K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 25

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Thank you guys,you’ll don’t know how much your support mean,I am a beginner so my ff isn’t that good like shaani’s or anahitaannie’s..sorry guys I am writing short updates because of school,AP stress and all but I’ll try to write more ♥️♥️

There stand yuvaani in a bridal wear,a long mangalsutra around her neck,sindoor down her hairline,ram was dressed as the groom
Saiyyam stepped forward with Krishna,he couldn’t believe his eyes,neither could Krishna,the man she was about to exposed was here in front of her eyes yet she couldn’t say anything,why? Only because he was now a birla,he was married to yuvaani,but how??
Saiyyam-Ma,what is this? Ram and yuvaani?
Yuvaani-I took this decision
Saiyyam ran to his room with anger in his eyes,followed by Krishna,while ram smiles mischievously..

-Kriyam room-
Saiyyam-How could yuvaani do this? I will kill this ram!!
Krishna-Saiyyam,wait.He’s now yuvaani’s husband
Saiyyam-Like you wanted that
Krishna-What do you mean?
Saiyyam-(while placing his both hands gently into his pant’s pockets) Oh come on Krishna,I know ram is your ex lover,listen I don’t want your and his lovestory here,this is my house and he’s my sister’s husband (With that he leaves the room)
Krishna-(Thinks-Saiyyam,You will never understand me)

Krishna was preparing milk for saiyyam when she hears footsteps coming towards the kitchen..
Krishna-(without looking) Saiyyam,your milk is ready
Ram-Oh really?
Ram-Of course,saiyyam will never be there for you
Krishna-No matter how shiny you make a rock,it will never have the same shine as gold.

Krishna was about to leave with the glass of milk when ram holds her hand..
Ram-Krishna,I know you still love me
Unfortunately or fortunately saiyyam was witnessing everything from the door,he could have stayed few minutes for Krishna’s reply but no,he could see her with ram,never.
Krishna-(jerks his hand off) Lets leave the past within the past,move on
She left the kitchen,somewhat she was feeling proud that she told what she wanted to ram,now the challenge was to tell saiyyam,what she wanted to.

~Scene shifts to kriyam room~
Saiyyam was pacing back and forth in anger.He hits his hand on the glass table and his hand cuts,Blood with anger,red and firing,rushing down his thumb.
She quickly places the glass on the table,brings him to the bed and aids his wound..
Small POV
Saiyyam looks at her,how fake can she be,why is she acting so much.He jerks his hand.
Krishna-Saiyyam,I need to aid it or else..
Saiyyam-Stop.Krishna,I’ll manage,you just stay away from me
Krishna-If that was so than why did you marry me?
Saiyyam-You really wanna know???
Saiyyam pinned Krishna to the wall

Krishna POV
His breath was hot as lava,but painful,his eyes had more pain than anger.His’s tense muscles,baring teeths,was just a way to distract me from the truth,something was bothering him.He was shaking as he held my shoulders,Fire in the form of water stung his nut brown eyes, threatening their attack. He crunched his teeth over his lip harder than he ever had or I had ever seen,Salty blood filled his mouth.

Ram pushes Saiyyam on one side and Krishna on the opposite
Ram-How could you do such a thing with Krishna
Saiyyam-oh please,stay out of this,it’s the matter between husband and wife
Ram-From which angle are you and Krishna,husband and wife,she didn’t even agreed to this marriage
Krishna-Saiyyam is right,we will sort this out,we don’t want strangers getting into our personal business

-Scene shifts to yuvaani’s room-
Yuvaani-What took you so long? Did you finished your work?
Ram-(while hugging her) I will sooon…

-Back in kriyam room-
Saiyyam-Tell your lovers to stay out of my room and life…
He walks to his bed and slowly falls asleep..Krishna looks over at him,How could she tell saiyyam her unknown feelings she wasn’t aware of,how those feeling suddenly erupted…she looks at the stars and thinks
{Krishna:Papa,you said the you will always be with me,please help me through this}

(Sorry guys I’m taking scenes too quick for a reason)??
Krishna wakes up to find saiyyam nowhere,she wanted to apologize to him because of ram.She got ready in her maroon shalwar kameez and headed downstairs.
Krishna-Kaka,where’s everyone?
Kaka-Everyone went to the mandir expect ram,yuvaani and priya
Krishna-Is there anything important today?
Saiyyam-Nun of your business

Krishna-(walking up to saiyyam) I was just..
Saiyyam-Stay out of our business please,is that too complicated to understand,ms Krishna?
[He walks pass Krishna towards his room as he puts something in his pocket,suddenly it slips and falls on the floor near Krishna,it was a picture,but facing downwards,a picture of whom? Krishna bends to pick up the picture and the screen freezes there]

Krishna was getting ready for bedroom,when saiyyam pulled her towards him…
Saiyyam- sssshhs(while placing his fingers on Krishna’s lips) You’re beautiful
His words makes Krishna blush uncontrollably…but??

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