K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 18

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
(Guys so finally I made a long update but I really don’t like long ones?)
Ram quickly snatches the phone
Ram-(while whispering) go in the room,it’s a important call
Ram-I said go!!
Ram-(on the phone) Sorry Krishna woh a girl in my office picked up the phone
Krishna-(While looking at her watch) At this time?
Ram-Yeah,do you have anything for me?
Krishna- I just wanted to ask if you were coming tomorrow?

Ram-Krishna just remember what I said(with that ram disconnected the call)
Krishna-Saiyyam,your phone
Saiyyam-Who said that ram was invited?
Krishna- I invited him
Saiyyam-And how? (moving closer to Krishna)

Krishna-The same way you called maya
Saiyyam-how did you know that?(while leaning on Krishna)
Krishna-Woh she called and I picked…..
Saiyyam-(cutting her off) don’t touch my things again
The scene faded
It was the day of colors….
yuvaan-HOLI HAY
Priya-Yuvaan,wait for me!!!
People were applying colors to each other…Krishna was by the front door waiting for ram…priya came up to her
Priya-Rang barse bheege chunar waliii….rang barseeee
Krishna-(holding priya with both of her hands)- di control yourself
Priya-(while offering Krishna a glass of bhaang) Hayyyeee what some?
Krishna-No di

Priya-Arrrhe Krishna its doesn’t bhaang(but it was) it’s just thandai
Krishna-di you know I don’t drink
Priya-(making a cute pout) so you don’t love?
Krishna-Its not like that
Priya-You trust me right? (Krishna nodded) then drink…
Krishna-Paa..(before Krishna could say something…priya made Krishna drink 3 glass of bhaang)

Krishna-Ram,where are you?(suddenly she started feeling dizzy)
-Kriyam room-
Unfortunately or fortunately saiyyam was also drank all thanks to yuvaan…
Saiyyam-(With color in his hand) where are you Krishna??
Krishna enters the room…
Krishna-You here??aaa
Saiyyam got up and went near Krishna
Saiyyam-(drunk state) I wanna color you na..
Krishna-(leaning on Saiyyam) But i wanna color you first
Saiyyam-No I will!!!(Whinnying)
Krishna quickly takes the color from saiyyam’s hand and applies it to her fair cheeks…
Krishna-But I already did,now you can’t color me
Saiyyam was looking into Krishna’s eyes,the dark chocolate eyes..Krishna blushed…Saiyyam pulled Krishna closer….he matched his cheek with Krishna’s…the color on his cheeks gets on Krishna’s fair soft pinkish cheeks…
Saiyyam-(leaning..whispering in Krishna’s ear) Happy holi
Saiyyam blushes and frees her hand from saiyyam’s…she was about to leave when saiyyam held her hand…..
-Privan room-
Priya-(laying on yuvaan’s bare chest)Yuvaan I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
Yuvaan-(moving a piece of priya’s hair) I LOVE YOU TOO….(sorry guys im keeping privan scene short cause I wanna show more kriyam)

Saiyyam pulled Krishna towards him and she hits his chest…
Krishna-Saiyyam leave na(making a cute pout)
Saiyyam-Khabi nahi
He pinned Krishna to the wall…
|Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re|??
He moved a piece of Krishna’s hair….he leaned to Krishna’s neck and kissed it…Krishna felt his wet touch…he moved towards her her ear…
-Scene shifts to the garden-
Yuvaani was with some guest along suhani..she couldn’t play holi nor drink cause of her pregnancy….
Suhani-Yuvaani,you go and rest
Yuvaani-Ji ma

As yuvaani went to her room..someone pulled her…
Someone was put his hand over yuvaani’s mouth…his face was not clear cause there was color over his whole face….
He applied color on yuvaani’s face as the scene fades…
-Scene shifts to kriyam room-
Krishna-Saiyyam you’re too heavy(pushing him off)
Saiyyam-Did you just called me fat?
Krishna-What If I did?

Saiyyam-Krishna you’re so dead…
Saiyyam started chasing,but more like in a crazy way cause they both were drank
Krishna went running down the hall as saiyyam chased her..suddenly she bumped into someone…his face was covered his color…
Person-(Applied green color on Krishna’s fair cheeks) HAPPY HOLI KRISHNA(he then left the scene)
Krishna-(In a low but shocking tone) RAM?
Saiyyam-(Dragged Krishna towards him by her waist) Got you!!!
Soon the garden is shown…priya and yuvaan also came from their room but still drank….
Saiyyam- Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari

Toh Bole Re Zamana Kharabi Ho Gayi…
Yuvaan-Mere Ang Raja, Jo Tera Rang Laga
Toh Seedhi-Saadi Chhori Sharabi Ho Gayi..
They both high fives each other while priya and Krishna look at each other and nodded…they took their dupattas and ties a knot on it
Priya and Krishna-(extending her hands out)
|Itna Maza, Kyun Aa Raha Hai
Tune Hawa Mein Bhaang Milaya|
“Music played in the background”

Guys were playing drums…suddenly someone pulled Krishna…he touched Krishna inappropriately…
Krishna- LEAVE NA
He let go of Krishna’s hand and suddenly disappeared in the coward…
The song in the background change and saiyyam grabbes Krishna’s hand..
|Baby Ke Dekhe Jhumke
Laga De Chaar Thumke
Chichore Naache Jamke
Kriyam and privan started dancing some other people also join them on the dance floor
|Arey Arey Arey…
Tujhpe Tiki Hai Meri
Naughty Nazariya
Tujhko Bana Kar Ke
Tujhko Bana Kar Ke….
Tujhko Bana Kar Ke Le Jayenge
Badri Ki Dulhania
Badri Ki Dulhania|
The dance floor was firing up…yuvaan dragged priya to their bedroom
-Privan room-
Yuvaan-Come on priya,you’re so lazy..(smirking) how will we have kids then???
Priya started blushing

-Back in the garden…
Hired boys were playing drums
Saiyyam-(leaning on Krishna’s shoulder) Krishna take this money and give them
Krishna started giving tip to all the boys..saiyyam was too drunk to control himself…he was not in his sense…which was somewhat a benefit for some…one by one the boys left after taking their tips…the last one however was the most interesting one…

Krishna-Here ?
Person-I don’t want money
Krishna-Oh you want some sweets?
Person-No I want you (whispering) -He held Krishna’s hand..somewhat his touch felt familiar…
He let go off Krishna’s hand and left with the money…Krishna was still lost who was he??
Saiyyam-Krishna,come on na(saiyyam dragged Krishna to their bedroom)
As for they were drunk…kriyam fell down together on the bed?…??
-Privan room-
Priya-(holding her head) Whaat? Why is my head paining?

-Scene shifts to kriyam room-
Saiyyam woke up first and found Krishna’s laying next to him
Saiyyam’s POV
The innocence showed on the sleeping face, the peaceful and serene dreams blocking out the dangers of the outside. The soft breathing making the world seem to stand still.Krishna was a dream,dream which I wanted to follow,for the rest of my life.Her crescent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly as she saw me staring at her. I yelped at being caught. Her languid eyelashes of velvet-black blinked once slowly, as if to invite me over.Her luminous, heavenly-white teeth flashed as she pawed at me with her film star nails. Her hair was a glorious tumble of star beam-gold and her virility-brown eyes set my heart a-thump. Her oxbow lips positively drooled with goodness. Oh! Those sugar candy-sweet lips, her elegant personality, all mesmerized me.She had a confused look,in her gloomy eyes..she might not have realized our positions until now
Krishna’s POV
I saw him…he had a shiny goatee.he stared at me,he smiled,at me.Saiyyam smiled like a child,but there was pain,clearly visible,yet attractive.Before I could make a movement,he pushed me off his bed.

Saiyyam got off his cozy,heaven on earth,bed and pulled his shirt down his butt…saiyyam pulled Krishna up…
Saiyyam-( in a rude tone) WTF? What are you doing here???
Krishna-Umm..(She felt uncomfortable as her back was bare and visible)
Saiyyam looked away from Krishna and picked up her white as snow dupatta (sorry guys if I miss spell Hindi words cuz I really don’t know much Hindi)
Saiyyam-(while offering Krishna the dupatta) Here

Krishna quickly wrapped her dupatta around her bare back…Saiyyam decided to leave Krishna alone because he could sense that she felt uncomfortable..and also because he couldn’t meet her eyes after what ever happened last night but what happened last night??
Everyone came downstairs for breakfast after getting dressed..they all felt uncomfortable cause of last night’s happening…as yuvaani came from her room..she felt uneasy…
Yuvaani-(while holding her womb) AAAAAA,MAAAAA (She fall down on floor with a “bang”)
ALL RAN TO HER….to be continue….

Person- Will my work get done?

Person-I want her at any cost,you get that?
Person disconnects the call and looks at a picture of Krishna

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