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now let’s start

in shekawat mansion

randhir [after destroying his room]: ajit[yelling] where the hell are you

ajit : yes sir

randhir : clear this mess and arrange a new phone for me and i want phone of same model ok

ajit : ok sir but are you ok

randhir [yelling] : am i answerable to you

ajit [stammering]: sorry sir

randhir bagged his fist on the wall indicating a thunder strom in my lives

in swaragini’s room

swara was staring her dress selected for the party as if she wanted to tear it my looks whereas ragini was inspecting different dress shown by the her assistants

swara ; what if this dream party became a nightmare for maheshwari’s

ragini glared at swara and signalled all servants to leave

ragini : di observe the surroundings before speaking .they are business friends of dad and these servants would love give media the spicy details of internal rivalry

swara : sorry na but just think what if that vanity queen [uttra] trip and fall on random guy during the party or that mr im best [laksh] suffer wardrobe malfunction [started giggling]

ragini : hah very funny now be serious di we have to represent young rai singhania’s there so please promise to flaunt your acting skills on them in the party

suddenly a lady knocked on the door

ragini : come in

sheena [sharmista’s pa ] came with servants carrying dresses and jewellery boxes

mam has asked you to wear this

swara: i will wear this aquamarine one [looking admiringly at that ]

sheena : sorry mam this one is sharmista mam’s specially designed piece for ragini mam

ragini : shut up and go out

[after her departure]

swara : it’s ok after all every master piece of mom belongs to you na i will wear the another one as for me every creation of my mom is best

swara wore the red dress looking very elegant even ragini looked heavenly in her dress

at airport
whole maheshwari family welcomed renuka off course sanskar onnly sat ignored in the car whereas uttra and laksh were getting attention and love of renuka

after reaching the mansion

dp [in renuka’s room ] : have you came for us or that randhir

renuka : i just want my son back anyhow

dp : he hates you he’ll ruin you

renu :never matters if he is happy

and then renuka just went out ignoring him

soon guest started coming

whole maheshwari mansion was looking awesome

swaragini’s family also came elder came in silver mercedes while children came in black one

abhimanyu wore white shirt black suit looking fab swaragini were shine of the party

uttra wore rich black dress giving boys goosse bumps except the desired one while laksh wore green jacket white on white shirt and light blue jeans [girls were gawking him ]

sanskar wore white jacket white red shirt and white paints [girls were just staring him]

suddenly laksh took the micke

laksh : welcome to the party our honourable guests today is best day as our home now is finally completed

uttra[with other micke ] : our lovely badi ma has came so mark night in her delight

laksh : to make party more interesting i have called best entertainer of the city

uttra : plz welcome sameer mittal and his team for performance

a young boy wearing white t- shirt and red jeans and red hat and whole group was wearing masks [guess who has came]

swara’s heartbeat increased ans sanskar gave a victory smirk to that boy and he even gave a devil smile [unnoticed by everyone except swara]

precap : heaven and earth at blaze finally they met

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Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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