K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 24

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Kriyam reaches HKS company,they get shock to know that there’s no place like that,there were some people…
Saiyyam-Ummm where can we find the person who used own this place
Person-Oh he’s here right now,he’s in that room across the hallway
Saiyyam-Come Krishna,we need to get over this thing,I don’t know why I am getting weird feelings
Krishna-Maybe you’re wrong about ram
Saiyyam-Oh please,maybe it’s the best decision I have have made so far
As the kriyam entered the room,shocked to see that there was no one there,moreover,there wasn’t a office where someone would be but it was the freezer,suddenly the door behind Krishna bangs
Saiyyam-KRISHNA!! Are you okay?
Krishna-Yeah,but the door
Saiyyam-Move(while trying to open the door) danmit I knew it,I just knew it,this was just a way to trap us from letting us not find about ram
Krishna-What are we gonna do now? HELP HELP
Saiyyam pinned Krishna to the wall and covered her mouth,he could feel her hot breath,sense that was scared,but he knew better,she was safe,safe till he was with her..
Saiyyam-Shut up Krishna,are you kidding me,what if someone informs ram that we are here trying to find about him
Krishna jerks saiyyam’s hand off mouth and pushed him away..
Krishna-He will,sooner or later,but we need to get out of here right now

Saiyyam POV
She was trying to hide it but I could sense it that she was cold,cold licked at her face and crept under her clothes, spreading across her skin like the lacy tide on a frigid winter beach.with purple lips tinged with blue and gently chattering teeth she wrapped her net dupatta around her tighter.I moved closer,maybe I wanted to comfort her,her disturbed face didn’t satisfied me at all,never did,never will.

Krishna POV
The biting cold chilled his fingers into clumsy numbness, cold seeped into his toes and spread painfully throughout his feet as if it were his bare feet on the pristine icy whiteness rather than sneakers. His lips turned a more blueish hue and his teeth chattered like a pneumatic drill.as he moved closer,his warmth,the one you would get when your mother tug you in bed and kiss you good night,followed him towards my way.i saw him,he took off his amber jacket and offered me,I didn’t knew why but that jacket changed everything,that moment I looked into those deep beige eyes and everything changed,my heart,soul,all froze.They all witnessing the same weird feeling,it felt weird,It feels as though someone’s given me peace. It feels as though my heart is dancing around my chest; and a hole, I was never aware was there, has been filled. I feel so light, like I’m on top of the world yet my heart is constricting and it feels as if there’s no oxygen in my lungs.its strange-even frightening-but if your reality seems like a dream than imagine how beautiful dreams would be that nightmares could never interfere,it would be just you and the other person,surprisingly it was saiyyam,he came closer and offered me his jacket,maybe he was offering me his life,I nodded,and he understood,I couldn’t make any movement at that moment,all I could do was stare into those cinnamon eyes,he wrapped his jacket around me,it felt like I was safe,home,I wanted this feeling forever but the door behind open,standing a man.
Man-Sorry sir,you can’t be here
Saiyyam-nor we want to,(saiyyam melt his strong hands into Krishna’s weak ones,allowing them to get up and be strong) let’s go
As kriyam left the place,Krishna saw what she need,there stand riyaa,more shocking that riyaa was saying that she was “Mrs. ram Jaykar”,I looked at her husband,saiyyam,tighter the grip and left
-Kriyam room-
Saiyyam-I’ll sleep on the sofa
Krishna-No saiyyam
Krishna-Yeah,we both are going to sleep on the bed
Saiyyam-What are you saying? Look..
Krishna-I am building a pillow wall,don’t worry
Krishna made the pillow wall as saiyyam lay on the left and Krishna on the right,saiyyam faced opposite Krishna and soon fall asleep…Krishna looked at saiyyam sleeping peacefully
Krishna thinking: I’ll replace this wall with my love…..
Saiyyam woke up to find Krishna packing their bags…
Saiyyam-Why are you packing our bag?
Krishna-Because we are leaving today.
Saiyyam-Why we haven’t..
Krishna-I found out what I needed to know,come on saiyyam we need to leave now
[Scene jumps to Mumbai]
-Birla mansion-
As kriyam enters the house,saiyyam’s bag falls from his hand…
Saiyyam-What is this?????

Ram-Of course,saiyyam will never be there for you
Krishna-No matter how shiny you make a rock,it will never have the same shine as gold.
Krishna was about to leave with the glass of milk when ram holds her hand..
Ram-Krishna,I know you still love me
Unfortunately or fortunately saiyyam was witnessing everything from the door

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