friends thanks for sparing some time for my ff and please ask if you have any doubts about characters and do comment about their personalities and alia can you please tell about which show you were talking
now lets start

in the huge room a gorgeous girl was trying to wear a plain moov sari and was helped my a middle aged lady that girl was stated
mama how to you handle such stuff daily this is really very irritating

her mother uttered: beta who is asking you to wear all this uttra why are you bothering yourself by wearing this sari

that lady is poorva who is making her princess dress up
uttra: mom don’t you know today i will welcoming new members of our party as lead representative i need to look like one powerful and dominating

poorva beta :power lies in actions not in dresses but still if you want to wear it then be careful in handling it and best of luck for today

uttra : mom i know you are right but am very excited and want this day to be mine and mom today i am whatever is all because of you

poorva : now stop buttering me as i have one more son to pamper me .now go get ready i have to go and wake your lazy brother

uttra gigled and poorva left and went to the kitchen

poorva : raman [their servant] go and send juice for sanskar and where is milk of my laksh

raman handled her the tray with glass of milk and she herself mixed kesar in it and went towards laksh’s room

raman went in a huge room with lot of mirrors on every wall and walls painted with shades of dark red [very colour of revenge] a dashing boy drenched in sweat was doing push ups and then he looked towards raman and took his juice and said has mrs maheshwari
send you like always and that boy turns he is none other than our sanskar

raman :yes sir

sanskar [ with a sarcastic smile ]: it is commendable na that she gets time to think about me in spite of her busy schedule of pampering her son and daughter

after this sanskar went and dressed in white shirt and orange jacket and white jeans and he went towards his music room and opened a secret box in his piano and took a half burned pic of a boy and said i will convert you in ashes in real life too
sansar was best at playing instruments and always vent his anger on them they were his stress busters and only thing which mattered in his life

poorva went towards the best room in the mansion

walls of that room were decorated with best shades of purple and interior was awesome wall in front of the bed was a wall filled numerous certificated of honour and on the wall opposite to it was life like pic of same boy sansar’s was talking about
all other walls were too filled with numerous pics of him with uttra,poorva and dp
on a king size bed a cute childish face was lying then suddenly poorva caresed his hair

poorva: wake up dear and drink milk a new win is waiting for your honour

that sleeping beauty woke up and yawned and said; mom why can’t you delay the sunshine i wanna sleep more and he drank milk from poorva’s hands

poorva ; when will my laksh learn to wake on his own

laksh ; never till as his morning starts with his mother’s blessing and his day ends with his sister’s hug

poorva ; now get up and get ready today is first day of your collage

poorva went out and laksh dressed up in navy blue shirt and dark blue jacket and royal blue jeans and went towards his guitar and started singing
i am doing all this all for you
you’ll be their i already knew
but still i’ll compete with your attitude
as when you fight you look cute
and he giggled .laksh was blessed with mesmerising voice and was awesome singer and sanskar was awesome at instruments and voice and tunes are like soul and heart but laksh and sanskar were poles apart

in rai singhania mansion

sumi was ordering some servants then suddenly abhimanyu came wearing a dark violet jeans white shirt and violet blazer and touched her feet

sumi straightening his collar said today my son is looking so handsome that all the girls gona die my his killer looks.

abhi: mama stop kidding today i’ll gona sort diamonds from bunch of stones so i too need to look shinning

sumi : i know today you are going to select new members for your group and best of luck and all my blessings are with you

and what about me came a voice from behind and it was swara

abhi : whatever i have is all yours my dear

sumi; sumi now what else you want my spoilt devil

swara: i can demand anything as i know my dad and brother will give it to me

abhi gave a assuring smile to swara while sumi gave a insecure smile

abhi : now hurry up for the collage and ask ragini too to accompany us

sumi : stop stop why you all are always in hurry hah what about breakfast

they all set on the dinning table dadi at cente and abhi n swara on her both sides and ragini sat next to swara while sumi was serving them as dadi never let servants serve swara or abhimanyu even she always gave first bite herself to them which irked sumi and annoyed ragini a lot
now they sat in their blue porsche .then suddenly something came in abhi’s mind and he said to swara “you go with ragini i will come with a suprise ” and he winked to her swara understood his plan and smiled back

at maheshwari mansion
whole family was sitting at dinning table while dp was at centre poorva and uttra on his either sides and laksh next to uttra and sanskar sat next to next of poorva .there was complete silence while then suddenly sanskar headed towards his keys then suddenly

dp [in stern tone] : wait for your sis and bro they will also accompany them .this changed expressions of all

uttra : dad today i will have grand entry so i can’t

dp ; it’s ok then sanlak will go and hope you both don;t have any problem as i will not hesitate in blocking ca….

sanlak in unison before dp could complete : we’ll enjoy each others company

dp gigled in his heart but kept the same look

precap; clash of swara and laksh at entrace and raging of seniors by our freshars

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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  1. I want to know whether it is only about Swara or ragini also.

    1. ITΒ΄S ABOUT ALL 5 of them pls read earlier links for knowing the 5

  2. love swalak

  3. awesome make swalak yrr plzzzzz but no swasan .

  4. i wanted to know that…. as swara is also the daughter of sumi…..then why she only cares for ragini and abhi????? as you said sumi gave insecure smile to swara and irked by dadi’s care towards swara and abhi….. i just cant understand can u just explain in brief????? plzzzz..

    1. Because it is a mystery

  5. Your story is amazing and I hope it’s swasan…

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