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I am so sorry guys that I got late. Actually, I just got busy in something that I totally forgot to post the next episode. Now let’s start with the next chapter. Btw thank you so much guys for all the comments! 🙂

The next morning, everyone was sitting outside in the living room looking at Swara’s door. Even Ragini woke up too just to listen to her reply. When Swara open her door after getting ready for office formally, they all got up unintentionally. Swara felt really awkward while walking down the stairs. She stood up in front of everybody whereas everyone was just staring at her. Swara cleared her throat and started.
Swara: Can you guys please not make it harder for me?
Everyone knew what she was talking about so they lowered her eyes and just listened to her.
Swara: Okay, so as you know what I’m here for. I think I am ready to give it a chance…
Everybody just stood up half listening to her and started congratulating and hugging each other.
Swara: Stop but let me finish. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you my decision. You all get excited too much.
Sumi: Sorry, sorry. So what do you want to tell us?
Swara: You have to find a nice and modern family who will allow me to continue my career after marriage. No restrictions and no forcing. Is that okay?
Everyone nodded and started celebrating. They all gave her a hug and appreciated her good decision. Ragini started teasing her and she sort of blushed.
Swara: Okay, now I’m getting late for office so I got to go. But remember my condition.
Everyone nodded and when she left, Sumi decided to call the Maheshwaris.

In MM house,
Everyone was having breakfast and after finishing it, Sanskar left for office. Durga Prasad received a call from Sumi. He got a little confused because it was a little early for her to call him but anyway, he answered.
DP: Namaste, Sumi ji.
Sumi: Namaste Durga Prasad ji. How are you doing and hope your family is doing well too.
DP: Yes, we all are fine. How come you called me this early? Is there some problem?
Sumi: No, no Durga Prasad ji. I just wanted to talk to something really important. How about if I come to your office today at 10, if you don’t mind?
DP got a little confused: Sure as you like.
Sumi: Thank you so much and there is nothing to worry.
She hung up and got ready to go to her office. She will leave to his office directly from her company. Nana and nani ji were praying to God that everything should go well as they thought whereas Swara was a little doubtful of her decision.
In Sanskar’s office, everyone was doing his or her work as usual. She had a really important file, which had to be delivered today to their clients. She put all her stuff in her cabin and saw Sanskar arriving. Her heartbeat got a little faster but she ignored it.
Swara: Stop it, Swara. Now, mom is looking for a marriage proposal so you should stop thinking about Sanskar.
Sanskar saw her from outside and called her to his cabin.
Peon: Swara ma’am, Sanskar sir said if you are done with talking to yourself, can you please give him the file that he gave it to you to work on during the weekend.
Swara said she will come and said that he is really arrogant. Nevertheless, she went to his cabin and knocked the door. Sanskar asked her to come in.
Swara: Good Morning, sir. You asked about this file.
Sanskar: Did you revise it carefully?
Swara nodded. Sanskar skimmed through the file and asked her to accompany him today for the tour on one of their sites, as she had to work on those projects alone for a while so she should look at it carefully. Swara agreed and went back to her cabin. Sanskar smiled after he left and got confused on this smile without any reason. Why can’t he control himself?

In MM office,
Sumi met Durga Prasad and they talked for a while about their work.
DP: What did you want to talk about that you came here?
Sumi: Actually, you remember that I worked with Sanskar’s company and I find him really sincere and ambitious. Did you think about his marriage yet?
DP was surprised: We are looking for a girl for him but we didn’t find any suitable girl for him.
Sumi: Durga Prasad ji, I wish he could be my son-in-law. I have a daughter who is 25 years old and I really want them to get married, if it suits you, of course.
Durga Prasad got really happy about this proposal and agreed for this proposal. Sumi gave him Swara’s photo and invited him to her house for dinner on Saturday. He looked at Swara’s photograph and her beauty impressed him. He agreed to come to her house with her whole family and then she took his permission to go to her house.

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