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They reached home and everyone got relieved seeing Swara fine. Ragini and Swara went the dining table along with nana and nani and they all had dinner whereas Sumi was thinking about something. She came down and saw her whole family laughing and talking.
At night when she was working on her laptop, Nani came to her to talk.
Nani: Sumi, you know Swara is getting older now. Don’t you think we should get her married?
Sumi was shocked by what she said. But ma, Swara is still 25 and then she realized that she should get married. They both smiled and Sumi agreed.
Sumi: Ma, you know what? I met Sanskar today. Do you remember him? He was the one with whom we did the deal a year ago. He is a really nice man and also ambitious. He is Maheshwari’s son but still he wanted to do something on his own like our Swara. And now see, his company is competing with other rich and bigger companies.
Nani: Oh my God, Sumi, he is perfect for our Swara. But there is one problem.

Sumi: What problem?
Nani: I think the Maheshwaris will agree but who will make Swara agree for this marriage? You know how she hates this word after she saw you suffering in marriage. It broke her trust on marriage.
Sumi: I know how to make her agree. I will talk to her tomorrow, as tomorrow is Sunday. We all will be home but we have to make Ragini leave the house tomorrow.
Nani: That I will take care of.
They both show each other thumbs up and Nani went back to her room to sleep. Sumi was happy because Sanskar and Swara will make a nice couple.
The next morning, Ragini went to shopping with her friends according to nani’s plan and Swara was sitting with everyone and was confused at what was happening.
Swara: I can’t bear all this silence for too long. Someone should speak or I will leave the place.
Sumi: No no no, wait. Your nani will speak.
Nani: pointing at Nana ji, he will speak.
Nana: Why are you trapping me?

They all started pointing at each other and eventually, started fighting with each other.
Swara covered her both ears: Stop.
Sumi: Swara, we need to talk to you about marriage. First, please listen to us and then speak. Is that okay?
Swara got shocked and nodded.
Sumi: I know why you don’t want to get married but it will not happen to you just because that it happened to your mom. Swara, see your nana and nani, they are really happy with each other and love each other.
Nana choked on the word love and nani hit him with her elbow in his stomach.
Swara folded her hands and raised her eyebrows. Sumi gave them a mad look and they both smiled and hugged each other to pretend.
Sumi: Swara, please agree for this marriage. Do you trust me?
Swara nodded. Sumi had tears in her eyes by now.
Sumi: I will not find a bad guy for you. I promise.

Swara said she needed some time to think. They all got sad but agreed. Swara went to her room and started crying remembering all the bad memories of her dad. She stopped crying and started thinking about her mom’s words.
Swara: Maybe mom is right. I should give this a chance.

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