. Isha

    Kabab mein haddi banjayega madhavan…when he will get to know that krishna is saiyyam ‘s wife he will be hell shocked and saiyyam gets to know that she lives wid madhavan he is going to burn…plz reunite them… super epi too

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