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After the car incident,
Swara quickly bid bye to everyone including Sanskar and got in the car to get home. She was talking to herself the whole ride home about the moments happened with Sanskar today. She reached home and saw everyone happy and asked the reason about it. They all said nothing because they wanted to surprise her on Saturday whom she will tie the alliance with whereas the opposite happened with Sanskar.

In MM’s house,
They all were passing the picture of Swara to each other and were laughing. Sanskar came home and saw everyone so happy and cheerful so he asked the reason behind it. The servant called them for dinner so Sanskar left to his room to change and everyone gathered in the dining table. Sanskar came back and asked what was new?
DP: Sanskar beta, look at this photo. We got a marriage proposal for you today and I am so happy with it. They invited us for dinner on Saturday, which is day after tomorrow so cancel all your appointments for Saturday. Her name is Swara.
And as soon as he heard the name, he started choking so hard. His mom passed him the glass of water and he drank it in one sip. He looked at the picture to assure if they were talking about the same Swara and he was right.
AP: I really like this girl, look how beautiful she is. Now, you can’t make any excuse to run away from marriage. We didn’t even do any hard work to find such a nice girl and this proposal itself came to our door, how could we deny it? Ji, I accept this proposal.
Everyone agreed with her and Laksh started teasing Sanskar about marriage and started irritating him saying Swara Bhabhi. Sanskar was still shocked by this and thought if Swara know about this or not.

In GG house,
The next morning, Sumi told Swara to take a day off from office tomorrow, as they had to go to some party. Swara agreed and said that she will inform her sir about it. She bid bye to them and came to office. Swara was working on the file that Sanskar gave her the other day while Sanskar stole some glances to look at her. He was confused about whether she knows about this alliance or not. He thought that maybe she doesn’t know about it because how can she behave so normally? He wanted to make sure anyway but didn’t know how. He distracted himself from his thoughts and went back to work.

Swara’s phone was ringing and it was her mom call. Sumi asked her if she got the permission for a day off ad Swara replied that she totally forgot about it. She said that she would tell him now. Sumi hung up and told everyone, Ragini was putting bets on that Sanskar will ask her about the proposal but nani said that he would not.
Swara went to his cabin and knocked the door. Sanskar asked her to come in. Sanskar looked at her and thought why she is here?
Swara: Sir, I need a permission to take a day off.
Sanskar was surprised and thought it means she know about this.
Sanskar: But why?

Swara: Actually, mom told me there is some party at her business associate so we all have to be there.
She thought why is she telling him the exact reason whereas Sanskar thought that she doesn’t know about it, then how will she react tomorrow?
Sanskar: But you have to finish the work too that I gave you. Those files are really important.
Swara: I know sir and I promise I will finish it tonight and will give it to you tomorrow morning.
Sanskar: I am not going to be here either.
Swara wondered why he would not be here? Whatever she thought.
Swara: What do you want me to do then?

Sanskar: You can finish it this weekend and can give it on Monday. That file is not that urgent.
Swara: Thank you, sir.
As soon as she left, he thought about the proposal. Sanskar had mixed feelings about this proposal; he thought to leave everything on God’s hands, whatever will happen would be best for him.
The next morning, Swara woke up and went for jogging. When she came back, she saw all the preparations going on in her house. She asked her mom and Sumi replied that there are some really special guests coming so we canceled our party plan.
Swara: But mom, I lied to my boss. You know how much I hate lies. Who is coming?
Sumi: It’s a surprise for you. I put clothes for you on your bed; you have to wear those for evening. Go wake up Ragini too and give her these clothes to wear.
She handed her the bag and went to do the left over preparations. Swara went to wake up Ragini and told her to wear the clothes that mom got for her. Ragini hugged her, which confused Swara more. She went back to her room and saw traditional attire, which was a beautiful black saree with golden blouse. There were also big black earrings, which matched perfectly with the dress. She was really happy with it.

She saw her nana and nani fighting with each other about the food that will be served to the guests. Ragini was busy on her video games and Sumi was busy with the phone. She had nothing to do so she decided to work on the file.

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