friends hope you are enjoying my ff but please read all the previous episodes as it will clear all your doubts about pairs and characters so i am providing links also
now let’s get started

that young girl was none other than your ragini

ragini: good morning mama why are you waking me so early

shumi:because your dadi has called you as your brother and sister had already took her blessings now it’s your turn or i may say you
are late

ragini woke up very fastly from bed and with a sarcastic look she said

ragini:mama even you know what blessing she gona give to me

shumi: beta she is your dadi she loves you and that’s why expects this from you

shumi went out and ragini looked at pic of her and swara and said

ragini: though you are my elder sis but i have vowed to protect you and i will till my last breath as whether you love me or not but i love you the most as you are the reason of secure smile on my mom dad’s face and it never matters that dadi reminds me daily or not she said all this holding a diamond bracelet of swaragini on her wrist .this was her first birthday gift and promise to her parents
from childhood swara was loved the most in the house and even their room was all made according to swara’s choice as her favourite was blue .moreover to make ragini shadow of swara ‘she was admited to school one year before her age with swara .from choosing stream to going collage ragini was just her shadow and ragini never complained [ why mystery]

ragini got ready and wore orange top over white jeans’applied light make up and left her hair open and suddenly swara entered in the room and said you are looking fab now come on go dadi is calling

ragini:now you should also get ready for your dream land

swara went into the bathroom and came after wearing a royal blue top with white jacket and white jeans and took her pen and her diary and wrote

aaj udhane sapno ke asmaan me
ladneis matlabi jahan se
ja rahi hu nidhar ho kar
pana chahti bas hu tujhe sab seh kar

swara loved to write and it was her habbit to write all secrets of her in he r diary in a way no one can recognise suddenly she opened her locked casket and lovingly stared a pic and said you the only reason of me doing all this and one day you will be mine she again locked the cakset and hided the key in her diamond locket of heart with s engraved in centre

ragini entered dadi’s room

ragini: good morning your highness how can i serve you [ sarcastically]

dadi: nothing just you to remember your only reason of coming in this world to serve my grand daughter

ragini: oh really i know my reasons very well moreover i love my sis more than anything my dear dadi

and ragini went out

scene shifts to rajasthan a huge antique palace is seen and suddenly a large room with walls decorated in shade of black and grey are seen welcoming the sunlight
a large life like mirror is seen in front of the bed and all walls decorated with priceless show pieces and numerous pics of our hero are seen
then a handsome and dashing figure is seen yawning and removing his blanket this none other than randhir singh shekhawat

randhir: sanjay [his servsnt] where’s my coffee [yelling]

sanjay: sir [giving coffee to him] .harsh sir has called you immediately

randhir : tell him to not to dare order me or i will be least bothered about him

sanjay: woh woh s..s..sir…

randhir: now get out

randhir woke up and got ready in royal blue jeans with white shirt and white jacket looking complementary to his mad lover

then he went to a large hall and a middle aged man is standing there

randhir: what do you want da,..[he stopped] i mean your highness { in harsh tone}
that men frowned on this and he turned his face is revealed he is none other than harshwardhan

harsh: now what happened why are you angry son

randhir: son really then who orders his son hah

harsh : i am soory and how easily you get furious how will you handle yourself in kolkata my dear

randhir: you don’t worry i know myself better than anyone so you stay out of this. my flight is of today evening you just do the arrangement i will myself start countdown of destruction of maheshwaries .he smiled a evil smile but he was looking dam hot like just eating him [ i have terrible crush on him]

he went in his room and opened his diary and took a locket in his hand and said tum bhi to wahi ho
and he started painting something very close to his heart and after finishing that pic he said i will never let my heart win over my mind because of you and he spoiled his own painting and yelled you will be mine but you will never dominate me

he is one of the best painter

scene shifts to kolkata

and swara is seen uttering i am just waiting for you and remembering her dance performance of sixth with someone who is her life now
she said
tere ehsaso meh jee rahi hu me
har sans me bass tera intezaar kar rahi hu

precap : intro of sanlak and uttra

Credit to: KUSHAGRA


  1. Superbbb i think it same to ze tv show but yaaa u have used it in a wonderful way ..bui just wanna say don’t make it swasan u can male swlak or swara wid someone else…

  2. lata

    i think that the mysterious couple were swandhir (swara and randhir) whereas sanskaar took laksh love interest as swara and in order to defeat him he gets obsessed with her due to which he got shot 11 time and died on the spot where as ragini was in guilt of not saving swara…..that’s wat is running in my mind and just waitng for next update and by the way… i great thought and creativity of idea….and i too like randhir πŸ˜‰


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