friends hope you are enjoying reading this and i really delighted by your comments on my one shot .but friends i may not be able to post next part for seven-eight days due to some reasons .so please don’t forget my ff and like always even in this part i am providing links for better understanding

so let’s get started

all 4 of them [sanlak and swaragini] were in the same batch [ you may be wondering why sanlak are in same batch actually laksh is one year late admission because of ….. and he is eldest among them] and they all sat on front row swara and ragini sat together with laksh adjacent to swara and sanskar at the extreme end far from them a new professor came and all stood in respect

new teacher: soory students don’t accept me to waste our time with introduction and all as it never matters as who you were and what you are your performance in class will show so open your brains with your textbooks and start grasping the knowledge i can give

some boy from last desk said : mishra sir don’t be so harsh on them .they have studied so hard to come here their marks deserve appreciation na

mishra: i don’t need advice of failure’s like you and pic’s of top 5 rankers is already on the wall of honour and only those children deserve recognition
and the lecture ended all students headed towards the wall and what they saw was 6 pics not five as their was tie for 1st position between swara and randhir singh shekawat .his name instead of irking swara made her feel heavenly [ the first pair is revealed it’s swandhir ] but this boiled laksh’s blood as he was 2nd .sanskar was 3rd but condition of laksh soothed him and ragini was 4th and some kavya was 5th .due to alphabetical randhir’s name was above swara and ragini thought this will annoy swara but she was calm and lost in her thoughts .they all left the place .swara in a lonely place hiding from ragini wrote on a tissue

tumse hi toh naam hai mera
meri har jeet par haq hai tera
tera sath nibahana hi mera pyar hai
sirf tera intezar hi mera izhar hai

she rolled it kept in her purse soon they all heard a loud noise of crackers and slogans and a lady in a sari came standing in jeep followed by hundred of more jeeps all loaded with man and guns and decorated by flags of her party .that girl was none other than uttra who took the mike

uttra : freshers welcome to our collage .i am uttra leader of surise youth party[sap] of kolkata .

everybody except sanaskar and swaragini cheered for her and laksh even joined the youth shouting their victory slogans

uttra : she pointed towards her gang and said this was just a trailer now you can guess how powerful we are so it’s better to either join us or leave this coolage

swara is highest pitch : jo garajte hai voh baraste nahi .and your gang looks like bunch of weak teenagers who are astound to see so many guns that’s why they are showing off

everybody were staring her and were wondering what goona happen to her

sansakr started laughing loudly

uttra [yeeling at swara ] : you dare you who the hell you are

swara : its swara rai singhania sis of abhimanyu rai singhania who makes life of her enemies a real hell

uttra : oh so where is he is he wearing bangles of ours as you are protecting him

swara : sorry nor me neither any women in my family cage their hands by wearing them as we are taught that girls are power n ot one who needs protection who can protect and even take stand for their loved ones .and please change your thinking that taking a female’s helps makes a man weak

everybody clapped after listening her and even uttra wanted to clap but she could not because she was her rival
a helicopter landed in the large collage ground and thousands of students of all batches went to welcome the guest and started raising the slogans of his victory he was known another than abhimanyu
abhimanyu[without mick]: friends [there was pin drop silence ironical to uttra’s speech which was heard in chaos]i am feeling delighted to welcome you all as head representative of young kokalata party [ykp] hope you will like our idology as we don’t our self on others but we win them

he continued his speech and attention of students irked supporters and members of sap but it was democracy so they have bear

randhir’s flight landed and he took taxi and drove towards the shikawat mansion which was in front of maheshwari mansion

soon the collage ended they all reached their homes
sanlak and uttra were shocked to see their house decorated as a bride and even dp was present

uttra :is their something special today dad

dp : your renuka aunt’s flight goona land in kolkata in 3 hours so

before he could complete

laksh [his face was glowin] : dad this cheating badi mama was coming and you did not informed us

uttra : after 10 years she is coming and you did not informed us

pecap: painful incidents

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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  1. awesome dea n will be waiting for next update , if u can ,plz try to update before the time u said …..:-)

  2. I become disappointed I thought it will be swasan n uttran. …. plz make it swasan

  3. omg!!!!…..AMAZING EPISODE….AND IN A WAY..I WAS RIGHT that the mysterious pairs maybe or are swandhir…..and i guess the 3rd person trying to save swara in 1st episode can be abhimanyu or sanskaar… laksh is true enemy of swara so will not save her….tell me if i am wrong orrr… maybe right 😉 and lovely episode with new pairs twist!!!! I LOVED IT 🙂

  4. Awesome…….pls don’t change the pairs and pls tell me the of your one shot and try to update soon

  5. Superb yaar…….

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