K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 17

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•

Preparations were happening in birla mansion…priya was making ladoos…suhani was making a list of guests to call on the holi party….Krishna was outside the house with kaka adjusting the flowers over the pillars that were placed for the party in the garden….

Krishna-Kaka can please bring me a stool please,the pillars are just too high
Kaka-Bhabi the stool is broken…(Krishna looks at the stool)
Krishna-It’s okay kaka…I don’t even weight a lot…I’ll manage…
Kaka-Okay(as kaka moved inside the birla mansion…yuvaan is shown coming the stairs…he walks towards priya…he picks a ladoo and places it in his mouth…
Priya-yuvaan this is not for you!
Yuvaan-But you are….(moving closer to priya) I was thinking about our honeymoon..
Priya- (blushes) Yuvaan! (while pushing him away..)
Soon saiyyam came down the stairs..

Yuvaan-Saiyyam where are you going?
Saiyyam was all packed in his black vest shirt and sea green pants with his phone attach to his left ear…
Saiyyam-Bhaiya I have some work to compete…(As saiyyam left the house…privan romance continued..)
As saiyyam opened his car door while placing his phone in his pocket..he saw Krishna struggling…she was about to fall when saiyyam ran to her…she fall in his arms
(Sorry guys for not much description this time…I don’t feel good these days…??)
Saiyyam placed Krishna gently on the ground…they both were blushing…couldn’t meet each other’s eyes…
Saiyyam-Wooh..I’ll help you
Krishna-Huh? You?

Saiyyam-So what?
Krishna-But how?
Saiyyam moved towards Krishna….Krishna started moving back…saiyyam suddenly picked Krishna up…
Krishna looks back at saiyyam…there was a sudden smile on his face….
Saiyyam-Come on Krishna,hurry up…
Krishna placed flowers on the pillars as saiyyam hold Krishna through her way….
|Man mast magan,man mast magan,bas tera naam dohraaye…|?
Saiyyam placed her down and headed towards his car….Krishna came back to her surroundings…..

Saiyyam opened the door of his roaring black Mercedes…and sat down…he wore his black as coal googles and looked at reflection that could be seen through his car side mirror…
Saiyyam-Pagal larki
Krishna went inside the house,where she was priya and yuvaan having their romantic moment…she looked away..she took her phone and went to a corner..
Riyaa was bout to pick ram’s phone when..
Riyaa-your phone was ringing so I decided to pick it up…
Ram-Babe you go and rest..(kissing) I’ll pick it up..
Riyaa-Okay babe

Krishna-Ramm(while tears were rolling down her cheeks)
Ram-You know Krishna that i can’t see you cry..did saiyyam did something
Krishna-He did

Krishna-He married me..(Changing the topic)..ram will you like to come to our holi party?
Ram-Sorry Krishna I can’t come tomorrow
Krishna-Tomorrow? How did you know it is tomorrow?
Ram-Umm I just made a guess…but don’t worry I’ll color you tomorrow….
Krishna-But how?
Ram-Don’t think too much….

-Scene shifts to yuvaani’s room-
(Over a phone)
Karan-I will come yuvaani….I’ll come for you and my baby..I’ll come and color you tomorrow
Yuvaani-But how Karan?
Karan-Don’t think so much,bye babe
Scene again shifts to birla industry

Maya-Saiyyam how could you marrry Krishna?
Saiyyam-It’s nun of your business
Maya-Ik why…because you like Krishna…I always saw you wa..
Saiyyam-(Cutting her off) SHUT UP
Scene fades and is shown in birla mansion
Suhani-Come on yuvaan,saiyyam
Yuvaan-Ma coming…

Yuvaan was dressed in a deep blue kurta while priya was wearing a traditional sari…soon saiyyam and Krishna came downstairs..Saiyyam was dressed in maroon more like blood colored Churidar kurta..he was wearing a black watch that was clearly visible as his sleeves were pulled up like usually exposing his fair muscles….his hair,looked so attractive that any girl could fall for him,as they flip back while he came down..Krishna was wearing a green and gold punjabi salwar kameez..her ash brown hair were pinned back with the use of a gold pin…as she moved her loose piece of hair..her colorful Chand Balis were shown…she had her mangalsutra down her neck…
Suhani-What took you guys so long?

Saiyyam-Sorry ma
Suhani-Okay lets go now
They all headed towards the garden,where there was a fire burning….it was for holika dahan…birlas performed the religious rituals…yuvaan priya,saiyyam Krishna..both came and did the rituals together….
-Scene faded-(sorry guys I really don’t know what happens in this holika dahan?)
-In kriyam room-
Saiyyam-What now?
Krishna was walking forth and back ….while saiyyam was working on his laptop…
Krishna-Can I use your phone??
Krishna-I need to call ram and my phone is dead
Saiyyam didn’t liked the fact that Krishna wanted to talk to ram but he couldn’t even see Krishna in tension..

Saiyyam-Here but it better be fast
-On the other side-
(The phone gets picked up)
The screen freezes there……

Saiyyam pinned Krishna to the wall…
|Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re|??
He moved a piece of Krishna’s hair….he leaned to Krishna’s neck and kissed it…Krishna felt his wet touch…he moved towards her her ear…

(It’s a long precap cause finally I made a long update because of holi)

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