K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 29

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Saiyyam-because(he jerked off Krishna’s and went towards yuvaani) ma,you know the reason why arjun isn’t with us today,why we can’t be one great family again,the happy family we used to be,only ONLY BECAUSE OF KRISHNA

Saiyyam-Yes ma,Our Arjun,whom we dearly loved died,all because of Krishna
Yuvaani-What are you saying?
Saiyyam-Di,arjun suicided because of bullying in his collage and with him,there was Krishna there too,she didn’t even stepped up to help him,why? Huh? How could you?
Saiyyam-No Krishna,I HATE YOU
Yuvaani-How could you?

Krishna-No di let me explain..
Without leaving any chance suhani slapped Krishna hard (FYI you guys know how suhani is,even in the show,always slapping saiyyam,however this time it was Krishna)😂😅while ram smiled.Saiyyam looked away and priya ran to Krishna

Priya-Aunty,once listen to Krishna.
Suhani-No priya,not this time,Krishna please leave from here now.
-Kriyam room-
Krishna was packing her back while saiyyam watching her from the door,yuvaan places his hand on saiyyam’s shoulder

Yuvaan-How can you be so sure about this?
Saiyyam-I am
Yuvaan-Then why don’t you feel happy to know that Krishna is leaving? Is there something she should know?
-Inside the room-
Priya-Krishna,please don’t leave

Krishna-I have to
Priya-You need tell saiyyam the truth and your feelings or I’ll be too late
Krishna-It is already too late,di
Krishna takes off her mangalsutra and walks up to saiyyam,while he looks away,she hands him the mangalsutra and leaves
{Krishna thinking:You will make me wear this mangalsutra with all the rights}
-Few hours later-
Even though saiyyam wanted Krishna to leave,hurt her,but he just couldn’t feel relaxed,somewhat he wanted Krishna back and the other half wanted to know if Krishna was safe or not.He was pacing back and forth in his room when priya walks in..
Priya-I want to tell you something…

Saiyyam expressions changes as the words came out of priya’s mouth but all, the dialogues were silent (which is suspense).Saiyyam fall down to his knees
Saiyyam-What did I did bhabi?
Priya-It isn’t too late,Go!!

Saiyyam got up and ran {thinking:I am coming Krishna,to make you mine forever} As he leaves ram was shown smiling {Thinking:Oh saiyyam,if she couldn’t be mine then how could be yours?}
Saiyyam stopped his Mercedes at the train station and ran,looking at each corner to corner,asking people for Krishna(he showed a picture of Krishna from the engagement ceremony of privan)
Train conductor-Oh sorry,but the train she was in has left
Train conductor-Well we can’t tell that
Train conductor-Sorry it’s against our rules

The scene fades as it takes a leap
2 Years of leap
A little girl saw shown with a doll in her hand
Little girl-Mama mama
A girl about a age of 23-24 was shown,she was wearing a black shalwar kameez,and dupatta neatly spread across her chest.She was wearing red as blood bangles on her fair hands,she was ever beautiful;She looked married as a long mangalsutra gently settle down her check as he turned around.
She was none other than KRISHNA

The screen freezes there…

Krishna trips over the table and falls over saiyyam
|enaam Rishta
Benaam Rishta Ho Bechian Karta Ja
Ho Na Sake darmiyan|💫

-Sorry guys the precap isn’t as descriptive-
I just wanted to spread a message.There are about 6 deaths per day cause by suiciding and half of them are because of bullying,even living in a country like USA,I have seen many kids getting bullied,maybe not in my school but elsewhere,However we chose to stay silent in situations like these,but when it happens to us of someone we love,we blame others to why they didn’t took action,but what about us,didn’t we did the same.There are many examples of famous celebrities whom we know that were bullied like Taylor swift,but we are not aware of those who gave up.Sorry for being over but just wanted to spread this message
-Comment down of you are excited for the next one and no this would not be a dream because I don’t make dreams beautiful😂 I believe if you have the potential to make your dream into reality and reality of your choice then there’s no need to of dream-🖤


  1. Zani Saleem

    Yeah this bullying is a big shit😕Ahhh but the twist in this eepisode❤I’m dead after reading this😃😄I’m typing from grave😂😂hehe just joking..what a twist😃

  2. AnahitaAnnie


    |Registered Member

    Wait krishna was pregnant… Another suspense. Oh Saiyyam plz tell us what u learned about…..anyways fantastic episode… By the way sorry but could u plz tell who is Arjun? Precap seems interesting. U rocked the episode Hafsaa…..

  3. Faaizah

    Suspense,suspense and suspense, ur FF’s are so amazing, i have no words to describe how good it is, coming towards the bullying part, it happens alot here in Australia, its awful to see children go through all that, anyways cant wait for ur next update

  4. shivani

    This episode is like a bolt from the blue right now. Facts highlighted in this chapter could not be thought about at all. This is a life-changing episode in kriyam’s life and a great one in this story. Its an absolutely fantastic one hafsaa…
    Too good

  5. shivani

    I am 100% sure that priya indicated to sayyam how much krishna loved him making him realise his mistake. And who is the father of this child?
    Ram ( not sayyam its impossible) or has krishna adopted a child?
    Too much suspense and intensely emotional hafsaa.
    Kudos to you…

  6. Richa shah

    Next epi upload plz next 2epi upload fast your writing very good waiting for the next epi plzzz fast

  7. asia

    I think this is my first time to comment here. I simply loved ur suspense . U r amazing writer . I think all writer who is written about kriyam is beyond my imagination.keep rocking gya. Just want to say we love u all relly i mean it.

  8. Dinu

    OMG!!! I’m usually a silent reader of dis ff.bt dis epi make me comment.hope Krishna married 2 sayyam. Sry dr i’m late coz I was in clz

  9. Isha

    Good episode and a good lesson through this chapter..Bullying is a really bad thing actually here in India its called ragging and many deaths also took place..

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