friends my only request is to do comment about the doubts that came in your minds and and give your pov about the leads and plz do read all parts and from today’s part actually the story has began and hope you are enjoying it

now let’s began

like at the beginning of every session there was lot of hustle-bustle at the entrance of most prestigious college of kolkata ‘the foundation institute for commerce and arts ” .as lot of students were gathered there the space between the gate was less and only one car could pass but then suddenly two porshe came one was red and another was blue and they were about to collide but stopped at the nick of the time . then door of red one opened and a boy came out from passenger side
this boy was dashing laksh
laksh [yelling] : who the hell dared to come in state toppers way

another car’s also opened and a girl came from driver’s side
this was our gorgeous swara

swara[with a evil smile]:you still doubt the guts of rank no one of entrance exam

even our beauty queen came out

ragini [ with sarcastic voice] : one more thing there was tie at the results between some laksh and the swara rai singhania
whole crowd laughed

laksh : oh what a pleasant surprise to see such great personality at the driving sorry hah driver’s seat. what happened do donation given to the institute made you bank corrupt my dear enemy

another round of laughter

swara : actually swara prefers to not to depend on others that’s why she without any expensive tuitions earned all this but i think their burden made your brother a driver and i think you even don’t know to drive
one another round of laughter
now charming sanskar also came out

sanskar : actually that much we can afford as they guarantee to make even the dumbest boy a topper

and after this laksh was fuming in anger and sounds of laughter was boundless
ragini: really pit na di how one can’t even win his own brothers on his side

swara really sad my dear competitor .how lonely you are

laksh : i actually don’t need any losers support

sanskar ignoring all this went inside the car followed by swaragini but he allowed their car to pass first irking laksh a lot

inside the campus

sanlak went in opposite direction as soon as they left the car but collided at the entrance of auditorium joined by swaragini who also entered at the same moment but they were stopped by seniors
boys gang surrounded sanlak and girls gang did this with swaragini

laksh: so sorry guys i don’t have time to give autographs so leave me

sanskar [irked by laksh’s comment]: why the hell you are bothering me

head boy [pointing to laksh] : do you think we are here for this rubbish.we are your seniors so you better mind your language

another boy[pointing sanskar] :this place can be hell for you if you don’t address us as sir

sanskar [sarcastic tone ] : oh i am afraid so what you want us to do

laksh: let’s see what you think is humiliating

head boy: oh you want this [he paused for sometime then whispered something in his friends ears ] have you ever licked a ice cream

sanlak in unison: what

another boy came with a ice cream and head boy dropped that on both of his feet

head boy: now lick it

laksh winked at sanskar and they together stomped their foot on both his feet

head boy : ahhhhhhh in very high pitch that everybody was put their hands on ears

sanskar ; this is how we treat such cheap ice creams

all boys started marching towards them

laksh : now don’t dare to confront maheshwari’s

they all stepped back and head boy even apologised

after going away from them

sanskar : you are nothing without your surname na

laksh : i use it as i inherit that and i not a unwanted burden who came in this world only to snatch happiness from them

sanskar : time will tell what i am

he walked away

meanwhile in ragging of swaragini

swara : how you dare block swara’s way

head girl : by the way who is swara you or your shadow
seniors giggled

ragini: don’t invite ill luck by crossing our way

another girl : first call us mam and then utter something

swara : what you want

head girl : attitude hah but dear attitude only suits with those who follow us .so do one thing be our pa and then keep this attitude

another girl: only for one day and don’t worry we will pay you a good amount

swara: so you beggars will pay us

ragini : di don’t you know they have rich boyfriends

swara: ragini don’t you know for luring them only they apply this much of make up na

swaragini laughing

head girl : mind your language you are gona pay for this

another girl : now you will know what seniors are
[she signalled something to one girl of their group]

and that girl came with black plaint

head girl : dear now we will do your make up now

swara[ showing her brooch] : their is hidden camera in this i already knew what kind of people i am gonna meet today so i kept it

they marched towards swara

ragini ; mam don’t worry if you destroyed it then this recording which is already transferred to our tab and laptop will go viral on youtube then

before she could complete
head girl [stammering]: we ..we…. were having just some fun why are you taking this so seriously

swara : we will spare you if you yourself apply this paint on your own head

ragini : what are you staring just do it

head girl was about to then
swara : just joking yaar don’t do this

they went away leaving whole group fuming

in rajasthan

randhir’s room

harsh : what is this you said you will be leaving in evening but then why

randhir: it’s my my will to leave whenever i like.i want to leave this afternoon only .

harsh : so you don’t gona reconsider

randhir : no never .you either help me or leave

harsh : ankit [his pa ] come with the the blue folder i gave you tomorrow

ankit came with the folder

harsh after giving folder to randhir

harsh : i already knew how unpredictable you are that’s why i kept all your license, credit cards,house papers, certificates; collage form ready and your car will be delivered at your doorstep by tomorrow morning

randhir [in extremely furious tone ]: i am not gonna stay at her house .how could you do this to me

harsh : randhir don’t let your past make you weak that is your house not her and you have to make her realize that .you have punish her by staying in front of her still ignoring her

randhir [in disturbed tone] : it would not be easy for me dad at that place i had spend best and the worst moments of my life

harsh : beta you have to be strong .you have to make her pay the prize of making your life a night mare

randhir : i will.i can’t be weak i am randhir singh shekhawat

harsh: now get ready for your mission and please even if you fail don’t harm yourself and inform me in danger as they will not even think once before torturing you

randhir : nothing can’t be more vulnerable than that mental harassment which i beard because of her

harsh : take care

precap ; introduction of freshers and randhir in kolkata and grand entery of uttra and abhimanyu

friends hope you life it and alia pls ans my question

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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