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Thanks guys for all the comments and thanks to those who bashed this story. I am indifferent to these bashers so I am advising to them that they should seek attention from somewhere else as they are not going to get anything from here. Anyway, let’s start with the next chapter. Here we go!!! 🙂

A week was passed and Swara was doing her job perfectly. Everyone was impressed by her hard work especially Sanskar. Once, It was not a pleasant day for Swara as she had a lot of work to do in the office. Sumi was calling her again and again but she was not picking up the call as it was on silent. Sanskar came back to the office to do his rest of the work but saw Swara still in the office. He looked at his clock and got confused that her shift was over for today. Why is she still working? Sanskar decided to ask her so he went to her office.
Sanskar: Ms. Swara Gadodia,
Swara listening her name got scared and dropped the pen.
Her reaction confused Sanskar: Why are you still in the office?
Swara: Sir, I had some work to do so decided to finish it today itself.

Sanskar nodded and went back to his office saying that it’s dark and she should go back home soon. Swara got surprised by his concern and went back to her office.
Sumi got really worried and decided to go to her office to check if she is fine or not? She reached office and got surprised to see Sanskar’s office. They did a deal together which went successful so they were good friends but Sumi did not know that Swara was doing job in this office. Sumi knew that if she went to her office, everyone will know who Swara is and Swara will get upset. However, she could not wait any longer so she decided to go in. Nobody saw her till now except Sanskar so she got in easily. She asked Alicia where Swara was and she directed her to Swara’s cabin. Sumi got a little emotional seeing her daughter doing her work sincerely. Sumi got in her cabin angrily and started scolding her.
Sumi: Are you mad? You know how worried we were about you. You did not even pick my calls. I called you 75 times but this girl does not care about anyone.
Meanwhile, Swara was calming her down, as she did not want anyone to see her mom. She checked her phone and saw so many calls.
Swara: I’m sorry, mom. I just had a lot of work to do and wanted to finish it as early as possible.

Sumi: No way. I’m not forgiving you that easily.
Sanskar was watching it from his cabin and got shocked to see Sumi Gadodia in his office. He got up and started to walk towards her cabin. Swara looked here and there to see if anyone is watching her and started doing up and downs holding her ears. Sanskar smiled seeing her childishness. Sumi smiled and made her get up and hugged her and also warned her not to do this again. Sanskar got in.
Sanskar: Excuse me, Mrs. Sumi Gadodia. How come you are here?
Swara hit her head with her hand and Sumi understood what she has done.
Sumi: Actually, Swara was not picking up my calls so decided to check if she is well.
Sanskar: So Swara is your daughter.
He was shocked that if she is her daughter then why is she not working in her mom’s office.

Sumi: Don’t tell this to anyone, as I don’t want anyone to deal with her differently. She didn’t want anyone to know that she is my daughter for this reason only and also, she wants to be an independent woman. I hope you understand.
Swara was about to shout but controlled because she didn’t want her to get embarrassed in front of Sanskar.
Sanskar nodded because he understood how Swara was feeling. He asked Sumi to accompany him, as he wanted to talk to her.
Sumi: Sure, Sanskar. And you Swara get ready in 10 minutes as we are going back home together.
Swara: Yes mom.
Sanskar was just admiring her between all these moments. He went back to his cabin with Sumi and Swara started wrapping up all her work.
Sumi came back after some time and they went home together. However, in the car, Swara came back making an excuse that she forgot her bag in the office and asked Sumi to wait for a minute. Sumi agreed and waited. Swara went back to Sanskar’s cabin and knocked the door.

Sanskar: Come in.
Swara: I’m sorry, sir. I just wanted to talk to you for a minute if you don’t mind.
Sanskar: Sure. What is it?
Swara: Please don’t tell this to anyone that I’m Swara Gadodia as I just don’t want people to know me with my last name but I want them to know me as Swara.
Sanskar: Okay. I will not tell this to anyone.
Swara: Promise.

Sanskar looked at her with a frowning face. Swara asked sorry and went back to the car.

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