K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 22

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
All ran to yuvaani…
Yuvaan-What happened
Yuvaani-(crying) Ka…ka..karan
Suhani-What happened to Karan?
Yuvaani-Karan is no more ma,he’s dead?
-Scene fades-
Somewhat Saiyyam knew that Karan was gonna die or maybe he just disliked him,he was unaffected by his death
Saiyyam-(On phone) Are you sure?…Okay
Krishna-What happened?
Saiyyam-Woh…I don’t why but I think I know who wanted to kidnap you
Krishna -Are you lost it? Ram? Why would he do it? He loves me so much
Saiyyam-Love? Whatever
Krishna-(low voice)Saiyyam,Are you telling truth?
Saiyyam-I don’t care if you believe me or not but I’ll find it out
Krishna-You will do all this for me?
Saiyyam-Never(he disconnected the eye contact) I am doing all this for priya bhabi
Krishna-Sure you are,I wanna help you
Saiyyam-No,why,Its too dangerous
Krishna-Don’t worry I’ll be safe
Saiyyam-And how come you’re so sure about that?
Krishna-Because you are here
Saiyyam somehow blushes,yes I really me blushing,his ego,anger,desire for revenge,was nothing in front of Krishna’s words.His cheeks glowed up,causing a deep mixer of pink and red taking over his plain,dry cheeks.
Saiyyam-I have..something to do
Scene shifts to a man talking on the phone
Person-How did she left?
Goon- but boss a guy and…
Person-I gave you guys money and you..(he slams the phone and it make a bang on the floor)
Person-Shit..shit..I can’t trust saiyyam,he might find about me,he might find that I am staying here,I need to leave from here and fly to Mumbai,I need to focus on yuvaani right now
-Scene shifts to suhani’s room-
Suhani-I am sacred bout yuvaani
Yuvaani-Its okay ma,doctor says this happens
Suhani-but beta it’s happening since karan left us

2 years ago,it was a stormy night,a red Ford Fusion was shown..
Yuvaani-Drive slow please
Karan-Oh come on yuvaani
Yuvaani-Please Karan,This can cause harm to our kid
Karan-(while touching yuvaani’s womb) I will protect you and our baby till my last breath..
They had a eyelock but it was broken by yuvaani,she looked towards the car windshield and “BANG” A bright light covered the whole scene as it faded ?
Scene was shown in birla mansion where young saiyyam and yuvaan was shown..
Suhani came in the scene..
Suhani-Is the cake ready?
Yuvaaj- Oh suhani,everything is ready,don’t worry
Suhani-How can I not worry,it’s yuvaani’s and Karan’s first wedding anniversary
Suddenly the phone rang..
Suhani-I’ll get it
Yuvraj – No you wait here,I’ll get it
Person on the other side of the phone-Hello,I am calling from city hospital to inform you that there has been a car accident on Andheri Versova Road ( I just searched up a random name) And we have brought the patients here named yuvaani Karan kapoor and Karan kapoor however we have a sad news for you.We couldn’t save the Karan nor the baby though we save the mother.
The phone and yuvraj both fall down
Suhani-That day we lost so much..
Yuvaan-Yes ma,we lost papa too,I will call the doctor
Suhani-Okay beta
Yuvaan-Thank you so much doctor
Doctor-It okay,it’s our job to keep our patients safe
Yuvaan-if that day you didn’t fake the news about yuvaani’s pregnancy then..
Doctor-Yeah but take care of yuvaani,her mental health is still not recovered properly
Yuvaan-Yes doctor
-Scene shifts to kriyam room-
Krishna enters the room…
Krishna-Why are backing your bag?
Saiyyam-Ram is not here
Krishna-Where then?
Saiyyam-He’s living in a rent house in Kerala
Krishna-You’re going all the way over there for..
Saiyyam-I am not doing this for you!!
Krishna-I am coming with you
Saiyyam-You don’t have to
Saiyyam-But I want to (with a smile)
Krishna-I got everything expect (Looks up at her treasure box {Guys it’s just not a treasure box and we’ll find more about it later} )Umm…(she struggles to reach it) aaa finally…(he ankle twists as she falls back while saiyyam bumps into her causing both of them to fall)
Saiyyam POV
Her Amazonian figure sat well on her wafer-thin body. She had a decanter shaped waist and her complexion had an impeccable, ochrous hue. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased down gently to her black, beetle’s-leg eyelashes. A sculptor could not have fashioned her seraph’s ears and pixie’s nose any better.When she broke into a smile, her beguiling, oyster-white teeth lit the whole room.(sorry I give too much description,I’ll try to make it less)
Krishna-SAIYYAM help me!! (In a cute way with a broad smile)
Saiyyam-oh yeah,wait
Krishna- Thanks
Saiyyam-Can’t you do anything properly? Why are you falling here and there??
Krishna-Sorry na
Saiyyam-Lets go now
They headed downstairs..
Suhani-You guys going somewhere?
Saiyyam-Yeah ma,it’s a business work
Suhani- Krishna is helping with your business too?
Yuvaan-Nahi ma,but everyone likes other type of company?
Saiyyam-Whatever,bye ma
Krishna-bye aunty
With that kriyam left the house…

aditya-Hey saiyyam,I got all the information,wait is she your wife? (Looking towards Krishna)
Krishna-Krishna saiyyam birla
aditya-Waaa saiyyam,bhabhi is so beautiful,looks like saiyyam finally found his “ms perfection”

{Not much this time but kriyam track is coming up}

-sorry for the lack of kriyam scenes but I’m taking kriyam lovestory to the next level-

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