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The scene shifted to Sanskar and Swara:
They were in the car together where Sanskar was driving and Swara was looking outside not knowing what to talk or should she talk at all? There was complete silence, which filled the car with awkwardness. Eventually, Sanskar turned on the radio when one of Mohammad Rafi song started playing. Both yelled in a sequence that’s my favorite song. They started singing along with the song; they were having so much fun. They were singing and looking at each other in between when suddenly the song stopped and the radio turned on a very romantic and seductive song. Both looked away from each other and decided to turn off the radio. They both reached for it together when their hands touched and Swara took away her hand saying sorry. He turned off the radio and to break this awkwardness, he spoke at last.

Sanskar: So your favorite is also Mohammad Rafi?
Swara: Yeah, I loved the genre of the songs he sings. It’s not really romantic and not really sad. So I just love listening to his song especially “Mein Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gya.”
Sanskar: Hey that’s my favorite.
Then, they started singing together again without any rhythm. They were enjoying their time when they both realized what they were doing.
Swara: Why you looked so shocked when I said he’s my favorite?
Sanskar: Nothing like that. I was just surprised that a girl like you listens to old songs.
Swara: What do you mean by “a girl like me?” Also, I can ask you the same question, right?
Sanskar: Absolutely, Old is gold.

Swara: True.
After a while, they reached the site he was talking about. They both got out of the car and started their walk when one of the employees handed him the file. Sanskar passed the file to Swara saying this file has all the details of this project. She nodded and followed him. After he led her to the site and made her understand what he really wants when the nail scratched Swara’s elbow. She winced in pain but didn’t let it show to Sanskar thinking that he might yell at her. So she just followed him thinking that she will do the dressing after she gets home. It took them four hours to visit and see the whole site. It was getting a little dark so they decided to go back. Sanskar and Swara got in the car. Swara thought to call her mom to tell her that she will get a little late. When Sanskar looked at her during driving, he noticed blood on her sleeve. Suddenly, he applied break really hard and Swara asked him what happened.
Sanskar: What happened to your elbow?

Swara looked at it and saw the blood stain on her top. She replied nothing and said that they are getting late.
Sanskar: Roll your sleeve up.
Swara hesitated but when she saw his mad face, she acquiesced. She rolled up her sleeve and Sanskar got worried seeing her wound. It was a deep scratch as the skin outside was all covered with blood and was about to turn blue.
Sanskar: When did it happen?

Swara: When you were explaining about the details and I was following you.
Sanskar just looked at her and got concerned. He took out the first aid box and started dressing her wound. He applied antiseptic on her wound carefully when she screamed in pain. He started blowing air on her wound so that she doesn’t feel pain. She got really surprised to see his concern for her. She just kept looking at him while he was carefully dressing her wound.
When he was done, he saw her staring at him. They both got caught up in the moment and kept looking her while Agar Tum Saath Ho played in the background. Suddenly they realized the position they were in and composed themselves. Swara rolled down her sleeve and put her elbow down carefully. Sanskar started driving and Swara was looking for words to thank him for his concern.
Swara: Thank you, Sir.

Sanskar just gave her a reassuring look and went back to driving the car. He could feel their proximity that was growing closer and closer. He didn’t want it to happen so he decided to maintain a distance. On the other hand, Swara was thinking about how could she fall for him?
Swara: No way, this can’t happen. I can’t let anyone control my heart. I don’t want to end up heartbroken. Swara, you should stay away from him. No one should have a right to control my life, is that clear?
They reached the office and Swara quickly came out of car and ran to her cabin to get her stuff. Sanskar gave a confusing look and shrugged his shoulders like he doesn’t care.

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