K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 15

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
(Sorry guys this one is short but I’ll try to upload more)??
Krishna saw preparations happening for bridal welcoming
Suhani-Krishna I know you don’t believe in marriage nor I want you to believe in it..but since you are a birla I will treat you and priya the same way..
Krishna-Thank you ma
Krishna quickly went to her room to get ready…

Krishna applied mascara to long thick black as blindness eyelashes..her long eylashes swept across her cheeks as she slowly closed her eyes…she then applied black eyes liner to her beady eyelids…she puffed some blush to her rosy cheeks…she applied a pink shady lip gloss to her soft lips…she wore her maroon Colored Jhumkis..with her ombré net sari…she looked beyond beautiful..her fair belly was visible through her sari….she then headed downstairs….Saiyyam ignored all the happenings until he saw Krishna….

Saiyyam POV
As she walked down the stairs,I couldn’t decided whether she was real or a dream…shoe looked heavenly beautiful…her hair was the rich soil of the valleys after spring rains, almost black in the shadows. When she stepped into the light,it was a rich brown, almost with an undertone of red beneath the dark…she swing her hair back as it was blocking her view….she went and sat next to priya bhabhi…I saw her facial expressions changing..her sadness was clearly visible..I somehow felt bad for her but I didn’t why…somewhat her sadness was ruining her beauty….I wanted to console her…I want drink all her pain…some woman came up to her and blessed her…until she asked her about ram…I got up and went towards them..
Saiyyam-I believe she is Krishna Birla now so please keep your comments to yourself…(Saiyyam took the hold of Krishna’s fair hands and dragged her with him towards their bedroom…)
Suhani-Don’t mind him please(Looking towards the women) you all can keep Krishna’s gifts here

Saiyyam let go of Krishna’s hand as they entered their bedroom
Krishna-Saiyyam what’s your problem?
Saiyyam-My problem is you
Krishna-Then why did you marry me ?huh?
Saiyyam-I married you because..(he stopped..)
Krishna-(curiously) Because..?

Saiyyam-It’s nun of your business
Krishna-How could it be not my business.. you made my life hell…no one I loves talks to me..priya di and ma hates me and overall ram..how can I face him now.ALL BECAUSE OF YOU
Saiyyam pulled Krishna and twisted to her back..he pulled her closer to him..he could feel her hot breath..
Saiyyam-No one ever shouts on saiyyam birla

Krishna-(while hesitating) I w..aaa.sss.
To make Krishna more nervous..saiyyam moved his face more closer to her..his cheek rough touched her soft cheeks..Krishna could feel saiyyam’s spiky beard…saiyyam let go of Krishna’s hand and left the room..Krishna took a deep breath…
-Scene shifts to yuvaani’s room-
Yuvaani was crying while looking at karan’s picture
Yuvaani-Where are you Karan? I miss you so much
Saiyyam snatched Karan’s photo from yuvaani’s hand
Saiyyam-No di…forget him now
Yuvaani-I can’t..saiyyam haven’t you love someone?
Saiyyam-I don’t believe in this love and all

Yuvaani-saiyyam close your eyes
Saiyyam closed his eyes….but he quickly opened his eyes?
Yuvaani-Who did you saw?
Saiyyam-No one di…I have to go…
Saiyyam left the room as yuvaani took a deep sigh
Saiyyam saw Krishna sleeping on the floor..she was shivering
Saiyyam POV (Sorry guys I give too many POVs?)

She slept so peacefully..her hair were in a loose bun..Her hair, dark and lustrous, had a sheen like fine hardwood…her eyelids looked puffy maybe because of crying…I quickly looked away..I couldn’t take her tears,I just couldn’t,I was indeed strong but her tears makes me melt,all the courage goes away and from somewhere another saiyyam comes…(saiyyam lay down on his cotton like bed..he was still in thoughts of what he saw..)How did I saw her? “I SAW KRISHNA” but why? (And with that saiyyam fall asleep)

Saiyyam pulled Krishna in his direction making her fall over him…Krishna closed her eyes…while her chest met saiyyam’s chest..Saiyyam placed his hands on Krishna’s soft cheeks..

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