K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 23

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Kriyam reaches Kerala…They decides to in a hotel instead of a friend’s house so no one will know that they are in Kerala
Saiyyam- Okay I need two rooms
receptionist-Sorry sir,we don’t have any rooms left
Saiyyam-But how?

receptionist-Its holiday season but we have a honeymoon package that is available,would you like to have that?
Saiyyam-Okay then give me two of those receptionist-Sorry sir,we only have one left,plus you guys look husband and wife,it wouldn’t be a problem living in the same room,our rooms have all the facilities,like big beds and large bathrooms
Saiyyam and Krishna look at each other

Krishna-(cutting over saiyyam) we’ll manage,thank you,come on saiyyam
While walking towards their room…
Saiyyam- I can’t sleep with you,you’re not my type
Krishna-I am not interested either,and if you weren’t interested in me then why did you married me?

Saiyyam-Stop arguing!(While opening the door of the room) Whaatt??
Krishna-I didn’t expected this
The whole was fully decorated,there were candles burning,the bed looked beautiful especially because there were rose petals,maybe the room was couples excited for their honeymoon unlike kriyam
Saiyyam-I can’t live here, it’s too much for us
Krishna-Saiyyam,Just manage
-Scene shifts to birla mansion-

Yuvaani and all were shown in white clothes
Yuvaan-Ma,is this right? Just…
Suhani-This is all for yuvaani
Yuvaani was crying heavily,suhani went near her to give a shoulder
Suhani-If arjun or saiyam was here,would they be happy seeing you like this?
Yuvaani-Ma,I loved Karan so much,I can’t love someone expect him
Suhani-I know beta,everyone is afraid of dark until he see the light,get yourself together again and give someone a chance,maybe not that place but atleast somewhere near it
Yuvaani-Okay ma
Priya upper her gaze,shocked to see,ram and kushi
Kushi-Yuvaani beta,everything will be okay
Ram went near yuvaani and wiped her tears
Ram-You’re not alone,I am here

-Scene shifts to Kerala-
Krishna was unpacking her clothes while saiyyam was busy on his laptop
Saiyyam-We need to start our investigation from my friend’s house,he says that he has caught the goons from the other day (FYKI,saiyyam’s friend is a police officer)
Saiyyam-That means we need to sleep
Krishna-Then lets sleep

Saiyyam-Uff Krishna,impossible
Saiyyam grabbed his blanket and pillow
Saiyyam-I’ll sleep on the sofa today,good night
Krishna-Good night?

-Back in birla mansion-
Ram was in yuvaani’s room,they were having the normal chitchats when suhani and yuvaan came by yuvaani’s room door…
Suhani-Will this be a good decision?
Yuvaan-I think so ma,maybe it’s time


Kriyam woke up and headed towards saiyyam’s friend place
Saiyyam-Yaar after a long time huh?
aditya-Hey saiyyam,I got all the information,wait is she your wife? (Looking towards Krishna)
Krishna-Krishna saiyyam birla
aditya-Waaa saiyyam,bhabhi is so beautiful,looks like saiyyam finally found his “ms perfection”
Saiyyam-Can we focus on work now?
aditya-Okay baba,The goon statements clearly explains that ram jaykar is behind all this,but they most shocking part is that he has been living different places with different identities.

Saiyyam-I knew it
aditya-Saiyyam,also he has a wife
Krishna-(chokes) Wi..wife?
aditya-Ji bhabi,saiyyam I can only help you till here but one more thing,go to HKS company,that’s where ram used to work
Saiyyam-Thanks yaar for your help,bye
Krishna-Saiyyam do you trust everything he says
Saiyyam-We got no other option,lets go

Krishna jerks saiyyam’s hand off mouth and pushed him away..
Saiyyam POV
She was trying to hide it but I could sense it that she was cold,cold licked at her face and crept under her clothes, spreading across her skin like the lacy tide on a frigid winter beach.


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  10. Nice episode.. I hate ram… Who the hell is he yaar.. He is married.. N he is now eyeing at Yuvaani… Idiot ram..
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