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episode 14


in mahewari mansion everybody was tensed as it was 12 a clock and laksh was not at home and uttra have not opened her room’s door from the moment she has arrived from collage it was only sanky who was enjoying all these things .when he to dine the expressions of his family was worth watching so after enjoying is meal heartily he captured them in a pic irking all of them and then forwarded it to his partners in crime making them laugh a little .either they were praying to god to keep laksh safe or were praying to uttra to open the her door .suddenly some police men whom dp has appointed to track laksh location came with laksh in pathetic condition .shabby hair ,drunk body .they told whole family that laksh went straight in bar and gulped alcohol like fish gulp water and was uttering only one thing that i am sorry di continuously .on hearing about laksh’s arrival uttra came out of her room in a devastated state and their snaps made sanskar ‘randhir and swara’s stomach ache because of the laughter session but uttra was determined to take revenge
ragini also saw pics of laksh and wanted to cry but laughed for the sake of swara and fear of dadi

swara,’randhir and sanky were on conference call

swara : good night my crime in partners have a peaceful sleep

randhir ; i am not interested in wasting my entire night in dreaming instead of making our next plan

sanskar : even in my dreams only revenge comes so i am ok with sleep

swara[flirty tone ] : sleep ron who knows you see your life in your dream i mean the bridge to achieve your lives mission and sankar try to dream about our victory instead of pain you beard from childhood

ron ; you enjoy your fairy tale life and let us be the dark princes of our games

sankar : my pain is my power don’t snatch it from me bye

and he left them

swara : ron try to dream about someone special hope you get your sleep and now bye

ron : i will bye

in collage campus whole atmosphere was filled with curiosity that who will secure max votes and will became next hr of sap yes it was voting day for students and d day for candidates

soon uttra entered the campus and students started mocking about her and laksh

stud 1 : see who has came to cast her vote our dear ex hr

stud 2 : where is her bodyguard cum brother laksh

stud 3 : may be at hiding below his bed or in his second home guess what lock up

stud 1 ; yeah the final destination of druggie’s

stud 3 : are no no he the maheshwari he may be enjoying in a rave party

uttra wanted to shut them all but controlled herself and just bashed in head office of ykp

here abhi was sitting with some members and were discussing something important and she bashed in

uttra : what you think of yourself abhimanyu rai singhania

abhi : who the hell you are to ask oh i forget hr no i mean ex hr of sap

uttra : what you think only you men can me good hr

member 1 : yes you girls are worst in handling any thing

uttra : even you think same abhi

abhimanyu : yes girls like you are good for nothing

uttra : now just wait any watch \

abhi ; get lost

pecap ; game begins

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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