K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 14

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
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Later that day…as everyone in the house ignored Krishna expect yuvaani..so Krishna decided to head towards her mother’s place…when she arrived she found ram talking to kushi
Ram-Kya aunty?How could Krishna marry saiyyam
Kushi-Beta it’s nothing like that

Ram-Krishna (he ran up to Krishna)
Krishna-(looking towards kushi) can we talk in private ma?
Kushi-Of course beta
Krishna takes ram into her room and closes the door
Ram-What is this Krishna? You and saiyyam? Since when?
Krishna-Don’t misunderstand me…(She felt uncomfortable when she said) i have no feelings for saiyyam..
Ram-I know that ??
Krishna was about to leave when ram holds her hand..
Ram-Wait….Krishna do you still LOVE me?
Saiyyam was witnessing all this from the window of Krishna’s room…he was boiling in jealousy…saiyyam heart was screaming…Krishna turned around and was about to answer ram when someone jerks ram’s hand off hers…….it was saiyyam
Saiyyam-How dare you touch my wife
Saiyyam hold ram’s collar and started pushing him..or maybe it was jealousy that was taking over him but jealousy for who??
Krishna-Saiyyam leave him

Krishna-SAIYYAM(Krishna hold saiyyam’s arm tightly and looked directly into his eyes..saiyyam saw tears in Krishna’s eyes..there was pain in those beautiful eyes…pain for who?huh? For ram? No ways but he couldn’t resist tears in Krishna’s eyes…salty tears dripped down her soft cheeks…Saiyyam wanted to drink all those tears…for saiyyam,Krishna’s eyes were oceans where he never wanted water instead he wanted them to sparkle with light..light that never dims…saiyyam let go of ram’s collar and with that ram left after taking his last look at Krishna….
Krishna-(in a rude tone) what was that??
Saiyyam-Nun of your business

Krishna hold saiyyam hand…
Krishna-Are you kidding me? You made me promised you that I will never interfere in your life and you’ll do the same in return than what was that…
Saiyyam pushed Krishna and pinned her the wall
Saiyyam-What’s you problem huh?
Krishna-Why are interfering in my business
Saiyyam-Your business? I AM YOUR HUSBAND DANMIT

Krishna was shocked by saiyyam’s sudden confession even saiyyam was surprised,he quickly took his words back
Saiyyam-Did you see ma standing there?
Krishna-So? She knows about my and ram’s relationship and saiyyam you shouldn’t worry who i meet nor I will because you’re not my husband
Saiyyam placed his hand on Krishna’s neck

Krishna’s POV
I felt his fingers graze across my neck and I shivered in with the tracks left by them. His hand moved carefully up my neck and moved slowly across my lips, ending up just below my hair line.

Saiyyam-Why are you wearing this mangalsutra and sindoor then? (Looking directly into Krishna’s eyes while questioning her)
Krishna-For the same reason you attacked ram
Krishna pushed him away and left the room…saiyyam followed her
Kushi-Beta are you leaving?
Saiyyam-Yes…(looking towards Krishna) lets go..(and with that they both headed out of the house)
Kushi-I wish this never happened
Saiyyam opened the door of his Mercedes and sat down..while Krishna decided to sit on the back seat..
Saiyyam-(Not looking back at Krishna) I am not your driver…
Krishna-I never said so
Saiyyam-Stop arguing and come sit next to me
Krishna opened the door and sat next to saiyyam..they both remained quite for the ride….

As kriyam entered birla mansion they notice yuvaani…she was all dressed up waiting for someone…
Yuvaani-Saiyyam Karan is coming…ik he said he’ll come…he’s coming saiyyam…(With hope) He’s coming….
Saiyyam-He wouldn’t come di…(saiyyam took yuvaani to her room..)
Krishna was confused why did saiyyam said that Karan wouldn’t come…it was so weird that only yuvaani knew how Karan looked because they ran away and got married…..

-Yuvaani’s room-
Yuvaani-(holding saiyyam’s hand) ik saiyyam he’ll come…

Saiyyam-Di please go to sleep..(he kissed yuvaani on her forehead and left the room)
Saiyyam notice Krishna fixing her bed…he ignored her..changed to his sweats and went to sleep
-Krishna thinking (What is his problem…sometimes he talks too much and then he barely says something thing)…with that she falls asleep
Krishna woke up first..she showered..dressed in orange sarwal kameez with gold Jhumkis(sorry guys but I just like to describe people’s appearances..I’ll describe less this time because there’s more forward)…pinned her back…she was staring at saiyyam’s reflection in the mirror
-Krishna thinking:Why is so rude and arrogant..why can’t he be nice….
She went closer to him…she sat to him…

Krishna’s POV
he looked so cute…he slept like a baby..his eyelids closed against the dim light of dawn and his breath was deep and relaxed, all the muscles in his face and body were totally at peace, like a baby in its’ first throes of slumber….I backed away when he open his puffy eyelids

Saiyyam’s POV
Her hair was a lovely whisky, the color of fallen leaves browned and sleek with the first rain of autumn…the water drops from hair fall over me,which made me blink…she had melon sweet lips.They looked blossom soft…her thinly plucked eyebrows were shaped into deceiving perfect arch that followed the slight curve of her eye..she had generous amount of makeup on her eyelids…I think it was gold shadow but It was very glittery..her eyes looked direct into mines…I could see my reflection in her eyes…
Krishna-Umm I need to go…
Krishna ran as fast as lightning…she felt so embarrassed…however her silliness left saiyyam smiling behind….she was definitely rare piece whom saiyyam was never gonna place in the museum or share with anyone especially ram…

To make Krishna more nervous..saiyyam moved his face more closer to her..his cheek rough touched her soft cheeks..Krishna could feel saiyyam’s spiky beard…?❣️
-sorry guys I write dumb stuff?

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  12. Are you crazy.. Never say that u write dumb stuff… Moreover u are driving me crazy with your ff how perfectly u depict each scene I didn’t get time to read your ff but when I read the previous part it literally compelled me to all the episodes in a go and I am loving it I think that’s why u are getting so many comments..!! Eagerly waiting for the next part!! Totally in love with it!! ?????

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