friends i am overwhelmed by your support,thanks a lot for your support and priceless advice of self satisfaction.i am really sorry for late updates as due to holi i was extremely busy and plz don’t ask about pairs as love is just a object to establish monopoly for our leads so true soul mates are really mystery

so lets get started with some glimpse of incidents which made base of this game of punishment and justice

in a elegant and large royal mansion a very old lady dressed in jewels was staring the entrance this lady is none other than shekar’s mother and the head of rai singhania family. she was remembering the same day about 25 years ago when some bank persons and other officials were standing in front of their house they helplessly left it. this mere thought turned her pale but suddenly one voice echoed in her ears”i will give you financial support mrs rai singhania but instead of it your son need to accept me as his wife” though a the most pleasant thing of that moment for rai singhania’s became a nightmare for them in span of time.her eyes turned red on remembering consequences of that diplomatic weeding then she turned and a room sizepicture of her son smiling with a lady and two sweet angels lighten up her mood .soon the first meeting with the best fashion designer sharmishta raichand and coming that long lost smile of her son made her smile in a elegant way.from very first meeting see loved the elegant blend of tradition and modernity in the daughter of crown prince of maharpur . and for shekhar and sharmista it was love at first sight. suddenly a young boy came and hugged that lady and after touching her feet said” about what you are thinking your highness ”

that lady said : good morning abhimanyu god bless you and you like your dad your name your dadi is thinking about the moment when your dad made her proudest person in the world and chose free struggle of life instead of living in that golden cage
abhimanyu [turning red in anger] : why you are spoiling your day by thinking about that lady who defamed the named of a female by being a bad daughter , worse wife and worst mother
dadi: yes i am thinking about that janki as she was the reason because of whom my son took a stand and got such a life partner and moreover she has also gifted me the armour of my family that’s you abhi abhimanyu : i don’t have any relation with her and till today that faint memory of her insulting dad and dragging mama out of our house haunts me .dadi it was mama who gave me love of a mother she only used to lock me up or beat me and dadi i have seen dad struggling for finances for raising their livelihood with mama , for entire one year living without any luxuries in that small flat i was only birth of my swara that papa earned our house, respect and this royalty back

dadi : by the way where is my jewel is she still wondering in her world of thoughts or roaming in the lawn.

“talk about the devil and devil is here” suddenly a enchanting voice came from back and the owner of that voice was our cute and charming swara hugged her dadi and then her brother

dadi : good morning my cute pie who said you are a devil you are the blessing ,whose birth even soothsayers predicted as result of all
the good deeds done by our family [ this is one of the reason why all are partial towards swara as she is the child born with special godly blessings and after her birth everthing changed in live’s of rai singhania’s and even today in whatever work swara is involved that itself prosphers ]

abhimanyu : what happened my most auspicious devil you seem glowing more than sunshine of today is it result of finishing a new plot ,story or is this excitement for new collage

swara: bhai it is happiness of joining your collage ,it feeling of delight obtained by thinking of joining your party and following your foot steps

suddenly dadi noticed a scratch on wrist of swara which reminded her of the worst incident of their lives from childhood swara had a habit of winning she never lost anything but when she was in 5th class she came second in dance competition.though swara was diva of her school but she hated dancing as she found it extremely sissy but one day but one day when swara insulted divya then she the dancing champion of school challenged her in interclass competition swara very boldly laid a bet that whoever will make other wear her shoes .swara in week prepared for what divya was preparing from years and still she came second but the day after coming form school she destroyed her room broke everything and even tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist but it was ragini who came in mean time and hugged her and took all her anger away .though swara never found her as good companion but still found solace in her arms and dance was the reason which made her meet her obsession

suddenly dadi said ; where is ragini is she still sleeping .ramesh [their servent] go and ask sumi [sharmista] to send ragini immediately
dadi .abhi and swara were shocked seeing dadi turning pale with fear suddenly she hugged swara and said; pz control your anger beta you are our life beta
though swara was blessed but it was predicted that she will be extremely aggressive and stubborn and her aggression will end her .so after doing lot of prayers ragini was demanded from god as her protection and even dadi asked priests to transfer all problems of swara to ragini
swara broke the hug and said i will handle and goes out with her bhai

a huge room made by combinig two rooms was seen central wall was of royal blue and other were filled with different shades of blue and a life like pic of swara and our heavenly beauty was seen in front of the king size bed. suddenly a middle aged lady came and said wake up my dear new sun is waiting for borrowing beauty from you and then personification of beauty is seen

precap: true ragini and our heroes

wait for the next

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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