is it justice of life
friends hope u will welcome budding writer like me though i can’t dare to say that mine story would be best as some writers like neha, aryana and many more have made me experience goosebumps due to their innovation but still i promise u that i will make sure u get engrossed in it

so lets start

about 15 gunmen and more than 50 people were present there and three bodies i lying in the the blood poll in which there was a girl between them it appears like she came front of the bullet fired towards the boy behind her and what ironical was one bullet has pierced their hearts seems like that the fear of losing each other bounded them and one hand of that girl was lying in the hand of boy behind her their blood was mixed in each other like they were soul mates but other hand was forcibly held by boy that boy was the one who had came in front of that girl and beard as much as 11 bullets and may have fallen after that it was his love for girl or obsession but that was really terrifying .one girl was vigorously crying near and yelling ‘” no i can’t fail to protect her. no this can happen ‘”and one another boy was begging in front of gunmen”s “in my whole life i even not have requested someone but i am begging in front of u plz save their lives he said pointing towards the girl and her boy ” but all was in vain all this was happening in a royal building like it belonged to billionaires even all the people seemed ultra rich but they were not able to pay their cost of live they were like penniless in front of those gunmen;s suddenly some memories stabbed yes stabbed in minds of that boy and girl and they both yelled is this justice of life

yo people have read love stories but this story is of obsession,passion,thirst for power ‘mistakes,arrogance,revenge,games,backstabbing,talents and the leads will be all negative and will remain same till last and they will we punished same way
and more thing from next time i will give intro characters and even the incidents which made them like this and their hobbies and feelings for each other hope u appreciate wait for the next
and sorry for the picture i know it is not appealing but plz comment i need your support

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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