Justice and Injustice in swaragini

guys to which character cvs do full justice in swaragini? undoubtedly it is the character of sanskar.. they made his character such a beautiful and one most most loved character in indian history.. cvs give 100% justice to his character.. made his character a dream to every girl.. ( actually i can’t believe that RS production house can made such a wonderful character).. cvs made him most perfect hero of television.. so from cvs his characterization is 100% ..

Then our swara.. cvs give 80% justice to her character. . unlike other female leads they show her strong, confident and little selfish .. we all agree that she is perfect for sanskar.. a girl who can do anything for her family.. but they made her weak on sometimes.. in devar bhahi track and all she was little confused.. her love for baba maa and ragini was blind.. it made her little weak.. but yet they made her perfect heroine.. but the main injustice they do to her was her cloths and jewellery.. while ragini get god dress and jewellery, they give over used and old fashioned cloths and weird jewellery to swara.. only because of helly’s charm she look good with that boring attire..

Then ragini’s character.. honestly speaking they don’t give much justice to her character.. her character was very sweet.. and tejaswi agreed to play that sweet and shy lead character.. teju was not ready to play a negative character.. but they convinced her.. to a particular phase that negative character was impressive.. when the malkin track begin her character lost it.. they made ragini’s character weird.. then they make her character positive without any proper redemption or anything.. they ignored her character .. and now in positive phase people couldn’t connect with her character.. cvs give her odd and weird dialogues like she didn’t try to take any life and all.. after positive phase cvs neglect her character.. according to me cvs do injustice to her character..

next laksh.. well cvs give most injustice to his character.. they just ignored his character.. while making sanskar’s character perfect they made laksh’s character most weak and confused.. once we all think that his character is main lead.. but now they made him a side character.. his character was and is the most ignored character among leads..

i really criticize cvs for this.. they don’t know how to carry a story with 2 jodies.. seriously they have no idea what to do with ragini’s and laksh’s character now.. this is not fault of that characters.. this cvs made it this way.. result is fan wars.. dear fans if you want to bash anyone then bash cvs.. they are the reason for this all.. they made each fan group hate each other.. actors are just doing their job.. so please don’t bash them..

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  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Truly said Jwala……..i totally agree with you…

  2. I agree… Laksh’s character is most confusing character… Initially he was spoilt brat.. Then he turns sanskari… Then impulsive.. . Then obsessive for swara… Then turns negative… They crossed the limit when they made laksh slap shekhar that was most disgusting part of His character… Though namish has nailed in each and every shade of his character…

    N I love Swara’s old look with anarkali lehngha’s n straight hair… That was perfect look.. . To be honest in saree m curly hair she looks lyk a 12th grader who has worn saree in farewell….

  3. u r absolutely correct but i feel that more injustice towards to namish only…..

  4. I think they are giving priorities to each couple alternately….after the kavitha’s issue against swasan,kavya’s issue against raglak….now it’s swasan problem are visualising….after this i think next will be related to raglak…
    I agree with you for helly’s attire…
    I love varun’s character….sanskaar…you said true that we wish to get a hubby like him…caring,loving,friendly……..i love it

    I like both swasan and raglak…but honestly speaking i love swasan….they are an awesome couple who attracted me after manan…..

  5. i agree to u

  6. I agree with you. Actually I am a ragini fan and when the cvs made her negative I was really disappointed. Now again they are neglecting her character so I stopped watching this serial. For swara I think they have given her at least 90% importance bcoz when ragini was negative they gave swasan a lot of importance and if you noticed that raglak marriage track just went so fast and memory loss is going for so long and ragini’s negative part was also so long as swasan was important that time. It’s just my pov. I am not bashing any character. May be I am criticising the cvs??

    1. The show’s name is Swaragini so if laksh or sanskar don’t get importance it is understood but at least both swara and ragini should get equal impotance. That my pov☺

  7. U r right dear… I too feel exactly the same…… According to me u r 100% correct… CVS r responsible for everything… Its not the mistake of characters… They r not responsible for the injustice done to other characters only CVS.. I too feel bad about swara and ragini aka helly and tejaswi when their fans badmouth about each other

  8. I agree with u the CVS are doing injustice with raglak….I just wish temish quit the show….bcoz they have brilliant talent….I dont want them to act in swaragini where there talent is being misused…..n I dont want teju to get bashed by some fans bcoz of the CVS….really it hurts when somebody use tejaswi name to bash ragini….

  9. No , its not like that , see if memory loss track is of raglak all would bash saying only raglak gets separated not swasan , and only true swaragini fans ( like me ) can understand this , as far as i notice ragini is strength of swara , without swara ragini is incomplete and without ragini swara is incomplete , i am heltej fan , and one more thing if u regularly watch swaragini u will know that always ragini makes swara realize that they r swaragini , so please stop fighting , understand the meaning of swaragini , we should bring positiveness not negitiveness , sorry if anybody got hurt , BUT PLEASE STOP BASHING SWARA , HELLY .

    1. what you are saying? I’m the biggest helly fan here.. if you have doubt just check in india forum site. you can see my posts and under that my signature.. then you can understand what helly means to me.. i love helly to the core.. i can’t in my dreams i will not say anything against helly.. she is my jaan.. i love her more than anyone in swaragini.. I’m a swara fan. love her to bits

      1. U took me wrong jwala , i was supporting u saying that we should not bash helly because i saw in fb and insta they were bashing her

  10. Injustice towards raglak

  11. Absolutely
    Totally agreed with you

  12. Yeah i agree with u…….nd coming to looks they give nice looks to ragini bt no importance in story nd they give wierd looks bt mst important charecter in d story….they really dont knoow to maintain a serial with two jodis they shld learn something frm serials like EK HAZAROON MEIN MERI BEHNAA HAI…..they used to give equal imp for both d jodiss nd they showed love btwn sisters nt hatred…..i jz watched dz serial fr 2 months dat too bcz of vk bt i lterally regret watching..it doesnt have anyy moral values

  13. *weird looks to swara

  14. Yupp l totally agree with u . Raglak are the most ignored character of the story. Truly l am most unsatisfied the way they are ignoring ragini’s character after her redemption.
    I think they have forgot that the name is Swaragini not just swara.

    1. And I truly wish that this show ends as soon as possible or Teja leaves this crap show.

  15. I loved Ragini’s character as a negetive person(that was not negetive actually she just wanted her love) she was s good in that character i loved her possessiveness toward lakshya (That time her character was jaan of the serial at that time and i loved her most at that time ) but after that what they did was total khichdi. Both the love story never blossomed properly it was as if they were in some hurry swara’s love towards sanskar was not shown properly while in turn of raglak they made everything so fast that i lost the track of their story (in Raglak story same happened as it happen’d with swara in swasan they are not given proper time to blossom). At the end i guess sanskar had been the best character of the show he was been crafted very carefully only if same importance been given to swara to then it must have been the bestest couple of Tellyworld (they are best already :P)

    1. Swasan is the second best couple and always ll be as the 1st position only belongs to ArShi???
      No one can come close to them so forget ur dreams…
      Arshi rocks forever and after!!!
      Jalne walo Jalte raho???

    2. Swasan is indeed d best! I liked many couples before. But never was crazy for them like i m for swasan.

  16. Agree with you coz swasan are not givrn good outfits how many times they repeat their outfits while raglak are only given outfits they don’t come in the story only. They are given roles as supporting actors.

  17. thats really true jwala laksh character was most confusing…
    and the serial’s name is swaragini but according to me in this serial swara gets more … no.. no most importance and looks ya they gave nice luks to ragini but no importance……….
    i sometimes thnk that this serial is of swasan only…
    they dnt giv importance to raglak

  18. Completely agree wt you. Writers nd RS r doing injustice wt both ragini nd lalsh character. they casted 4 leads but don’t know how to balance thm. In all teju and nami got stuck. Inspite of being talented they r completely sidelined. I wish temish quit this biased SR they deserve much better thn this crap shw..

  19. Jwala di, I am younger than u a lot more younger. But I strongly believe that swasan pairing is the best and always would be. It’s 100% sure. In second position only raglak pairing. In the show they must concentrate on swasan 75% and 25% on raglak. Pls forgive me if I hurted u. But I said my opinion. And I believe that I am free to say My opinion, i am just gonna be 13. But i am swasan fan. And i hate swalak and ragsan pairing.

    1. Hello choti!!! Myself too a big Swasan fan but 1 piece of advice. If u don’t like some pairs, say that u don’t like them not ‘hate’ them as many people have their own preferences and they might feel hurt….as Jwala mentioned we need to stop the random fan wars, we should start from this. And if u begin fretting over and hating fictional characters don’t know in real world u ll be facing a lot of problems and it’s just an irrational show like many other shows, so chillax

  20. I am agree with you priyu. You are right If memory loss track happend between Raglak. Other Fans bash saying that Only Raglak gets separated not swasan. And about importance all are getting equal importance. Dont you think guyz When Ragini’s death drama was there we hardly get swasan seens. On that track only we see Raglak seens. And this is a story of two sisters. So It is not necessary that what will happen with Swara that happen with Ragini. After Swara Memory track I am sure CVS will sure give importance to Raglak. They are giving Sode Importance.

    1. Sorry in last sentence it is side importance.

  21. Yes….it is high time that we stop these fan-wars. I know we all have our personal favs and we can’t connect with few characters….so lets not bother ourselves bashing them and stop these fights. Some ppl (i’m not talking about all) really use offensive words while bashing.

    I understand CVs experiment with d characters and tracks based on popular demand. But atleast they should give proper redemption track if a character is turning positive.

    Coming to costumes….they really gave some bad costumes (not all but few) to helly and varun. Only their looks made them look good even in those. Besides those costumes, i really loved d rest. And now they r giving bad costumes to tejaswi. I think they should give all actors good ones.

  22. I am agree with you jwala…your right

  23. U r right
    When will u update ur ff jwala di?????

  24. Yeah ur right. Most injustice is done to Namish though I’m his big fan. Honestly. they made RagLak so boring that I really change the channel when its their scenes. I think they are making SwaSan story interesting by adding elements but RagLak story is just toooo bad! But still Nam and Teju have nailed their characters be it positive or negative. They are just fab!

    And Varun has been the most impressive actor for me. His character is just beyond amazing.

    Helly is again awesome.

  25. u r ri8 jwala . kaash d cvs see dis nd make decisions…….

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