thank’s friends for your response . sinzo it was really grateful of you to suggest actors but actually i was asking pair name like swandhir are for for swara and randhir similarly iwant something for uttra and abhimanyu as i was unable to make a sensible one and the actors which i have imagined for them are mentioned in episode two .sorry if you disliked them

let’s start

in rai singhanias mansion

swara got dressed in black knee length dress and saw rd’s pic and said in her heart now i am complementing and she went to dadi and abhi for her morning blessings. abhimanyu was dressed in blue jeans and white shirt and looking stunning with well jelled hairs

swara could not control her curiosity : bhai is it anything special today

even dadi was perplexed

abhi : yes today we’ll goona enjoy fun of head representative of sap

swara : i will love to enjoy that laksh’s sad face

soon they went

in the collage campus

rai singhania’s and maheshwari’s came face to face whole collage gathered their as they knew a bang is gonna begin

ragini saw laksh once and her heart burned as most confident face of laksh was now feeling depressed and wanted to hide from whole crowd

ragini :are you ok laksh

laksh : what

swara : what the hell you are concerned about him

ragini realised what she uttered and composed herself

ragini : are di i mean the i am the best attitude king is giving i am the worst look’s today .so i just wondered [sarcastic tone with sorry eyes but unnoticed by the forgiver ]

sounds of laughs from students

laksh : at this moment i feeling blessed as self proclaimed miss universe is caring about me [same tone ]

lil laugh

ragini : actually i have habit of melting for weak even if they are my enemies


laksh : oh it’ss a nice habit but wounds make lions more dangerous instead of weakening them

sounds of lil claps

ragini :whether lion or a mouse after all animals are animals who need human attention and care

burst of laughs

laksh : only brainy can understand phrases after all every one is not beauty with brains

loud laugh

ragini : such a confidence after facing all that really requires good presence of mind

laksh : don’t go on that

ragini :why does that hurts

suddenly someone came there clapping and went to ragini he was none other than reason of swara’s skipped beats

randhir : tom enough for this episode tom your jerry is afraid

both ralak stared him

laksh : be some much mature man grow up of these cartoons

ragini : he did not mention that these are cartoons means you already knew that mr grown up grandpa

laksh : someone please mix glue in her gloss to save our planet from noise pollution

burst of laughs

ragin :first your lips should be sealed to do this

laksh : shut up you silly cat

ragini : you

before she could complete bell rang and all headed towards the classes

swara bumped with someone and was about tpo fall so closed her eyes and then she realised herself in someone’s arms she wished it to be of her randhir but destiny

swara :thanks sankar for saving me

sanskar :it’s ok after all you are the reason behind my baby brother’s pain so how can i let you hurt

swara : what are beyond words sanskar i wish if i could understand you

sanskar : no one can do that swara

sanskar left leaving swara perplexed then one tap on her shoulder froze her his touch made her mad

swara before turning : randhir

randhir in stern tone : don’t dare to sit next to me in class

swara in hurt tone : ok

randhir : i don;t want to get distracted by your fragrance

swara in happy tone : even i want to be attentive

as the class began a new teacher came

mr shah : before starting a class i would like to introduce top 5 rankers or in direct words 6 jewels of our collage
i’ll them to stand and give reason behind their rank in single word or sentence

all stood up

precap :witty replies of topper’s and fight between two parties

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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