#JusticeforSidhantGupta answered.


Heyo, guys.
You know what?

The biased Jhalak got some sense.
You heard it.

They’re bringing Sidhant back.

Only because of the fans out there.
#JusriceforSidhantGupta , a trend started on Twitter n Instagram.
Because of this, they decided to bring Sidhant back.
Colors was criticized very much because of Sidhant’s elimination.

N as far as I know, TRPs dropped rapidly.

But now,
Three cheers, guys.
Now, again all set at 10 on Saturdays.
Saturdays gonna be best, soon, again.

Donno know the date.

The news credits goes to India forums.

Well, this is the best news, I got before my Social Science examination, tomorrow.
That’s going to be the last one.
I’m gonna post the FF soon.
Hope you all r waiting.
Share ur views.

Don’t forget to read..AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME..
Take care.
Keep loving TEI.
Keep missing it,too.

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  1. SidMin

    Thank you Meeta This post of yours Made my Day I knew it that Jhalak would regret eliminating Sid
    They are bringing him back just can’t wait to see him back again Love you 🙂

  2. wow . love u yaar . muaahhh… .. tera social science exam best ho .

  3. Hey meeta
    thanks for sharing this wonderful new
    ommmggg can’t wait to see my handsome hunk again.
    Love my bunny muuuahhh?

  4. Partner!!!!!
    Is this true???
    Saturdays are gonna rock soon!!!!!
    Love u bub?
    Post the ff soon…

  5. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Yaaa…..I heard this news but still there is some new twist ……….surveen, sidhant n that did little champion ……..trio gonna have dance race ….at the end only 2 will choose to go further in the competition……….n in last 1 will be out of the show……….I know that my sidhant is best n it is really very easy for him for not only coming first in dance race even the winner of jdj ……but still doubts on colors ……..colors is so cheap that they will promote colors ppl only but still finger crossed ……….abhi thodi akal aayi hai colors waalo mein toh yahi duaa hai ki aur akal bhi aaye ……….n if u ever noticed that karishma was in the show coz she was in big boss which is of colors ………arjun …hit show naagin ..colors ……salman …..jdj since years….. sakti arora…meri aashqui tum se hi ….colores …..Nora fateh….big boss…colors …..surveen…..24 …colors n shantanu is already a dancer………..now I think so everything is crystal clear……….but still hoping…………anyways thnx meeta for sharing ……u gonna rock ur paper ….?

  6. Thankyaa soo muchh meeta for dis news!!!!!

  7. Wow….i soo happy….. I cant wait to see him back in jdj

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….great news….excited

  9. Jiya_Ani

    Heeyy..I heard of it all before only they’ll have a dance race..and any 2 of the 3 will reenter …I am dancing on my bed hearing this news I pray daily so that he get selected I know he’ll coz my love is the best…
    Thanks for sharing this

  10. Party to banti hey!!! Sid is back.. Yeeaaaa!!! Again our saturday gonna be rocked!

  11. Kruti

    Yes dear finally our trend has been a success…..gonna have fun saturdays back

  12. Baby

    yup yup i herd it i even tried posting an article on tu on dis topic bt dey didnt posted it bcz of sm in appropriate thing yr i was srsly dancing jumping pagal hui hun mein yeh news sunkr sid ll b bck sid ll b bck ohhhhhhhh goodness i m so mc excited i cant w8 i m dying out of it
    i jst need sid luving it thnku really if dat trend wuldnt b dere mayb dey wont hv been humilated dis mch n den wont hv taken dis decision mayb yippiiee yoohhooo sooo very happy cant w8 excited hun yah hun…………………luv u sid

  13. Tara

    great news..

  14. Kritika14

    Yes, OUR SID IS BACK AND WE ALL KNOW HE IS GONNA ROCK IT! Tho, there is still some risk as out of three wild card entries, only two will be selected. *fingerscrossed* Anyway, so glad your exams are finally finishing! So quickly …. post your ff. Also, as a compensation for not posting for so long .. either post a longer episode or two episodes! The choice is yours. I hope you do it and don’t disappoint me okay? ? Love you ?

  15. Yup I have heard this news few days before.. it was his right to come back on jdj after his unfair elimination.. stupid biased colors finally got some sense n r bringing him back.. though I’m not on twitter but thnx to everyone who trended on twitter.. it’s because of sid’s talent n hardwork and the trending that sid is able to come back.. Wishing him all the very best and hope he get selected.. Saturdays gonna be rocking again??

  16. omg sidhant is back in jhalak. ..I am so to see my sid…..luv u so much…

  17. Mica

    waa.. wish the best for Sidhant…YAY!

  18. Maggi

    Best news of the day?
    Tqs for the news meeta?

  19. Thanmy

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I mean is this true I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy I will see my sid again yeahhhhhhhhhhhh my happiness is till infinity right now wowwwwww yrrrrrr thank u soooooooo much meeta for this news I’m soooooooo happy can’t express it yeaaaaa
    Love u sid !!!!!

  20. Hey meeta
    Tq tqqqqqqqqq
    This is best news
    A hug frm my side to u
    Umade my day
    Wowww I’m going to see sid back
    Really tysm

  21. Sayeeda

    Yes Meeta…..Sid is back to jdj….
    Thanks to TEI FC admin Sakshi for initiating this trend nd all the ppl who supported that trend…. Coz of it only Sid is again a part of the show….

    Thank for sharing this info …plz post ur ff soon…..

    love you????

  22. Sara28

    YASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really so happy right now. So currently Jasmin, Zain, and Sid are working on a project each. Jasmin and Zain are working on a new show and Sid is back to Jhalak. Of course he’s back. How can talent like that go to waste? I’m so happy that they got such fame and positivity that already they are being called for new shows. ?

  23. Thnku meeta finaly sid is back. Yay m happy

  24. Juveriamozawala

    Shit yaar siddhant wapis nai aana chiye…. i so hate him…. I want shantanu to win

    1. I agree with u. I dont hate him but its not fair he comes back after getting eliminated. I like siddhant but i hate the show TEI. That twinkle she cant even act.

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