K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 26

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
OMG GUYS KRIYAM CONFESSION WAS SO DANM GORGEOUS.THOUGH THE MAKERS JUST RUSHED IT AND NOW KRISHNA GET PREGNANT.tbh it’s too early but saiyyam sure love Krishna ally cause it was kriyam first night and boom Krishna will be pregnant,chill saiyyam itna pyaar ??? #Kriyam
Krishna was about to pick up the picture when…
Krishna-Ji aunty
Suhani-I have something for you,come with me
Krishna-But aunty…
As soon as suhani and Krishna left,saiyyam quickly picked the picture up.
Saiyyam-(Looing at the picture) Why,why did Krishna had to do this,why couldn’t everything be perfect.

-Kriyam room-
Krishna opened her treasure box,she took out few papers from it.She went towards the kitchen and brings a lighter.
Krishna-(Looking towards the papers) there’s no need to these papers in my life,why did you gave your life for me? You knew the reason why I couldn’t help you but that didn’t meant to gave up….
Everyone was at the dinner table,like usually women were serving while men rested with suhani..
Priya felt weird,she felt like the world was spinning and she was in the center of it,more like a tornado.she ran.
Krishna-I’m coming
She also ran to the restroom to find priya vomiting…Krishna smiled.
Krishna-Di,I’m gonna be a aunt
She helped priya and then hugged her tight,everyone was waiting for them
Yuvaan-(going up to priya) What happened??
Krishna-Jeju,congrats you’re gonna be a father
Yuvaan-Kya? ??

Everyone congrats priya and all the women went towards her room for “women talk”
,Saiyyam was about to leave when yuvaan held his hand..
Yuvaan-So when are you planning to start a family????
Yuvaan-Oh come,you wanted to marry Krishna,means you’re happy
Saiyyam-Its nothing like that
Yuvaan-So you don’t like Krishna?
Saiyyam wasn’t sure what to answer,maybe he didn’t knew how to explain or express his feelings towards Krishna,Saiyyam left from there in thoughts of Krishna,he moves towards his room as she spots Krishna laughing and giggling with priya,he just can’t help,but stare the at most attractive face he ever seen

Saiyyam POV
she smiled, just a little smile at first, but as it grew it pressed her rosy cheeks up and slowly reveled her teeth, like a perfect Pearl necklace.her smile was like a bleak and rainy day,but then the sun came over the horizon, shining it’s beautiful rays up into the sky.I couldn’t believe that I was doing this,but I was.Suddenly I felt heavy weight on my shoulder,I slowly turned around,more with fear of being caught.
Yuvaani-What are you doing here?
Saiyyam-Umm nothing
Yuvaani-Were you staring at Krishna?
Yuvaani-Chill,she’s your wife,it’s okay
Saiyyam left the scene but Krishna was still stuck in my mind or I would say heart..He hears footsteps..”t..tt..t.t.tt..”
Saiyyam-Krishna..,I wa..
There was no Krishna but ram,someone he wanted to kill….
Ram-Huh? Krishna is no interested in you boy,she always loved me and will
Saiyyam-I don’t care{but he certainly did} and this is my room so get out of here..

-Suhani’s room-
Tomorrow’s your birthday beta, you will always remain within our heart……
-Kriyam room-
Krishna was getting ready for bedroom,when saiyyam pulled her towards him…
Saiyyam- sssshhs(while placing his fingers on Krishna’s lips) You’re beautiful
His words makes Krishna blush uncontrollably…but saiyyam threw Krishna on the bed with a slam….
Saiyyam-You thought I could ever say that,I feel disgusted by you,you an’t getting anything,nor the pillow nor the blanket (saiyyam threw the blanket and looked directly into Krishna’s eyes)
Krishna-(sobbing) Why are you doing this??
Saiyyam-(walking away) you know that better….
Krishna lay down her bed in thoughts of saiyyam..
Krishna-(thinking)Why is he doing this,can’t we just fix everything,even I am ready then what’s the problem with him
Saiyyam-(thinking) you will never know my problem,ever…

Preparations were happening in birla mansion,Krishna got ready and headed downstairs..
Krishna-What’s happening?
Kaka-You’ll find out soon (while placing a picture)
Krishna ignore the happenings as she turned around.she paused for a second.She then turned around again and was shock to see the picture
Krishna-Aaa..arjun? ?

Krishna picked up the towel and went towards saiyyam,accidentally she tripped
Krishna misbalances and falls over saiyyam
Saiyyam pushes Krishna away from him and quickly wraps the towel around him
Saiyyam-Krishna,what are you doing,my towel..umm (blushing,more in a cute way) ?

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