friends thanks for reading and fortunately i am back with my ff before the time i have said but now updates may be irregular because of some reasons so please understand .so now the links

now lets start

at maheshwari mansion

uttra and dp war busy supervising the servants in decoration whereas poorva was managing the kitchen and as expected laksh was managing himself that is getting ready in his room . everybody was in jolly mood except sanskar who knew his presence or absence will nor bother his family nor his guest .yes this was the bitter truth of his life that he was also a unwanted guest in his so called families life

poorva finding dp alone went to him

poova[in caring tone] : why is di coming is everything all right

dp : she is coming for him

poorva; means …..[some silence] .has he also arrived here

dp: yes she wants to win him back

poova : she will after all he is her only son

dp [ annoyed tone ]: do you really think this will happen .he has came to destroy us and renuka is again gonna get hurt but still she is adamant to face him

poorva[determined tone ] : he will not do anything you don’t know how powerful mother’s love is .it will heel the wound of years

dp [in anger]: i don’t want another argument just go, ask everybody to welcome here and everybody means sanskar also

this irked poorva a lot but she controlled and went to the their outhouse and from it’s terrace she saw a far mansion lightened after so many years and smiled and said my another son is back .god please destroy the wall of hatred between renuka di and randhir

at rai singhania mansion

in the hall swaragini and abhimanyu has just arrived

a servant offered to them

swara: what a fabulous entry bhai you just rocked the campus

ragini : really abhimanyu bhaiya you came at the right time or uttra mam would have killed us di you shouldn’t have challenged her

abhimanyu: she is right swara what was the need of messing with her if am there and what if that witch had done something to you

swara : see swara is not afraid of anyone and how she dare to insult you .swara can bear here insult but not her brother’s and if she is witch and swara is dangerous devil

abhimanyu: oh my dear devil and abhimanyu hugged her

ragini felt bit uncomfortable as abhi and swara shared a strong bond but she never got that brotherly love from him. his relation with her was just a formal relation between cousin ragini was lost in her thoughts then suddenly a voice came from behind

dadi : come on go and get ready

abhi : for what dadi

dadi : for a welcome party at our family friends residents

swara : dadi oh god i don’t know how can dad mom share such a friendly relation with that maheshwari’s as we share such a nice relation with their children [sarcastically]

dadi : i know my dear that you don’t like them but for you can to come

swara : but….. why

abhimanyu : swara just go as i am saying

swara without a word stood up and went into her room abhi followed her

dadi : ragini are you waiting for any announcement just go

swara in her room got a call from someone and she was like dancing

swara : finally you have arrived

she opened her diary and wrote

aaj ki shaam sirf tere naam ke karan saji hai
teri dewani apne intezaar ke ant par khadi hai
kaal hoga tera didar in ankho ko
na jane me smbalugi kaise in sansko

in shekhawat mansion

randhir : dad i have reached safe don’t worry

harsh : son actually she is coming kolkata today only and there is a welcome party in maheshwari mansion

randhir : i will call you later

he just threw his phone on the floor and started breaking his room ‘he was hell furious

randhir [yeeling] : wow now i am going to face you i will not fall weak in front of you i will punish you i will destroy you and this party will be worst party of your life miss renuka maheshwari .you took my innocence you made my life hell now i will make you pay for it

precap: the bang at the party

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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