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HI guys!! Thank you so much for all the support you showed me through your comments. I have nothing else to say so let’s just jump back to the story. Here we go!!! 🙂

Swara: Good Morning, Sir!

Sanskar: Good Morning. I hope Alicia made you aware of your responsibilities, Ms. Swara Gadodia. You will have to do all your duties responsibly as I don’t like any mistakes. Understood?

Swara nodded and Sanskar gave her some files to revise. She went back to her cabin and started doing her work. Sanskar saw her and went back to his work.

Sanskar is our main male protagonist; he is a tough man, really hard to melt. He is very strict when it comes to his work and does not like any mistakes. He gets angry really easily, he is a rude businessman. He runs his own business as he believes in doing work himself in spite of having a huge business that his dad Durga Prasad Maheshwari runs.

In the evening, Swara comes to her home after finishing her all work in the office. Sumi and Ragini asked her how her first day in the work went and she replied in a positive way. She asked Ragini how’s her college and Ragini told her everything happened in the college. Swara smiled and went to her room. She changed and came downstairs to help her mom in her office work. Ragini was playing video games and after sometime, Swara joined her. They were having fun when Sumi called them for dinner. Their grandparents also joined them.

Their grandparents are really nice; Sumi is their only daughter. They all are a very happy family living in a big house. They talked and laugh when Sumi got a call from office and she went to her room to finish her rest of the work. Ragini and Swara again started playing video games whereas their nana and nani went to their room to sleep.

At midnight, Ragini and Swara went to their room and slept.

That’s how the Gadodia family spent their every day.

In Maheshwari house, Sanskar came a little late. His mom Annapurna asks him to come for dinner quickly and he goes to his room to change. Laksh comes to him and they hug. He asks Laksh how did his college first day went and he tells him it was awesome. They both went to have dinner.

DP: So Sanskar, how is the office work going on?

Sanskar: All is going well.

DP: Son, I know you very well. Tell me what is the problem. You started coming late from office. You should know how to balance your work and family, spend some time with the family too.

Sanskar: Ji Dad, actually there is a big deal and if we succeeded in cracking it, we can earn a big profit, which will be really beneficial to our company.

AP scolded them for talking about work during dinner. Laksh also started his drama and they all laughed. They finished their dinner and went to their rooms. Sanskar went back to his work, AP and DP slept and Laksh was playing video games.

This is how their every day went.

These two families don’t know what the destiny decide for them but they know that they cannot change anything so they are going with the flow.

Precap: I don’t know

Pheww! finally done with the second chapter. I know this episode was kind of boring and slow but it will get better so wait for the next chapter.

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