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episode 15

let’s began

trio[swarandhirsan] was discussing about their next step then they suddenly noticed uttra coming out of abhi’s office

ron : i think someone has realized her her position that why has gone to abhi bhai to beg for mercy

sanky : yeah tomorrow brother was demanding apology in drunk state now i think sis has came for the same

swara : though my bhai is very benevolent but only towards humans not towards rich witches who think they rule the world

sanky : i wish we could fo something for her

uttra ; mind your tongues

ran : we did not mention your name then why are you fuming

trio giggled

uttra : enjoying our condition na now just wait and watch how i turn your world upside down

swara : better you be aware of your end

uttra : save your pleasant voice for soothing some special of yours dear

and uttra left without waiting for their reply

sanky : i smell a rat something wrong gonna happen

ron[ caring tone ] : take care of yourself swara

swara : aaj pathar ko aag ki phikr kyo hai
aaj sagar tofano kyu katra raha hai

sanskar :pathr dar raha hai kahi aag bhuj na jay
sagar thum raha taki kohi lehar bikhar na jay

ran : kyu na dare pathar akhir aag se hi uski kemat hai
kyu na samhe sagar tofan hi toh uski rokawat hai

swara : i not the weakest to be afraid

sanskar : you are most important to be cared

swara and randhir glanced at him in confusion

sanskar : as you are the key to our success

they swnsed that some trouble gonna come but little did they know of the tornado

in the evening suddenly lot of reporters came to abhi’s office accompanied with lot of protesters raising slogans related to woman empowerment he was perplexed suddenly reporter’s started pouncing with questions on abhi like hungry hyena’s on their prey

reporter 1 : who do you think you are to say that women are incapable of holding any position

repo 2 : even in this century you think women are weak

repo3 : how dare you disrespect a female

the slogans of abhimanyu is the shame of ykp started coming from back

abhi : shut up you all all these allegations are wrong are even i have 2 sis then how can i disrespect females

repo : then is that video fake or you are pretending

abhi : which vedio

somebody from the public played the convo of uttra and abhi that took place in the morning but his last dialogue of edited and that ended on his yes

abhi : this is wrong aree this is incomplete

repo : so you had badmouthed more than this shame on you being hr of ykp

whole crowd started shouting resign resign and uttra man we want you back etc etc

abhi was shocked and broken he never dared to insult a women and he was alleged for this only soon trio also came there

randhir and sanky took abhi away from people safely while they all were really socked

precap : don’t know

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  1. nice one n the poetry is awesome. r y wriring another ff plz post that also.

  2. sorry to say but this is difficult to understand..

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