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So, Swara decided to give marriage one chance.

By then, nani and nana came together and asked Swara to open the door. They shocked her because they were holding hands to make her feel that marriage is not that bad. She understood that so she portrayed herself, as she still didn’t make up her mind on marriage. She knew it would be really funny to listen their reasoning about marriage.
Nana: See, how much I love your nani after all these years. You should give it a try once.
Nani: Is marriage a try for you?

As usual, they started fighting over such a small thing. Swara was just standing there with her hands forded on her hands trying to stop her giggling. Nani suddenly realized that they were here to make Swara on the side of marriage not against it; however, they were doing just the opposite. They both gave her an apologetic look. They had nothing to say after this so they just left her alone. Swara went back to her room to finish the file that she got from the office over the weekend. After an hour, Ragini came back home and went directly to Swara’s room.
Ragini: Didi, look what I got for you.

She took out a black and white long dress with a black ribbon on its waist. Swara was awestruck with its beauty. Ragini told her that she could wear it in one of her office’s party. Swara hugged her and thanked her for such a beautiful piece.
Ragini: Okay, tell me what’s going on in your mind?
Swara was confused by her question.

Ragini: Oh c’mon didi, I know you very well, there is something that is troubling you. Tell me did anyone say something to you?
Swara: There is nothing like that.
Ragini: Then tell me the same while looking in my eyes.
Swara: Actually, today mom, nani and nana ji asked me if I am ready for the marriage.
Ragini got really excited: OMG, what did you answer?
Swara: I said that I needed some time.

Ragini: You are so stupid, didi. You should have told yes. I don’t know why you always run away from the word marriage.
Swara: I have my own reasons for that. If you are so eager to marry, then I should ask mom to get you married.
Ragini started blushing: Stop it, didi. Older siblings always get married first, unfortunately.
Swara and Ragini started laughing. Swara stopped and hugged her.
Swara: You are my life. I love you, just be happy like this always.
Ragini had tears in her eyes by now. They sat there for a little while just to talk. They spent a quality time with each other after so long because before this, everyone was just busy in their own work. They don’t time to spend a little time with family. After their sisterly talk, Sumi called them downstairs for dinner.
At dinner, everybody was just stealing glances at Swara, which Swara was aware of. In the middle of the dinner, Swara put her fork down and finally asked them why are they behaving like this?
Sumi: Like what?

Swara: You know what I am talking about. Why are you all staring at me like that?
Nani: Nothing beta, we were just waiting for your answer.
Nana: So what did you think?
Swara: I said before that I needed some time. Maybe tomorrow morning, I will tell you what my answer is. But don’t put a lot of expectations on me.
Everyone got a little sad after hearing her but curious too about her answer. They all finished their dinner and went to their respective rooms.

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