K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 15

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Morning?~Birla Mansion~
All the elders and mens were seated,priya and Krishna were serving everyone food…
Yuvaani-Let me help you’ll
Priya-No yuvaani it’s okay
Krishna-Yeah,di is right
Yuvaani still insisted and started to serve everyone breakfast….suddenly her vision started to blur…everything seems blurry to her…the bowl of Dhokla and yuvaani, both hit the floor with a bang

Suhani-Saiyyam call the doctor
Saiyyam-Ji ma
(All the members took yuvaani to the hospital)
Saiyyam saw yuvaani through the round glass of the room she was in…..Krishna came and placed her hand over saiyyam’s shoulder
Krishna-Don’t worry,everything will be okay
Saiyyam held her fair hand and looked directly into her deep brown eyes with hope…he nodded his head while looking towards yuvaani….
Yuvaan was hugging priya while crying…priya wiped his tears…she hold his face with both of her hands…
Priya-Don’t worry everything will be okay
Krishna went over to suhani…she also wiped her tears and started consoling her…that’s when a female doctor entered the scene…everyone ran towards her with hope
Saiyyam-Doctor,what happened?
Yuvaan-Is everything okay??
Doctor-Where’s patient’s husband?
Yuvaan and saiyyam looked at each other
Saiyyam-He’s not here
Doctor-Then you must call him,he’s about to be a father…the patient is 3 weeks pregnant (while leaving the scene)
Everyone was shocked,expect priya and Krishna because they didn’t knew what was happening..suhani sat back on her seat with a shock…
Suhani-Krishna..priya…lets go and meet yuvaani(trying to act normal so they wouldn’t doubt her)
After the left,saiyyam punched the wall with anger…
Saiyyam-How could he?

Yuvaan-Now where will we find Karan??(with disappointment) even I wanna kill him for what he has done,but he’s where yuvaani’s all happiness lies
Saiyyam- bhai he’s here
Yuvaan-Kya? Where?
Saiyyam-He’s here…he is right in front of our eyes but we can’t see him…he blinds us..but Bhai he’s here
Yuvaan-Saiyyam what do you mean??
Saiyyam-Right now we need to focus on yuvaani..
They both entered the room where suhani,priya,Krishna were seated next to yuvaani
Yuvaani-Bhai, now Karan’s gonna come..(looking towards everyone in the room) he’s gonna come now!!
Saiyyam resist his sister’s pain..he couldn’t meet her eyes..he looked away and left the room in anger….
-Scene shifted to a bar-
Saiyyam was highly drank…he couldn’t even open his eyes…
Saiyyam-One more(while shaking his glass)
Waiter-Sir sorry but you have drank too much
Saiyyam-(while getting up…but because of being drunk,he fall back down) WAA..DIDD..U..SAAAYYYY?
Waiter-I’ll take you home sir
The Waiter drove saiyyam to birla mansion…
(Meanwhile in birla mansion)
Everyone was asleep except Krishna…her eyes were slowly closing..she quickly opened them and use the jug on water placed on the dining table to splash it to her face…Krishna was waiting for saiyyam to come so they can eat dinner…saiyyam hasn’t ate since the morning so Krishna decided to eat with him,but it took hours for saiyyam to reach home..suddenly Krishna saw a figure moving towards her…she quickly got up and ran towards the door..
Waiter-Ma’am he has drank too much(while Krishna hold saiyyam’s shoulder..moving him towards her side…the waiter left soon afterwards..Krishna took saiyyam towards their room on her shoulder..)
As kriyam entered their room..Krishna gently lay saiyyam on his bed..before she could move towards her bed,saiyyam hold her hand..)
Saiyyam- Kr.is..hna

Krishna turned around and could clearly see saiyyam’s pain…Saiyyam pulled Krishna in his direction making her fall over him…Krishna closed her eyes…while her chest met saiyyam’s chest..Saiyyam placed his hands on Krishna’s soft cheeks..he slightly moved her loosen piece of hair…..
Krishna looked into saiyyam’s painful eyes..
Krishna-Why are hiding so much from me? Why can’t you show your pain and share it with me..?
Saiyyam placed his on hand on Krishna’s lips….she felt his touch…
Saiyyam-Krishna you wouldn’t understand me..no one will…
Krishna-Saiyyam,We are all sand stranded on the beach hoping the waves will save us..if you are too afraid to be the sand and try being the waves…
Saiyyam-The waves come and go…new waves come and old ones leave just like people..
Krishna-No saiyyam,the waves might come and go but they are still the same,just in a new avatar…saiyyam,holding on hurts more than letting go…please just let go and share…it will make you feel better…
Saiyyam-If you are used to be the lightning who burns all the plants then how can you be the sun,which helps the plants grow?
Krishna-The sun also burns the plants,but it just has a different way…maybe you’re just different..
Saiyyam-Is that bad?

Krishna-Different is not acceptable but if we all are the same then why do we need each other…sometimes we just need to trust,not just our outside self but inside as well..Trust is like the air in a balloon,The balloon doesn’t fly by it’s inside air but the air outside of it ,Like that we should keep our inside trust up but if we let go of our inside trust then our life will be like a bursted balloon lying by the sidewalk…trust saiyyam..(with hope)..what is it that’s bothering you?
Saiyyam-Krishna woh…(before saiyyam could finish his sentence,he passed out…)
Krishna adjusted saiyyam’s pillow and covered him with a blanket..she then lays on her bed thinking:”What is saiyyam hiding?”

Krishna calls ram…

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