Just us – Swasan episode 3


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The next morning, Swara went to her as usual morning jogging and Sumi was trying to wake up Ragini but she was adamant.

Sumi: what will I do with this girl; she just does not want to listen to me. This Swara is making her a brat; I need to talk to Swara.

Swara came back and Sumi started scolding her.

Sumi: See, it’s all your fault. You always cover up for Ragini and now, she is becoming like a wild brat. You should stop covering up for her and make her responsible as you are.

Swara took her by shoulders and said that she is just a kid right now. She will herself understand when she will get a little older. Right now, let’s leave and do some work.

Sumi: Stop helping me too. Now, you go to the office too so why need to do double work? Are you a superwoman?

Swara smiled and went back to her bedroom to clean it. She took a shower and changed back to her office clothes. She wore a black tank top with a white blazer and black dress pant with her hair down. She looked really pretty with light makeup. She came down and by that time, Ragini also got ready for her college wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts with her hair in a bun.

Sumi: What should I do with this girl? See your didi, she is all ready but you look like you didn’t even take a shower.

Ragini: Mom it’s just a college not a fashion show or an office where I had to impress someone right, Swara didi?

Swara was drinking water but suddenly after hearing what Ragini said, she choked badly.

Sumi had to leave early for her office so she left and after, Swara hit Ragini on the back and went for the office. Nana and nani gave a suspicious look to Ragini and Ragini said that she was just joking. They got sad because they really want someone to enter in Swara’s life so that she can be happy and carefree from all these unnecessary responsibilities. Ragini said that it would happen soon as she can feel it.

In the office, everyone was doing work as usual so Swara decided to go to Sanskar’s office to ask for today’s file that she has to work on.

Swara: Should I go or not? Or should I just ask Alicia for it which would be a better idea as I feel that Sanskar sir would get mad at me?

She entered the office anyway but when she opened the door, she collided with him and fell. Her eyes were tightly clutched but some protective hands held her at the right moment. He was looking at her lovingly; she opened her eyes and saw Sanskar already staring at her. They both had a beautiful eye lock, which lasted for couple of seconds. Swara realized their position and tried to get up which jerked Sanskar from his dream world. They both got up and were embarrassed. There was complete silence for a minute when suddenly to break it, Swara asked for her today’s work.

Sanskar: Ask Alicia as I am going for some work. Never come to my cabin without knocking.

He suddenly got angry and left the place. Swara imitated him and left the place too to ask Alicia. Then she went to cabin and started smiling remembering the same moment.

Swara: Stop it, what are you doing? You should stop thinking about him, as you are here to do your job not to do this stupidity.

On the other side, Sanskar was also lost in the moment, which just happened.

Sanskar: What are you doing, Sanskar? Why do you get lost in her when she comes in front of you? This is really not a good thing so you should just stay away from her.

The both jerked the thoughts and went back to do their work.

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