friends it was really heart breaking that none of u commented or i guess none of u even read first intro of this story still today i am posting personality traits of characters and it is my humble request plz read the first intro of this ff

so lets start
the most important characters of my ff are

swara rai singhania [helly shah] : 20 year old royal princess born to crown prince of banpur rajasthan and top businessman of eastern india the shekhar rai singhania and most famous fashion designer of kolkata sharmishta raichand .she was born and bought up in kolkata but royalty and arrogance flowed in her blood.instead using i she used swara as if talking about third person.she was stubborn ,arrogant and as determined as north star was what she want she get’s it by hook or crook .she is extremely passionate and is blessed with the talent of playing with words i.e. she is a excellent writer and very influential speaker who can deliberately use any emotion. she is opportunist,scheming is part of her life,highly competitive and extremely selfish.she may love her family but that love is so casual that for any silly thing she can bash on them .she is attached to only her dadi from whom she learned how to handle power and authority, her dad whom replica she wanted to be ,her elder brother abhimanyu whom she sees as her armour. swara knows that whatever she does right or wrong but her brother will never let her hurt swara is fully immature and never things before taking any step and responsibility she does not even know what that is.her only dream is to rule all over and she is obsessed with one of the hero but hides as she does not want to bear his rejection but wants to earn him

ragini rai singhania [tejaswani wanglekar] : sibling of swara about one year younger to her but less selfish and very responsible and protective towards swara though swara is elder but still she is the one who had vowed to shield her born to royal family she is arrogant and vain because she is extremely beautiful that’s why fully vain and can’t tolerate any competitor and knows very well how to remove that. she loves her family a lot but is most attached to her mom and extremely afraid of her dadi and there is some much of awkwardness between her and abhimanyu as abhimanyu is their step brother and she had spend very less time with him she is the only one who loves one of the hero but hates to admit

uttra maheshwar [kirtida mystry -former lead of piya rangrezz]: she is royal princess of durgpur and eldest daughter of durga prasad the most famous business man of kolkata and annapurna and is important political figure among youth of kolkata .she is the top leader of one the famous party of the city . she arch rival of abhimanyu in truth she wants to him to be hers but is well aware that he is her rival so had hold her heart like her and loves her sibling laksh but hates the youngest sibling sanskar .she from core of his heart she hates randhir she is vain but she is beauty with brains and she is mean but not back staber and do anything for laksh she is highly opportunist and competitive

now it’s turn of our heroes

randhir singh shekawat [pram singh-lead of sadda haq]; he is crown price of amber rajasthan who did his schooling till 6th in rajasthan then his parents divorced so he spend one year in kolkata at his maternal uncle durga parsad’s home with his mother renuka maheshwari but after it went back to rajasthan at his father’s palace.but that one year or i may say that one performance made him someone’s world at his he is the most selfish,arrogant but handsome man ever born.he can go to any length for his will.he is genius and he hates his maternal family and this is the only reason he has came back in kolkata .he even can back stab anyone for his pleasure and he loves to use people. he is apple of his parents eyes but he loves only one thing that is top authorityhe he can even use one who loves him the most for his revenge

laksh maheshwari [namish taneja]; he is royal prince of durgpur rajasthan born to durga prasad maheswari the and annapurna and is mean just like his sis and even he hates randhir but hates his younger sibling sanskar the most .he thinks that he is the best person ever born. he is obsessed with one of the heroine but always fights with her as he do not want her to think that he is desperate and dominate him .he is intelligent and arc rival of swara .he can go to any length to defeat and insult sanskar but he is not a back stabber
sanskar maheshwari: he one year younger to laksh but delibrately hates laksh and defeating laksh is his only aim he is cheap and can back stab anyone for his goal he is least bothered about randhir but can join his hands with him to destroy laksh he hascompletly lacks moral values and wants to snatch laksh’s obsession but want ironical is ‘is that he have wrong assumption of laksh’s obsession

abimanyu raichand [ gaurav s bajaj]; he is the eldest son of shekhar and janki.he was just two year old when his biological mother left and he hates her .he loves swara most and her wish is his duty .he is most important leader of youth of kolkata and is very intelligent , valiant and scheming.but believes in certain principles of life is quite mature and responsible

now some supporting characters like
sherkar ;fully vain partial towards abhimanyu and swara and loves ragini the least the reason is mystry

sharmista; a good mother,better wife and best designer had done a mistake in past for which her children’s future will be at stake

dadi[sorry friends i don’t know her name];powerful and partial like shekhar

durga prasad [dp] loves all his children equally .bit humble

annapurna: late mother of uttra ,laksh and sankar

purva[sakshi tanvat] : younger sis of annapurna and 2nd wife of dp. dp married her for sake of his children loves uttra and laksh a lot but ignores sanskar

friends plz comment in next one i will start story from starting and give glimpse of incidents which made are leads like this but if none of u commented then i will not torture u to read and will stop writing

Credit to: KUSHAGRA


  1. shanaya

    Nice hi khushagra your ff is very nice and intresting too keep writing and don’t worry about comments and all they are secondry what comes first is self satisfaction i can say say this becuse iam also a ff writer

  2. Sinzo

    different concept….little confusing among characters but it will be solved in next episode…… nice concept something different….plzz give equal importance to all characters ……
    plzzz continue……and best of luck for ur ff…… 🙂

  3. Labdhi

    Nice ff and dear I m also a writer so it is just my advice if u don’t get comments don’t get upset but ur idea is awesome

  4. Thanks a lot but in next part the incidents of their lives will be revealed and pairs are still a mystry for me as all ly characters dont know what does love means

  5. Lucky

    U r ff is really different.. I just loved it…only ragsan are innocent y family hates ragsan…it is quite interesting

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